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You like seeing me sweat,
You're a ***** who get's wet off seeing me fret,
You're power over me a prominent threat.

You're the ***** who likes mind games,
Constant fear and pains,
You're constantly on the prowl for possible gains.

You're the reason I live,
Constantly willing to give,
Forever willing to forgive.
Demons banished in September,
Friends lost in January,
An Angel found in February.  

Fate may be more than a dream,
Karma more than a wish,
Hope may have its place still.

I was living life on a fibre of a rope,
But you gave me hope,
You cut my rope and gave me a place on yours.
Didn't have a clue until I met you,
I used to feel so alone and blue,
I didn't know what love was until I met you.

This feeling is new to me,
This feeling of happiness and glee,
So happy you chose me.

This may seem Cheesy,
Maybe A little Corny,
But It's because I love you and you do this to me!
Thank you my gel
I awake to your kiss
Your words in my ear
Telling me its time

Thank you my love
For taking in a broken man
Redeeming his heart
With your sweet touch

A fairytale day shall ensue
Every time I'm close too you
We are each others Fix
Our love is of hope and lust to make the perfect mix
As the snow begins to fall,
As the hope begins to grow.
Our embrace grows tighter,
You finally realise a snuggle wasn't all that hard.
You've began to trust me,
This love is now coming true.
Maybe it will flourish,
A rare mountain flower that comes to be in the cold embrace.
Where is the passion they scream,
We look back and laugh.
I realise that what we share is more than could be told,
I realise that my heart was never cold.
Just on standby,
waiting for you.
I don't know what to say,
Or even what to do,
All I know is that,
I think I'm in love with you.
But how?
How did you do it?
How did you fill the void in my heart in so little time?
When did you decide it was me all along,
You were waiting to find?
Her Name Is Laura,
Hair So Fine And Brown,
Eyes Like A Walnut.
Her Energy Is Something To Admire,
Her Strength Never Seems To Expire.
She's A Little Crazy,
Yet She's Mine.
Maybe Everything That's Happened Has Truly Happened For A Reason,
I'll Never Know How This Happened,
I'll Never Pretend.
But Today You've Made Me The Happiest Man Alive
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