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mark deo biongan Mar 2016
its much easier with a knife to end ones life,
a broken glass to be sure that you wont last,
a poison for me just to be gone
since im alone and with no one
mark deo biongan Mar 2016
I was always there with you till you needed the space.
Now I'm thinking that it was wrong to give that space to you because now I'm alone again and miss you.
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Forgive me im just human
i did things, made you mad
but why with the words you curse me
its just one thing i did and you hate me?
you judge me on one bad thing
and remove all the good in me
like a white being stained with black
that there is no way i could go back
you tell me you are right but no you are not
hurting me with one thing i regret
is something i wont forget
so remember this i say to you
just remember the good things i did for you
for in case you are in my place
you would think i should have talk to and not shout at your face.
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
its not about my words that keep you reading
its the feeling i brought in my words of writing
leaving you heart free and beating
and keep you life breathing

its not the word that kept you awake
its the sensation that you take
no wonder its send chills and makes you body shake
and the movement you make

now its time to show what you see may not be true
its just a words might make you happy or blue
nothing wrong if you don't have a clue
if the words doesn't mean anything to you

since its not the words you are reading
it the words to you  I'm saying
i wonder if this poem I'm making
would make that sad face of yours smiling
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
write with your heart and feel the words
see how you can go beyond the voids
of what you can see feel and write
since you you know what you are writing is right
write to express and not to impress
since if you heart in words and your mind
never doubt on what you feel
even the words for you might ****
its doesn't need to be a genius to have something good
but it take a poet to know how to do it
so write with your heart shouting
I'm a poet in words and a poet in heart
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Deny the truth.
Then you deny to learn in life.
mark deo biongan Feb 2016
Life is worth something..
you are getting it for nothing
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