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Bunhead17 Nov 2017
Im hurting
Bunhead17 Sep 2017
"It's time for me to leave.
They say if you love something..set it free..if it comes back then it was meant to be... I love you with all my heart..But this is a goodbye"

He loves you so much that he's willing to let you go
He's taking a huge leap of faith right now
But you're to blind to see that he cares about you,
He truly loves you
He puts you're happiness above his
He's the most selfless person you've met
But you're too blind to see it...Too blind to see his effort*
You don't realize that you have to take that leap of faith too..
if you truly love him
No matter how badly it might hurt
No matter how scared you are
Sometimes when you *truly love
someone you just have to jump
And trust you'll fly with them
So I jumped.....
Bunhead17 Jun 2017
Look me in the eyes
And tell me what you see
an empty soul
a broken girl
Bunhead17 May 2017
Homies fresh to death
Shining till his last breath
Always looked his best
Rockstar jeans and Louis belts
But not much else
See he was taught to chase labels and look like money
But not to chase knowledge people would look at him funny
He lived by the streets,
did his dirt .... to eat,
he didn't even know he'd been beat
Didn't realize he'd been tricked
the game was fixed
this wasn't it
Dude was fresh to death
Fighting his only ally till his last breath separated by sides of a city that hated them all
chasing labels made by people profiting off our downfall
We got it all wrong
*But buddy was fresh to death though
Chase knowledge..not paper
Bunhead17 May 2017
You were a good man who died to soon*
You had a great heart
You was the type that would do anything for anyone
You'd put people you cared about before yourself
Give them your last dollar...the clothes off your back
But like the rest of us
You had your issues
And all though you never showed it..
life messed you up
You died too soon...too young :(
#R.I.PNate #memories #hellopoetry107
Bunhead17 Mar 2017
I'm tired....
I'm tired of going through the same thing
...the same pain
You chose **** over me
Don't you know that hurts
That feeling of feeling like
you're not good enough
Forever remains
Theres no changing that feeling
I just give up
Bunhead17 Mar 2017
They all say I love you...
but the question is
do any of them really mean it?
I guess what i'm asking you,
are you mines
or am I sharing you?
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