Her paintbrush is a blessing, a tool for her bleeding heart to be painted on the empty canvas.
Xaela San Jan 8
Her perspective:

He walks by
and she said "Hi"
He didn't respond...
Oh wait,
She said "Hi" in her mind
His perspective:

She walks by
and he felt her gaze
she didn't say anything...
And she walked away
Yet another random poem
Xaela San Jan 7
to the moment
our path intertwined
my heart skip beats
as I vividly picture
our arms brushed
as two strangers
momentarily capture
each others gaze
on the elegantly
curved bridge
above a body of water
swiftly in summer's air
like a beautiful
drawn sketch
in an artist pad

we realized that was
a new beginning,
a new journey
for our story to be
though we were
from across
oceans and lands
our meeting
was predestined
a destiny where
fate brought us
together to that day
in the same blue sky
like a perfectly
fited puzzle pieces
called "you and me"

in far-off memory,
even to this day
still this love
I possess is
powerful than
any temptation
then until the sun
cease to shine,
and the time
stopped for me
Let me treasure
this story of
you and me.
A random poem my friend ask me to write so that I can practice more on my writing skills...
Xaela San Jan 7
We are expressionist in our own actions and in our own words
You can speak, act and feel all those joy and misery you have
for there are a thousand ways to express one's self
sometimes we can't find the right words to convey our feelings
Don't be sad if you can't write your emotions in rhymes, a true poet is beyond that
You can be free in your own feelings, then
If you can't write it, why not dance it with the rhythm of your music
If you can't dance it, why not paint it with every ****** of your brush
If you can paint it, why not sing it with every syllable your tongue twisted
If you can't sing it, why not cry it with every tear your heart bleed
If you can't cry it, why not hug someone with all your might
and be with that person until you feel better
Everyone deserves to be free, to be happy and to be sad
And it up to you to be that expressionist of your own emotions
Xaela San Jan 7
It is in the passing Comet above, mistaken as falling star by dreamers
As they wish upon the star to make one's desired dream come true.
Xaela San Jan 5
It is in the night sky where Stars of different colors shines
Marveling each spectator in wonder as it twinkles its way to their eyes
  Jan 4 Xaela San
Ashari Ty

Skies are beautiful
They have clouds
But they still cry

Why wouldn't you?

You are beautiful
You have poems
You can cry too
Because crying is honesty to your emotions, and honesty is beautiful ;)
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