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Dandelion Jul 2014
The glitter and the shame
The wow and the woe
The wants and the needs
Do we even know?

Covered in gems that weigh us down
Chasing the trends that never last
Isn't it enough?
Isn't it exhausting?

Such contradictions we resort to
The more we huger, the more we fall
Only to find that nothing last at all
So what are we chasing, what are we doing?

Does this ever end?
What has humanity become?
I am disgusted
Myself included
Living in such a materialistic society, I am amazed at the extent people will go just to get what they want. A hunger that can never be satisfied.  I fear that I will be like this one day. Loving the world more than I should...
Dandelion May 2014
Mummy I love you
It pains me to look pass your shell
To see that inner being
So many struggles that seem bleak
As your daughter
Helpless, what can I do to ease the pain?

Thank you for bringing me to this world
The worries and frustration in nurturing
I am forever grateful
For your sacrifices you've made
I will never forget those times
Where you were the only one I could rely on

I'm sorry for being rude
Ignoring your nags
Dismissing your efforts
I could not appreciate
I could not understand
I was too young and naive then

As the years pass
My wish is for you to love yourself more
To be who you wanna be
Start to live a life of your own
Not to live for us your children
Mummy, I love you
Some thoughts about understanding more of what it takes to be a parent, a mother to her children. Silent sacrifices that goes unappreciated. No amount of words can describe how blessed I am. Thank you.
Dandelion May 2014
We used to be so close
We played and relied so much on each other
But time is so cruel
To create this deafening distance
A distance that seems so far
I am not that friend anymore

How have you been?
What have you been up to?
It seems like I won't be able to ask
Why has it gone this way
Its harsh I know
Its time where we have to part

I will treasure the times we had
The laughters and sorrows
The times where we tried to find ourselves
They are oh so precious to me
Your chapter in my life has come to a close
So farewell my friend

Hi my acquaintance
Your presence is valued
But then again it will never be the same
Lets just move on
So bye my acquaintance
Hope to see you again
Friends come and go. Though its hard to part with them but you know its time to let go once they have done their part in your life. Just a memory of these friends. Though we have drifted apart, I will treasure you, my friends turned acquaintances.
Dandelion May 2014
I don't know how I feel
Lost in my whirlpool of thoughts
It seems odd, what I am battling
Insecure about my every move

Living in a world with little confidence
Am I not being sincere?
Knowing the motives behind each action
Makes me all the more annoyed

I suppose its different values
And how I am to follow
But pride stops me from moving
I just don't wanna be pulled at the collar

I hoped for some respect
Not to be treated invisible
Be be treated with patience and allowed to make mistakes
Isn't that how I am to be?

I really don't know
Jittery and paranoid
Why can't they be direct
Feeling lost and insecure is all that I can say
Dandelion Apr 2014
You are who you are
I am who I am
We are same same but different indeed
I'm sorry if I tried to change you
I realized change will only become scars
I will accept you for who you really are

We come from different places
We have different values
We all think differently
We are not the same
It took me so long
To see these differences

I want to accept you
I tried to love you
But it was never easy
What differences we have
But I know I have to
Only then will I see the uniqueness within

Sorry for the transgressions
I never meant to be
Everyone is special
I know you are too
All that I ask for
Is for you to be true
Dandelion Apr 2014
Let go I say, let go
Why are you holding on so tight?
Can't you feel yourself bleeding?
Release all that is inside
Heal these scars that bind
Leave it all behind

Help me please, someone
Is there anyone who cares?
Am I the only one leaving out my past?
I want to let go but I can't
Its just all so hard

Come on my dear
You've got to move on
Learn from your past and have some hope
Use them as learning experiences
Accept what makes who you are
Love yourself so you can love others

Its been so long
How can I let go
Something hurts deep within me
Its killing me inside
I wanna be strong
I wanna move on

You are loved
You are special
Embrace all that is within you
You are never alone
You have a Father
You are a child of God

— The End —