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Poking fun at my
Insecurities will pop
My helium heart

Like a balloon; I
Can only take so much, I
Have bursted open

The pressure killed
EAC Dec 2014
A sudden jealousy a envious eye.
A voiceless pattern within this head of mine.
A vigilant figure, watchful eye.
A masked emotion on a blazing red sky.
I don't dare voice my thoughts because they are of scorn, my inside twist in discord.
A feeling, a urge to should, a voice so broken to see her stripped away
Verse: I
Eberhardt Nov 2016
Four limbs
Branching from a peach tree
My skin is a shield
My fat is fuel
A vessel for my weary soul
I will let it carry me
Outside Words Sep 2018
On a gusty autumn night
Another husband was swept,
Somber under the porch light,
Abigail watched and wept.

No men were happy,
As they dealt with poor Abby –
Day in and day out,
So miserable and naggy.

Nine is such a tender age
For a father to leave his daughter,
In horror, Abby waved,
Her mind underwater.

Crimes of parents, what a shame
Those with good ones count your blessings,
Lest we forget little Abby’s pain
And teach our children similar lessons.
© Outside Words
Little Azaleah Mar 2016
I can see why,
you chose her.
She's much more prettier than me.
She's much more funnier than me.
She's much more smarter than me.
She's much more cuter than me.
She's much more skinnier than me.
She's just much more than me.
I guess I'll never be more to you.

insecurity is eating me
the world is showing me
that you have to be having it all
or you have nothing.
i should be happy
with my natural blessings.
my hair
my face
my me
because it all belongs to God
and i was made special in his image
and if he supplies all of my needs
then my natural self is okay
that is all i should need.
those people that i envy
those people aren't happy
those people are irresponsible
those people are temporary
because they waste their life
and feed on
on temporary things
and you are what you eat.
those people don't care
those people are full
of the gigantic meal called
their ego.
i see
but the would feeds me
a different meal
which i am the cook
they feed me my own
this is how i eat and be eaten.
what does the world show you?
Amanda Nov 2018
Wish I could do something right
So words would ring true
Wish I met high expectations
Maybe then I could lose a few

I wish I was not weighted with
Weakness well within my core
If only I was put together differently
Strength would emit from every pore

I create my shortcomings
How am I sabotaging my own goal?
Not trying in the first place
Allowing fear to take control

My heart bleeds in anticipation
Before cuts have a chance to appear
Live my life in apprehension
Assuming danger to always be near

My motionless state of insecurity
Realm of dysfunctional doubt
I forever am encapsulated in time
My skull is a jail and I cannot get out
Not so proud of this one but eh.. here it is anyway

Written 8/25/18
Nicole Alyssia Aug 2016
Go ahead...
Hit me.

There's nothing
You can do to me
That will hurt me
More than I hurt myself
My name is Taylor and I have a tooth that tucks behind one of my front teeth.

I say this as my first sentence because when I look at myself in the mirror and smile, that is the first thing I notice.

But a compliment I've heard more times than once, "You have a beautiful smile."

I  wonder how many things in life are like that...

Qualities or characteristics that people agonize over are the very things that others appreciate and admire.
sammy Jan 24
Treated, as if my heart's like yours
Talked to, as if I intruded your words
Looked on, and had brought my eyes nurture,
But my couple of words never went any further.
You're kind and you're caring,
But you'll never try hearing,
Just what my tongue ponders
And just what I am bearing.

It's true that I'm wrong,
But it's wrong what you've sung,
That I'm painted real pretty
And I'm made from some stone.
Don't feel lost or feel pity,
Just keep talking and loving me.

See it's simple my darling
There's no pain or torture
It's just weary and frailty,
And imperfections unblurred.

It takes time and good vision,
It takes feeling some words.
It takes more than you'll realize,
But it's not so unsure,
That I'll quickly find inside,
All the sweet and the pure.
Verbalizing out her interests
attracted opportunities.

She planned to play with every insecurity,
learning, growing and blooming
with every opening.

She just had to take a chance
for the possibility.
Event hough she was dubious and stuttering.

But soon there would be rhythm and fluency
and there she would find unity in
a community.
GeriW May 15
How could I ever be enough
my skin is thin, your words are rough
who can I let in when I am in doubt
tired of crying, I feel a drought
approaching as I come to understand
the face that is hiding underneath this strand
of hair that’s ******* in a messy bun
looking in the mirror and I am done
of feeling sorry for myself and what I am not
of fighting the battle that I have fought
“I love myself” is what I WILL say
when the time comes, when it’s the day
that insecurity is overshadowed by
self love, confidence, and when I stop asking why.
udonnome Apr 17
yes, i want to be with You
Angelic Beauty, You're all i see
You know i'd stay loyal and true
i'll be Yours, have all of me
Your soul, so pure and new
i can't amount, unfortunately
mathea Sep 2018
you think you're unloved and unwanted
but honey, that's not true
open your eyes and look around
no one's as beautiful as you

"too fat", "too skinny", "stupid", "****"
cover your ears, my dear
don't listen to society

you may have scars on your skin
or bruises black and blue
it's okay, darling, I have them too
do not give up hope, it'll all get better soon
Sebastian Nov 2018
He dreams, he dreams
Of creating
Every night,
Yet he wakes up
In the desert
Every morning.

He dreams of putting
Soft impressions,
Wild emotions,
Beautiful concoctions
Into paper;
Yet he wakes up
Hands tied,
Every morning.

He dreams of his heart
Sifting through his chest
Into blank pieces of paper
That get flooded in deep red;
And a heartfelt tune
Comes gushing out his soul,
Making his own guts grow giddy
While he paints trees on the road;
Yet he wakes up
Lips heavy,
Sight blurry,
Heart wary,
Every morning.

He dreams of walking down
The river bank,
Shapes and colours flying past,
While a haunted boat
Projects its mast;
Blue and yellow sensations
Make him tread through his vibrations
While he scribbles something down,
Eyes and ears fixed on the ground;
Yet he wakes up
Full of doubt,
Full of circular
Pointless thoughts,
Full of resistance
And nobody's assistance
Kelsey Feb 18
What happened to the days
When I could be
Unapologetically me
Liquid confidence and *******
Not afraid
Of anybody’s judgements
Numbing the pain
And now I’m sober and
I’m stuck with just myself
Can’t break free from the discomfort
Of being trapped in my own skin
Insecurities and inhibition
Flowing through me like
A toxic injection
But I’m healthy and
My ****’s in line
Why can’t I give
Credit where it’s deserved
Instead I focus on the
Road that lies ahead
Rather than
How far I’ve trudged
Uncertainty trembles with
Every word
So ******* awkward
And everyone heard
Obsess about it for
Hours on end
As if this cycle of thought
Can somehow change
The way things happened
I tell myself
That nothing could be worse
Than being slave
To a substance
But something’s gotta change
Someone, somewhere
Teach me how to be sane
Or I’ll pick up that shovel
And start digging again
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