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Fay Grace Jul 2
A day begins with hope but ends with a dream
Surely everyday will start with expectations but will end with experience
Fay Grace Jun 26
There are two facts you need to know
I have grown a foot taller
Twice wiser than you left
I have mother's uninhibited, restless, both perfect
and imperfect

5 years down the line
You still are fresh in my mind
Your face printed like a 3D picture
Still glowin'
Bright teeth shinnin'
All i know is
You are here with me.

Wish I could shout it again and again
I know you are watchin' over me
Sister, I got someone now
Someone worth a world

All his perfections and imperfections add up
He's become my end and beginnin'
Even when I loose, I'm winnin'
He's got it all.

Wish i could see you
One more time
Tell you that am happy
Fay Grace Jun 22
Home or no home
you are my home
you make me feel safe
even when you are down breaking

Your heart aching
you wont allow me see you tear
why? I would hear
I would sense too

A sweet and nice person
in tears
is like an innocent beautiful little kid
tortured in burning flame
Fay Grace May 20
How long can i wait?
How fast this life goes by
Like a blink of an eye
I shall be waiting
Till forever,love you mine

Allow me to hide my love in your heart
Allow me keep it safe where we won't part
It feels no pain , full of love
Your love has made me crazy , made me insane.

Time flies, like a shooting star in the sky.
So is my love for you it will stay
As time goes by.
My love is eternal and my heart agrees.

Make me a small promise
This is real and it lives we live.
My heart beats along with your heartbeat.
I will follow your soul where it leads.

How fast time goes by
So hold me, make me try.
Love me till i cry.
Tears of joy , lemme be your prey
Till eternity i'll pray
Love you mine, you will see
For the love of an African man
Still Kaiser💕💕💕💕😘😘😘
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