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Ocean waves in your eyes
Crying begins at high tide
Tears are crashing
Emotions high
In your crystal
Ocean eyes
Is it torture is it slavery?
You keep demanding
Demanding much of my time
Putting up with all your troubles.

Demanding to be given respect
Yet its not in your dictionary
Expecting me to entertain your friends
Yet you act so cruel to my own

Demanding to see me in a rainbow dress
To impress your unknown guests
To look great and stunning
Yet you give no credit on it

Do you know how i pay my uber bills?
What i put up with when am with you?
What it feels to act strong when you are not?
I guess you don't

All about you baby boy is your reputation
How people see you
Your own respect
Respect is earned.....respect is not harvested like honey.
At a point of time
     We all have received
Made a wrong phone call
But the right phone call
Is the one from our hearts

It rings at the right time and for the right person
At the beginning of this poem
I had in  mind  a  glass   shape
And  so  i  carefully   designed
   Each line,carefully written
      Emptied chardonnay
          Down my throat      
              But the poem
                Not quite as
                  It should
                     Too long
                  My spellings
              Were very wrong
       And my rhyming scheme as well as the shape, had completely
Disappeared by the  end  of  it  all
            Just a wine glass
#a shaped wine glass
Getting attached to things
Attachment leads to expectations
Hence, expectations becoming disappointments
Inquisitive i became,watching couples everywhere
Peaceful and glee,as the lives we share
When will my turn be,time to ponder
Deep into thoughts,i start to wonder

Burning like wildfire,love will always spread
Greatest feeling at least,that's what i've read
I give everything,i willingly dare
So why do i feel so empty?
With no one to care

My faith begins to die,as time tickles by
I stand strong,and resist conceding defeat.
I have heard of the "soulmate" lifetime partner
Although my hope is restored ,am still lonely

You are what i pray for,before bed and meal
You will grant me the feel,of the promised emotions
Day after day, i know you are out there
Take your time soulmate,bond like ours is rare

Eternal loyalty,eternal truth
My tears will freeze,before i stop waiting for you
Several years have passed
Hopes held so high
Maybe one day you will,
Come back to us on your own will

Daddy couldn't talk about you
Fear of your mention becoming a torture
Your sudden disappearance
Pulling mother and father down

She's only thirteen now
Mother is aging you know
But everyday's question,
Will you come back to us?

All your dreams i'll fulfill
Promises you made i will
But our hearts are left in dispair
Tearsdrops like raindrops

I won't blame God's plan
But the hole left inside never filled
Souls left in torn
Squeezed in thorns
We really miss you,our miss

As i put down my pen
This is the last drop
Your wish is us to be happy
Its up than the spirits

Your creations,i will handle
Your dreams,i'll take
Upon my shoulders i make
To fulfill them for you
But this is my last drop
For the remembrance of my sister...the late Gloria
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