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Mar 2011
So many people
have bad things happen to them
Many people
Become Insecure
Completley unstable
they get wish washy
sometimes they act out through arrogance
and ignorance
I know so many
I have seen so many people been taken away by insecurity
over powered by it
drowned in it
they get so jealous
so mean
Sometimes they plot
Sometimes they scheme
sometimes they cling to others
sometimes they become outcasts
sometimes they hurt themselves
sometimes they tear the greatest of friends apart
all to be loved
I try to save them
tell them no
but they wont listen
they are too tuned out
but you have to imagine their pain
you have to put yourself in their shoes
insecurity is not an excuse
Its a real thing
But yet people need to learn to control it
there is no place in this world for week personalities
Insecure people can also cause pain in others
others who try to care for them
and love them
Insecure people become jealous and just stab them in the back
then they suffer
Then they cry
then they have pain to hide
those people who do nothing but try to help an understand only get hurt
those people are just
Written by
Anna Dunn
     Rylee, ---, jeffrey robin and Vilene Joubert
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