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Anna Dunn Aug 2011
For the past five years I've hidden my pain
Only to let tear drops fall in my room
Where I would sit and cry
And cry
And cry
This day was so **** dissapointing
I was fooled to believe there was to be a change
Now everything's the same
Bottled up energy ready to explode
It's a lot of sorrow
A lot of misery
Reaching for the stars but not even touching a cloud
And finally today I just let it all go
And I cried and cried and cried......
Because for so long I have tried and tried and tried to fit in here
But I can't
So I will try
I'm making a change
I'm taking control
Hopefully my five years in a dark cloud are over. Five years of never being truly happy.
But I have to do something
So I will always try.....
And.... Try
And..... Try
Maybe instead of a cry...
And cry.....
And cry........
And cry .....
And cry........
And cry .......
I will touch the sky
Anna Dunn May 2011
I love my book
It takes me away
I go on an adventure
I travel the world
I can pick my story
I love my books
they are never the same
different story line
different sequel
different power.
The book lead characters all have a purpose
they all save the world
discover they have powers
hear they will be a leader
save the lost princess
they all have something great about them
sometimes i wish i could slip away
and be the lead character of my own fantasy
and just be the hero
the one who is special
Anna Dunn May 2011
They pull farther and farther away because when you talk to them they dont talk back.
They creep into their gossip and push you away.
You avoid them
You ignore them
but you cant ignore the feeling of being ignored
the feeling that you dont belong
the feeling that you cant do anything
you always remember that you have the true friends
you dont have to try to prove yourself
or do things you dont want to do
you can just be you
not trying to be someone who stands
so i got my friends and we face being ignored together
but it does not hurt anymore because
we are together.
Anna Dunn May 2011
Fear enters you mind
Takes over your thoughts
Swiftly erases happy feelings
leaving you there to fear
fear makes you scream
you feel your heart pumping in your veins
you cry out loud for help
fear takes its course
You Vanish
You never return
Anna Dunn May 2011
we all think we are going to be great
do something incredible.
we all dont pause and think what if this does not work?
we all just think its going to happen.
We think we will automaticly be incredible.
we think all of our dreams will come true
we think life is going to be easy
what people need to notice is you need some things
you need an open mind
you need an optimistic attitude
you need a brave heart
and most of all
With theese two things
you will be

Anna Dunn May 2011
I will succeed
I will try as hard as i can
I will give it my all
I will know my sportsmanship
I have determination.
Your in a competition
I will win some
I will loose some
I realize the ones i loose i am not trying
i am not giving it my all
I slip through the cracks
If i give it all i got
just possibly
I will win
I have determination
Anna Dunn May 2011
you may think im crazy but this is the truth
Eyes will tell me how you think
if you are lying
if you are innocent
if you are sad
Eyes will tell me your personality
if your determined
determined to get stronger
or slip through the cracks...
Eyes will tell me
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