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Jordan stenberg Apr 2016
Circumstance always ******* me in the worst ways.  i lost the girl of my dreams  i  nearly thought that my existence don't matter .   but it does and when i go away those circumstances can *******. yes my heart is shattered i want to just throw it out but i know something will come along to fix it....
Jordan stenberg Mar 2016
Completion a feeling we all long for But ****** i finally after years of fighting i get over a girl i never thought i stop loving. and then what happens i get hit in the face because something turned out that   the one piece that actually seemed to be in the background the problem is its not gonna happen for a while and ****** it ***** and knowing     i  wish i could cut this away but what if something was there what if would i be throwing away that one shot at happiness. my gut says no because shes such a good friend but what can i do for completion must i take a risk i never been able to take before,..    i wish it was me  i wish i was that guy but i am not i am just the guy who makes sure everythings alright if shes happy without me Fine i am used to it as long as shes happy  . i wish i could never love i wish i could cut this feeling away its eating at my soul and i am suffocating .  i want to be complete but lets be honest the higher ups don't like me .
Jordan stenberg Mar 2015
A change is coming   I stare at the night sky after a shock of lightening hit me. Tommorow could be my last day on earth. so i must live each day as if its my last. A change is coming you see i am following my heart no matter how crazy no matter if  i will leave broken
Jordan stenberg Dec 2014
I never thought i end up falling in love with  a person that i known for a while.    

  never ever in a million years i thought  feel this way again.     I never thought  could care so much that not having her in my life sounds like hell.  i have this feeling that i know that when i sense the spark hit theres no coming from it.  Those eyes Light me up more then you ever know  i got my courage back to follow my heart.  i never thought it be you and don't matter to me anymore how i end up one day i will finally tell how i feel again.
Jordan stenberg Sep 2014
hidden feelings i feel this way for someone honestly i should not morally be in love with

i hide my feelings hoping one day i can unleash them onto this world

hidden feelings that drive me mad in my dreams we are together more ways then one

my hidden feelings feel in my heart because i want to be with her but i just can't risk my

friendship she means that much to me  but i am the one who will not be the one because no matter what  i be there
Jordan stenberg Sep 2014
a few years ago we met our eyes met with enchantment  made me realize  something.
your eyes that can make hearts melt  and can turn ones world to a dream .
the dream world i wanted i want to share with you are the bright light at the end of my tunnel   and no matter what your smile is what keeps me going  in this harsh world
wrote this at a friends request
Jordan stenberg Aug 2014
i am insecure about losing things i lost friends  because i followed my heart  and when  i

have chances to make something good i just squander it  every time  being in love has

been hard for me because every time i am never the guy  i am just used  for them to get

back at their former relationship  a war is  always struggling inside of me because i want

to confess my hearts true feelings just don't want to ruin what i got already

call me insecure i just care to much to ruin something already great in my life
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