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rgonzales Mar 2015
Im begging you..
Reach out to me
isolation never helps
please dont take away
your life..
I dont know
how much longer
I can deal with
another person thinking
rgonzales Dec 2014
You'd think I'd be use it to it by now. All the heartache should be nothing to me anymore. I don't understand why it's hitting me so hard. Technically, you're free to do whatever you want. I can't allow that. I'm clearly lying that I dont want you anymore. Though deeply everybody can see right through me. They know Im just lying to myself that I'm over it. It shouldn't hurt. How I wish i didn't. You were amazing. Beyond compare. Things are just messing up too much. Everything is just happening so fast.  I'm sure you probably started thinking that I stopped caring because I stopped talking to you but you  hearing that I stopped loving you is one of the biggest lie that you can ever hear out there. I may have "stopped" caring because I wanted you to do all the things that you might think cheer you up and once again make you smile but the thing is I never stopped loving you. I never will because that’s what I said from the start. that promise is a promise I won't break it.So tell me whats good with you ?!
rgonzales Dec 2014
The sunset was beautiful but she was just as beautiful. I stared at her and she looked back at me. Suddenly she laughed and asked why are you looking at me that way? i couldn't help it but smile and told her im glad ive got the most beautiful girl that i can call mine.
rgonzales Dec 2014
She’s prettier , she’s skinner , she’s thinner , she’s more flawless, she’s this she’s that she’s everything that I can’t ever be… Alright stop! why are you comparing yourself to someone else out there? You’re beautiful in your own way and you better believe it. I know somewhere out there someone is going to make you believe it one day. Don’t be insecure about yourself because everyone is different and face the fact that they aren’t you. Stop comparing yourself and believe that the person in the mirror you see everyday is beautiful. There shouldn’t be a thing you should change, appreciate what you look like because the more you start to believe it the less insecure you’ll start being. Don’t let someone else’s words bring you down. They can tell you that you’re ugly or fat or anything negative. Just drop it because they’re only trying to bring you down and make you feel even more insecure. You should always be the bigger person and ignore it because once you start listening the more you’ll feel insecure and you’ll always start to believe it. God made everyone differently and you came out that way now stop trying to change the originality of who you are from what society wants you to be looking like. You’ll always be beautiful the way you are.
rgonzales Dec 2014
She picked up the pen and started to write words little did she know the words she thought of were about you. She suddenly dropped her pen and told herself it was useless you arent missing me the way i was missing you.

— The End —