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PoserPersona Aug 2018
During youth I was quite the collector
of ocean ******'s annealed sandcastles
Though the hosts inside could not be cheaper,
their fleshy coats were worth all the hassles

Content I was amassing worn seashells;
monthly did this fine collection accrue
Though furnished, barren felt those wooden shelves,
as even pearls are lesser than a jewel

Still, the sand was warm; the waves were soothful
and regardless of what hollowness struck,
the beach granted a chance to feel fruitful
so long as one had either skill or luck

Alone was I, but daresay not lonely,
but I was not merry until married.
Doug Miura Aug 2018
She looked 4 months
No results
I offered more
Results in 3 days
You Get What You Pay For!
Deborah Downes Feb 2017
Like so many
they rush to southern climes for
greener pastures
year round golf a
Slower pace
Cheaper prices and
Tropical temperatures

Unnaturally taut and
they crowd the local haunts and
Clog the highways.

At best they tolerate whoever is not
Pensioned or

At worst they ban the
from their gated communities  
and social gatherings

The pendulum has swung from a time
when the Old were at the
Mercy of the Young
to the present
when Youth is
Oppressed by Senescence

Once democracy’s backbone they now wax
Conservative having obtained their
Slice of the pie

Now there is no pie
Mother Earth has been trampled to death and the
Toiling hands of those who
Stoke the fires of industry are
Blistered and discouraged
You don't have to be old in years to belong to this culture; and even if you are old in years, you don't have to adopt this lifestyle.
Chris Slade Jan 22
Do you get a lot of unsolicited e-mail? I do!
If anyone gets an e-mail from me about tinned meat… Don’t open it:-
It’ll be Spam!

EZ Dosh, Payday Loans, Kosher dinners, Tinnitus Cures, Fidget Spinners!
Every day when you log-in you’re bombarded with Spam…No?  Well I am!

Assault rifles, Cures for erectile dysfunction, hunting knives, ****** unction.
How do they know just what I need? Is it an algorithm or a thing-ummy jig? Either way they must think I’m big!
Cos everything’s huge! It’s giant this and giant that… I can even buy a Donald Trump Hat (large size) make myself look like a ****…Again!

Patio Cleaner… A giant tub! An ankle holster, naughty body rub.
Of course I’m being targeted by my age… so hair dye, arthritis cures, ***** extension!
haemorrhoid cream, Canabis oil… Now (erm) that’s for nervous tension - of course!

Not to mention…Kitchen knives, Shed plans, one thousand wood working projects…y'know - huts.
All of it unsolicited no doubt… And the foreign ladies trying to seek me out. *****!
"Hi Honey I’ve checked your profile… I’m Wanda she’s Nancy.  
You look hot. We’re *****, take your fancy? Smack our butts!"

And… when you click (as if!) on any of these, the infernal, internal machinery logs it right? - and knows just what you like!
That means tomorrow there’s even more *****… Jeeze!
Care for an elderly parent! Burial Schemes, Great *** beyond your wildest dreams… No! No! No! Not again...Please!

Get Rich Quick, Try your luck, do you get a burning sensation when you're having a fxxk? Absolutely Not!!! I should have such luck!
Diabetes cures, Diet plans, try these brilliant copper pans… You won’t find cheaper.
A walk in Bath, Best price ever - If you don’t like it get your money back!… errr....NEVER!
Plus there’s offers from all the supermarkets with prize draws, money off every time you buy… No lie! IT IS! It isn't even THEM!

Truth is... it’s ALL a con… Except for maybe just this one!
There’s this bloke in Nigeria, wants me to help him out.
He’s got to dispose of 10 million.  No… He’s an  African Prince so it’s all OK.  All he wants is 500 quid today!

Too good to miss? What do you think?  Sorry pal… But, what do you think I am... ******? - IT'S SPAM!
Poetry in a pub with music?… Brian said it won’t be Wordsworth or Keats…
"It’s an adult audience who like a chuckle"… So I thought "Right, here's something a bit near the knuckle"... So here goes!...
Traveler Apr 2
I could only watch from afar
As the war machine was set in motion
The media gave us someone to hate
Far across the ocean
Fear filled their children’s eyes
Traumatized by bombs that lit their skies
We watched as their security died
All that once seemed safe and magic
Now became dangerous and tragic
Yet our children went outside to play
After all it was just another day
It’s a beautiful day for a ride
As oil's getting cheaper to buy...
As our blood-stained flag is flying high
I swear to you my hands were tied
As the world turned on its end
The devil went down into Jordan
And we never came back again
Traveler Tim

Fake news
War on TV

So little one can do
To save the world
From the rich!
rgz Mar 23
I can give you sunshine during the darkest storm
liquorice words form on my tongue
whispering impossible secrets to keep you warm

I can make you feel precious as knowledge to scholars
with lines cheaper than pesos
that sound like a million dollars

I can shine a light from the milky way
filling you with the warmest glow
from a distance, cold
unattainable and far away

I can give you paris without setting foot there
the door behind my teeth
opens wide to reveal
l'esprit d'escalier

I can make you take every misstep with me
guiding you with my silver tongue
weighty to hold
burdens untold
but all too willing to come undone

I can make you feel
but only when I feel like it
I get bored
so don't get used to it
RedD Sep 2018

Because it’s cheaper than a psychiatrist

And no one sees the tears fall
How will we progress today?

