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Ronney Mar 14
Don't take much to shatter,
what's already bruised & battered.
Cant say "no offence intended"
Cause the content of the next sentence
you spew,  you know wont flatter.

The intention is to hurt.
Grind your target into dirt.
Passed off as a joke
****, felt my self confidence just broke.

Putting in all that work
takes courage to believe in your self worth
only to have people on a mission
sharing all their criticism
non-constructive just destructive
making you question all decisions
till the mind can only think in tunnel vision

brings you to the point when your alone
all those affirmations become monotone
cant draw inspiration cause all feeling has turned to stone
Some take it to heart till all they long for is to turn into bone
-Sometimes its better to hold your words
learn to say things right
Get to know somebody before you hand out your advise
Sometimes the person you talk to might not be ready
to hear it
  Mar 2018 Ronney
Ronell Warren Alman
Focus on doing better
Have self-motivation
Always believe that you can
Be fierce with determination
Set your sights high
And weather the storm
Keep on the alert
Stay on the horn
Ronney Mar 2018
Praying with anticipation
Hoping the time never appears,
when the mind quits, the heart splits and life is held with a loosened grip.

Be Brave, Be Fearless
Be Strong, Be Bold

Lock hands, take heart and don’t let go
Reach out, speak out and let us know


When your ready
You’ll be guided towards the right road.
-Everyone needs help at some point, but we are reluctant to seek it for a variety of reasons such as pride and shame.

- There is no shame in asking for help.

-The humbling of ones character is the growth of ones character

-The first step to getting help is to help your self. To do this you must reflect and have self awareness. Be completely honest with yourself acknowledge that help is needed.

-Help must then be accepted in order to take effect.
Ronney Dec 2017
They run deep
They are heavy
They make the heart unsteady
Easy to flow
Harder to control
They blind & make the mind weary
To share is to expose
Ones mind
Ones body
Ones soul
These are the feelings
Yet to be made known
~Reflection: Feelings or emotions are sometimes hard to understand because they are experienced simultaneously. The catalyst is not always known & sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge them because doing so reaffirms that they exist and they are real.

~hope you enjoyed :)
Ronney Jun 2017
Reaching* *out to you
Not Backing Down
No matter how much
You want us to
Lift your mood, this we try to do
you are important
well loved too
Look up and see
Everyone, is here for you.
Because that's how much...

~ *For the people of the world remember you are loved, cared for and you matter.*

~*For those who lose sight of the value they have in themselves, these words are my love for you.*

~reaching down to lift you up~

Ronney Nov 2016
I feel nothing but pain

I won't lie to my self

Saying "Ill be okay"

Facing these demons everyday

I hope in time

I'll  find the strength to slay

Only then, will I ever really be

Ronney Oct 2016
The act of breathing is a struggle

When were sinking

Because we're drowning

With all our thinking

If you want a way out

You need to learn to start swimming
~ at some point we all begin to drown and the only way out is to swim

~if you can't swim (like me lol) don't worry you have the support of a life raft (your family and friends)

~make use of it hold on to it until you learn to keep your head above the water on you own ( remember that life raft is always there for use)

~ as a wise fish once said "just keep on swimming"
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