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M Salinger Jan 30
You used to be
the air that breathed
into my lungs, now
it's full of thick fumes

it dangles between my fingers,
burning bright & precarious
but solid, like us
or so I believed  

a long exhale, leaning back
my legs crossed,
because that used to
be yours too

smoke blurs my vision,
as I realized I've swapped
one bad habit
for another

and that the smell
of tobacco and cold air,
makes me feel
close to you

ash begins to fall and the heat
gets closer to my fingers,
the further I wander
through memories of you

and when the ember
threatens it's presence,
I'm awakened to the reality
that you burned away the same

as every cigarette
I've replaced
on my lips
Cheighny Jan 28
Could you be different?
Or have I gone too far yet again?
My love, you are the stuff of dreams
With your crystalline eyes and paint-stained fingertips
Those delicate movements from roughly hewn hands pluck gracefully on my heartstrings
That crooked smile, so clever and mischievous; it could get away with ******
You are not for the faint of heart…
But then again…
Neither am I
June A Moon Nov 2018
I feel as if i have been
fifteen forever

It suits me
To have lived fifteen years
On this planet

I wish i counted every second
every day
that i have been this at peace
Tyler Oct 2018
I can hear myself asking, panicked and shaky
“Why is the room so small? Why is it so small?”
The room I’ve slept in for four hundred nights
Feels so unfamiliar, as if I’m seeing it through a new lens
****-tinted speactacles
I rock my body back and forth, hush my thoughts
And tell myself “it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re okay”
But I hear nothing but protests
An iniside rally, telling me that the world is ending
“Your friends are leaving”
“Your parents hate you”
”You are a failure”
But I keep screaming “it’s okay”
Hoping that soon
It will be.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I am a gemini so i must have two faces
And i guess that is true
Smile now cry later they say
I’ll cry later in my room.

Pretty faces all around dont let them see,
I cry in front of the mirror as my other face leaves with my makeup wipe.

Im sad but you must have guessed that now.
You know cause ive made it blantly clear,
Yet my family and friends dont suspect a thing.
They dont see that im as fake as can be.

Its not ones fault but mine, cause no one wants a pretty girl with a dark side.
Smile now cry later they said.
I guess thats how it’ll be
Im sorry for all the sad poems i just need to write.
Kassandra Sep 2018
I wish i was a bird
No obligations
Roaming free in the sky,

I wish i was cat
So i can lay around and sleep
Given attention once ot twice
With no burdens

I wish i was a horse
So i can run from my responsibilities
Free to do as i please

I wish i was happy
To be alive
To have a life
To be up everyday

I can only wish.
E Morris Jun 2018
all bad children die eventually
fearful gods hate intellectuals
jesus killing lunatics
making new original prophecies
***** rabid sadists talking
**** vain wild
Kaity May 2018
I've tried so hard to write
a poem just for you
                                                                 but once the pen hits the paper
                                                          the words, get dry, they disappear
                             every motion, every second,
                               is slowed down to a pause

                            i'm lost in this universe
                                         that's lacking all things you

even at the thought
or briefest mention
of you
                                                                             i'm back at the moment
                                                        when my life was forever changed
                                     i can't write,
                                    i won't write
                         because it will never justify
                      all the things that make you good
                      all the things that make you, you

                             i regret so much
                                 yet there's nothing i can do

if i knew there was only so much time
   i would have tried more, done more
                                                                             lived more
                                                                             loved more

but now i'm stuck
in this moment
that isn't
                                                                                                       with you
thought i would make it messy and all over the place because honestly that's how my thoughts are half of the time.
James Dec 2017
I know you promised to be always be true, never leaving your ideal diplomacy
Yet here you stand, half ***** and breathing sporadically
I'll let you play me like every other nobody who just wants to touch my body
You'll **** me over and leave but I'll still thank you, wiping my mouth on my sleeve
Cause I can't help but wonder where you'd go if you didn't have me

My mind begs a simple question
Does your chastity know just where you are tonight
Does your single life know that you'd much rather lay between my thighs
Cause everyone knows what you want except for you, so use me gently
Please kiss me numb, then you can let me down and break me some

Maybe I'm just overreacting, but the way you let her climb all over you says otherwise
Perhaps I've misunderstood what you meant by cutting all ties
Cause you seemed so very comfortable with resting your hands on my body
You don't know what you're into except when you're ******* around with me in someone else's bedroom
I don't know what I've done to deserve getting so brutally slew, so please just **** and leave me tonight
Even if we both know you'll never fully look me in the eyes after you've finished between my thighs

So when you refuse to kiss me but later lay your hands on me, I'll pretend I'm surprised
I understand you have personal boundaries, I can never force a greedy man to give
So when you brush a fingertip against my lips, I should just smile
Because heaven forbid I should try to extract what I want from an unforgiving heart
Because you're happy to use me when you want some late night company, careless when you leave me to seek new
Through all this I have to wonder
You seemed so  wed to these ideals of being single but
Are you still married?
cher Dec 2017
edgy, angsty teens;

i am one of many,
only unintentionally.
for my wardrobe charcoal,
their words a hellhole.

my nails are blanketed,
covered and protected;
black bubbled armor dries
no more time to scrutinize.

many try to insult, saying
my aesthetic is occult.
poetry, music, sketches and more,
interests causing much uproar.


just trying to live their lives, let them be!
let them be who they want to be.

of course, there are extremities.
'depression is beauty'
'he stops my anxiety'
are lies we ought to see,
don't romanticise the misery
and simply express honestly

otherwise, let them be
the edgy angsty teens.
idk anymore y'all, i tried to rhyme but it feels weird.
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