Will we risk life attending Mosque,
Or have an affair with our spouse's boss?

Will we take the dog out for a walk,
Step on a landmine, use plastic straws?

Perhaps we'll play with our kids today,
Or call Amber Alert, wait scared, and pray?

Will we defy authority with a righteous tone,
Or leave our tail tucked, like a dog with his bone?

Will we gauge goods today for our Vegan menu,
Or show a distention as millions today do?

Will we drive around town for cheaper gas,
Or choose our pickings from picked-over trash?

Do you sling eggs and sausage for sub-minimum wages,
Or attend a visitation in a tortured MADD rage?

Will you tee off at eight, or do a spin class,
Or sit solitary watching the hourglass?

Did we place our script at the shiny drugstore,
Or wade across water to Jordan's fair shore?

Will we question the teacher at our kid's school,
Or play Avatar falling off our bar stool?

Did you set a reminder on your AI phone
For chicken delivery to your suburban home?

Will you lift copper tubing from construction sites,
Proclaiming your station in life gives you right?

Do I recline in my La-Z-Boy for a nap with a book,
Or teach someone to live with a line and a hook?

Will you take out your family,
Are you last on your list,
Will you reciprocate a handshake
Or raise a gloved fist?

Our words can't bind all our wounds,
Few are born with silver spoons,
We're not wrapped in silk cocoons.
A metamorphosis is coming
To this world of gloom,
A rousing group flight,
And it can't come too soon.
And I never even mentioned diseases.
Julie Rogers Dec 2018
I realized that your area code
Was the same as one of my friends
Did you know her?
Or were you some stranger on the other side of a swiveling bar stool?
Was it abnormally warm in Cincinnati when you ordered the second beer?
I imagine you remarked about how fast the year was drawing to a close
And pulled the knit cap tighter on your head
And loosened your grip on the beer
The cliché draft you order that doesn’t fit your eyeglasses or your astronomy career
It would be nice if beer was cheaper than water
But it isn’t
And you’re still a stranger on the other side of a swiveling barstool
Emily Feb 16
Oh to be known so completely,
That one would know perpetually,
Exactly what is best for me,
Without needing other’s advice.

One does exist like that and more,
He knows me so intimately,
That He could orchestrate my life,
And work things out for good as well.

And yet I find it difficult,
To trust His guiding hand at work,
And let Him do whatever’s best,
Without me second-guessing Him.

Oh may I learn to give my trust,
To Him who always wants my best,
And not to cheaper substitutes,
Which glitter, and yet, are not gold.
For You formed my inward parts;
            You wove me in my mother’s ****.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
            Wonderful are Your works,
            And my soul knows it very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,
            When I was made in secret,
            And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
            And in Your book were all written
            The days that were ordained for me,
            When as yet there was not one of them.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
            How vast is the sum of them!

If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.
            When I awake, I am still with You.
Psalm 139:13-18 NASB

For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:22-28 ESV
Butch Decatoria Jun 2018
Mulling about
The muck
The haunts we are hardbound
Foggy fetal leavings by the sea
Right before the light;
The days of purple haze
Of sallow street cars, street lamp,  amped up
Yet dampened loss of desire
Pop another oxy-hydro-fire.

To be able
To muck about
With inner abandon
the abandonments deep
Numb battlements   / "Hoorah!"
Semper Fi the pain
Only significant
With derivatives
From ******* plantations
Opioid addiction’s contractually binding
Lingering love notes
A vice grip on idle minds

So many now that prey
But with a side affect of
Try holding in your ****
for three-plus days

So as not to feel
Not at all
Not even the rage
We keep anxiously pacing
Clawing at
Nonexistent strings
A Beast inside our cage
Forgiven by preacher men
Proclaiming to hallelujah

At war with illusionist
The boys fight for still
A country of patriotic pill poppers
Believing in heavenly kingdoms'
Secret silent pleading
Because nothing takes away
The pain
Like Hydro Oxy foxy pills

Self medicate down wind of will
If unaffected "consult your physician"
He’s at the edge of the stage
A Spearmint rhino making it rain
For Peaches
From patient list of his *******
The business of ****
Is feeding the loss of will
If you still feel lost -- and war sure did
Give them nothing but
PTSD & bad dreams
Machine gun migraines
Pop another pill
Jagged little killer
Softly knocks you off your feet
Black is cheaper
Smoke out not to feel

The muck-about days of
Constipated pains
Reader Digesting heavily,
Numbingly unreal.

Casualty of a nameless waste
That’s his deal / what it's like :
Most fecund
A life on the toilet
In wait for relief…
Get off the ***
Can't give a ****

Like this bowel movement
His heart has called it quits
To all this unholy *******!
Manhood’s defeat

Mucking about...
Revised repost
Chantelle Iles Oct 2018
My body a temple, your traveler's eyes would wander,
You wanted to explore, climb the peak and glide back under,
With cautious intent,
You began your descent,
Until you made your plunder.

