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Brittany Sep 2016
I sit and ponder about everything to be
I wonder how things will turn out
And all of the people I will see
I worry that I'll look back on my life
And see many things that brought me less than glee

I wish that I had all of the answers
To all if the questions in my head
I hold myself to several standards
That I'm not sure I can accomplish
All I want is to be successful without all of the answers
Brittany Jul 2016
I wonder if you still believe the lies he tells you.

I wonder if he’s told you the truth.

I feel sorry for you, you poor dumb girl.
Brittany Jul 2016
Okay, so look, I get your sitch
The girl you love is a total *****
You wonder why she goes away
Even when you ask her to stay

She wants the guy you can never be
But that's okay, just let her flee
She doesn't know how good she had it
When things go every way but perfect
She'll be hopping back to you like a rabbit.
Brittany Mar 2016
I think of you
You know i do
Even though I shouldn't

I just want a kiss
But everything else I'd miss
I just want to touch you
  Feb 2016 Brittany
Jax levii
I fell in love with you
when you didn't want me to
and I told you the darkest
secret of mine. thinking you
would be the one to save me
and make us combined
but instead you walked away
with my sadness still bleeding
from my brain, a pit of blood
left from the confusion
that is my pain
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