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amt Jun 2015
he is kisses and knuckles; treacherous as he invites you to stew in his retrograding aura.

he is cheating and winning, plated with gold and ignorance like some kind of rare ancient treasurer that curses you, and your children, and your children's children upon unearthing.

he is lies and thc wrapped up in the body of a boy with eyes more vibrant than every drop of paint in the sistine chapel.
amt Jun 2015
if the mosquitoes don't even want my blood,
how can I expect someone to  want all of me?
amt Apr 2015
he arrived on a friday
with fiery eyes,
to lavishly feast on my neck.

i anxiously waited
with flames in my palms,
to fill up the hole in my chest.

he's animalistic
with embers for hands,
eager to launch his attack.

watching his freckles
as my frame engulfs:
he takes away my holy breath.
amt Mar 2015
We were so submerged in each other's minds that we'd forget about the world around us.
We'd burn the days away until every fragment of you knew every fragment of me
and I could locate your freckles, as if they were my own.
Darling, it's only been a month,
and yet we were so young.
But it appears that we've outgrown our callowness,
and can never cross paths in the way that we used to.
We became lukewarm too fast.

You're telling me you don't understand,
but darling, you don't make sense,
You make messes.

We were so disoriented by each other's lips that we'd get drunk off of each other's presence.
We'd dream the days away until every ounce of me felt the need to regain its equilibrium because you'd send me spinning.
Darling, it's only been a month,
and yet we've grown so old.
But it appears that we left our alignment in your sheets,
for we felt too much too fast until we overflowed with tepidness.

You're telling me you don't understand
but I don't make sense,
I make mistakes.

We'd so frequently be in each other's heads that we suffocated whatever we could have been.
We'd forget that fire needs oxygen to thrive until the light in my eyes dimmed to minuscule sparks.
Darling, it's only been a month,
and yet we are so cold.
And it feels like winter all the time in the midst of spring,
For we were a flame that blew itself out.

You get it.
We don't make fire,
We make wind.
amt Mar 2015
algae infested,
they are both as shallow and
as deep as I am.

calm post-winter green
peppers the suburban scene
but I do not rest

It reminds me of:
the green eyes that once smiled,
So I called it love.

And the cold blue eyes
that left me jealous and weak.
he robbed me of spring.
kind of all over the place...
haiku spring clean out?
amt Mar 2015
I realized that the most happiness we can experience in this world will not be found solely in another person, but within the places we allow ourselves to go.

If you ever get the chance to fly after the sun sets, take it.
Take it and look up as far as you can, before your nose touches the cold glass window.
The cities and suburbs below will try to compete,
But the sky always comes out on top.

I swear I've never seen so many stars.
amt Dec 2014
It began in the hallway
Lips gingerly moving to the tastes of bottles.

It started light.
You had those same Atlantic eyes that would rage hurricanes in my memories

I could do this for centuries.
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