With secrets and mystery, masked by cloud cover,
You'd continue to hunt, until it were over,
With each determined stride,
You'd find more places to hide,
Exposing more depth to discover.

Embracing all of your senses, you burrow deeper,
And there it is, quick, it's setting off the bleeper,
Treasures of riches, jewels and a single pearl,
Gleaming amidst a clam, with a swirl,
I dare say, you might find it cheaper.

With ravenous eyes, a drooling tongue,
You steal as much as you'd manage, until you are stung,
Your hands are perilous,
So you become querulous,
As is expected of men, so young.
kirk Mar 3
A razor is my nemesis, because the blades do not behave
Gouging cuts into my skin, that is the path they pave
But it is unavoidable, I have become a bathroom *****
To rid myself of excess hair, from a shave that I don't crave

Ever since the birth of man, it goes back many years
A growth around your lip and chin, extending to your ears
It may go down particularly well, among the bents and ****** !
I'd rather have a smoother face, to avoid Ducky's and Dears

Why do men want ****** hair, why do they want a beard
Bits of stubble sticking out, a design that's rough and weird
A Goatee isn't very good, it's cattle that's not reared
You wouldn't get tickled or scratched, if beards had not appeared

Okay some guys might look alright, when they are neat and trim
Scruffy ones they just look bad, and some are rather grim
I don't want hairs growing on my legs, or any other limb
Nice smooth skin is my preference, and it's not a passing whim

There is just one problem, something I would love to ditch
Hair removal is a pain, and it's an evolution glitch
When the morning comes along, I have that same old itch
Having to shave is immanent, and a *******

How many ****** shaves, does a man have to endure
Eventually your skin goes dry, from this old daily chore
You get cut far too often, I don't want it anymore
Razor blades no longer work, and that's a shaving flaw

Girls complain about their periods, it must be so frustrating
With all that blood just seeping out, when you are menstruating
You wouldn't like it daily, there is a period of waiting
It only happens once a month, so it's not as irritating

I'd rather shave twelve times a year, without anymore hair traces
No cuts and grazes for a month, in many different places
Unscrupulous razor companies, would have no more hairs and graces
Hairy smiles would be wiped off, from their ****** corporate faces

A close shave does not exist, I think it's a fare bet
That manufactures cut your throat, with electric dry and wet
All the claims of the best, that a man can get
Sharp shavers are a fabrication, and that includes Gillette

The cheaper brands are just as bad, shops own brand or BIC
You may as well tape a knife, to a piece of stick
Are potato peelers any sharper, would they be a valid pick
Would chipped skin be as bad, or just get on your wick

One shave is not sufficient, you have to do it twice
There's always bits left behind, which isn't very nice
I would've tried the No No, an expensive hair device
Razor blades and shavers, have such a high tagged price

It makes me cross and angry, because there is no reward
When buying beauty products, which they say you can afford
Why cant you have a body switch, or a desired level cord
So you can turn of your hair, and sod Wilkinson Sword

Excess hair I do not want, except for on my head
Is stress the cause of going thin, when it begins to shed
Would it not be better, coming of your face instead
Shaving would then be reduced, and not something to dread

Many men go through the curse, of losing it on top
The older that you become, your head hairs for the chop
A full crown is all I want, why take away my mop
I didn't want a bad harvest, by losing half my crop

The only place I wanted it, I've lost my style and flair
Why does a bald patch appear, why does your bonce go bare
Is it my comeuppance, with the creation of a glare
All I want from follicles, is my head full of hair

If you want to have a beard, then that is fare enough
Don't be mistaken for a *****, by looking like a scruff
I don't want a hairy face, or stubble that is rough
Or a weird beard with scraggy parts, or any yuk *** fluff

Some men just let beards grow, and maybe that's just crazy
It's not as though they look sweet, or as pretty as a daisy
Personal hygiene may not count, if they are always lazy
To me it isn't fashionable, it makes you look old and hazy

Who wants to be a yeti, but perhaps it is too late
And wild men roaming in the woods, is evolutions own cruel fate
No matter how much I shave, it's the scratchy bits I hate
Wasted shaves when hair returns, why does it lay in wait

How much has man evolved, how much as man progressed
Personally I think the state of hair, has radically regressed
It's based on my own experience, so perhaps I am obsessed ?
Who wants a hairy monkey, when your ***** and undressed ?

There is a smooth advantage, when you are misbehaving
A kiss feels much more sensual, without the crazy paving
This is all that drives me, although it is enslaving
Even with the nice things, I'm not craving for a shaving
dylan Apr 30
My love, if I knew you were just as dangerous as this loose draw between my lips I would've thought twice before I put you in my mouth

your marks a little more permanent than my lipstick, your smell a little stronger than my perfume and your promises cheaper than my manicure

just like this cigarette you were cheap, dangerous and over quickly.

— The End —