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Ooolywoo Feb 2021
Il est 1h27 du matin à Dakar
Debout sur le balcon; un désir d'aventurier de l'inconnu m'envahit, de celle qui s'échappe du temps et de la terre mère qui l'étouffe ensevelie sous son noyau.
Le vent me caressant le visage, je l'entend m'inviter à l'hymne de ma liberté. Le bruit des avions m'emportent dans un monde d'aisance et d'émancipation, l'échos des Zikrs me tirent vers ma raison profonde et ma familiarité.
Je ferme les yeux en proie à la nostalgie. Essayant de me souvenir des beaux moments de ma vie; le vent me berce dans l'abstrait où mon âme se jette dans l'aura poétique de la magie des rêves.
Le marchand des rêves m'emporte sur une plage éclairée par la claire de lune et un feu de camp; jouissant d'un ciel dégagé et très étoilé.
La brise me mets à nu devant ses caresses ardentes et m'enivre de son odeur. Je me laisse flotter sur ses ondes.
Le sable en velours réchauffant mes pieds au rythme d'un Samba; riant de toute mon âme et transpirant au rythme de la danse. Nos âmes se transforment en une unité d'énergie donnant naissance à un cycle d'existence de désirs.
Je me confie à mon instinct comme pour consoler mon amour.
A l'horizon, la morosité morbide condamnée dans le concret. Aimant ardemment et follement cet abstrait merveilleux qui me berce.
Qui berce cet amour non réclamé, et cette liberté condamnée. Qui depuis longtemps poussent leur barque fragile à bout de force.
Aussi romantique que la poésie, je danse amoureusement et passionnément avec l'inconnu de mes pensées. Et dans cette passion insensée, de l'infini sublime rêve que cherche l'esprit, la réalité envahit l'abstrait et en fait un asile.
Un asile qui éveille mon cœur à chaque moment d'inattention ou de solitude. Un asile qui m'ouvre ses portes à ses extases fantaisistes quand l'ivresse de la réalité devient lourde et étouffante.
A poem I wrote in 2012 when all I wanted back then was to escape my life, travel around the world and see other realities, get away from everything. Translating in English will not give it justice.
Ooolywoo Jan 2021
Over time,
I’ve been building my castle of love
Just for two
Dreaming and thinking of you
Over dreams,
I have picked out a come true
Pouring the precious I hold into the walls
Though I haven't met you, yet
I was seeing you exploring the spaces where I bended
Lifted every stone; tilted my head picturing the perfect decor
Lying beside you listening to our quiet thoughts
We'd have a taste at our never ending love
Over time,
I’ve waited far too long
Enchantment of us slipping quietly out the gates
Making room for a truth stronger than the fantasy
A perfect come true
Just for one, undeterred by solitude
Over hearts, I've searched to discover the love I long for
The love that I sought was always mine
It was always here, confined
Within me, for me
Gazing into my eyes, I see the dream
The beautiful and the flawed
My love, my unconditional love
Over loved, overjoyed, over me
And though the odds seem improbable
For in romance anything is possible
Maybe with a chance too
You’ll find me
And you too might be overjoyed, over loved, over me

Inspired by Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder
Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder
  Jan 2021 Ooolywoo
I know you.
Sometimes you say things, expecting that I won’t understand, and I think it’s strange because
I know you.
That’s what this is. I know you,
And I want you,
And I care about you
I want no one else.
You might not know me,
The stanchions you use to prop yourself up eating all that I have fed you,
In the darkness,
In the night,
But I know you.
And I want you anyway.
  Jan 2021 Ooolywoo
Edmund black
It’s because I’m not

I’ve learned to
Chase no one.
Chase nothing.
Force no one.
Force nothing.

Truth remains
You’ll rarely have to run after who/what’s meant for you.
  Jan 2021 Ooolywoo
Carlo C Gomez
What is sleep?
It's 1979 again
And I'm in Atari's Astroids
Caught in the laser beam
And no matter how
Many electric sheep
I count
There's no going back
To Pillowland
Midnight City is open
So are the caffeinated veins
Running thru
My nocturnal console
Night shifts have me
Splintered in my head
Let's see how I score
On the Athens scale
  Jan 2021 Ooolywoo
Carlo C Gomez
Marie Antionette
preferred pie over cake,
and briefs over thongs.

A fervour for fashion,
But not a fan of
The Flour War,
nor her ghastly wrongs.

Poufs and panache?
Imprimatur, for sure.
"That's entertainment,"
said the brochure.

Affair of
the diamond necklace,
such a coup.

A material girl,
how about you?

Now remember,
how comely the rose
when she was so rich and red.

But also the onus
to how she lost
her pretty little head.
  Jan 2021 Ooolywoo
Carlo C Gomez
They fought with swords and shields in sorted fields

of acrimony, declared life and limb to a barren kingdom,

bowed to the royal crown and wooed its fairest daughter.

They won her heart, graced her walls, and worked within them to produce an offspring

—a love child forged with the will of iron and a random, but possessive eye chart.

It nearly took the death of an empire to bring this passion to birth,

and here it so rests upon her breast, pleading an allegiance to her tattered flag.

Why even a thousand years of war demurred to her letting down her hair.

But whose army crossed that wanton bridge and stroked her into carnal submission?

Who kept watch at the crossroads?

History tells us c'est la vie was the culprit, and détente the better angel.

Sometimes it's useless to be useful...
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