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I am a walking oxymoron
I am a contradiction
I consider myself a realist
but crave the taste of fiction

I am a both sides of an argument;
much like the true colors of freedom
I bristle at words of affirmation
because I hate that I need them

Oh, wretched heel!
Oh, bane of life!
Cease to inflict your funereal strife!
What must it take?
Would I be healed,
Should my dichotomies be revealed?

I am a fire upon the sea
I am a grand confliction
I write as if I have no inhibitions,  
but it seems that words are an addiction
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2016.
i hear the whippoorwill in the night-
it seems we have a common trait:
our voices, strongest in the dark,
with no specific audience,
echo across the fabric of time
to reach the ear unseen.
should no other creature hear our songs
that cross the face of night like rivers
it would seem to matter little;
we are our own listeners.
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2016.
red and green: the color of my nightmares
though red and green are seldom in the picture
instead most nightmares lack a trace of color
but anxiety is spelled in red and green
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2016.
i was a little child
full of optimistic wonder

i fell into an ocean
and its current swept me under

i sank, as it engulfed me
the sun-streaked surface, a shadow became

my heart slowed down its beating
and in the dark, I felt a Name

the feeling overcame me
i knew i must discern its source

     i called the Name with final breath
     and yielded myself to its force

swirled up and all around me
and tight in her arms, i was held

i sank, as she engulfed me
once-flickering hope, in an instant, quelled

          and I died.
          and I died.

with sudden blinding brightness
a force grabbed me from death’s shroudings

i rose, in swift ascension
and the speed was overwhelming

my soul recalled the feeling
and i felt the Name once more

at last, i stopped ascending
the Name is all that I longed for

i followed with the masses
i chased the paths of those ahead

the masses ceased to wander;
i followed where their gazes led

          i was a little child
          full of optimistic wonder

          i finally knelt before
          the Name of Love my heart was after
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2016.
once upon a time
i was a poet

i formed words into phrases;
formed phrases to the beat

of the heart that pulsed so eagerly within me

when i was a poet
once upon a time

once upon a time
i met a stranger

he brought life to my soul;
brought my soul to a flame

that burned brightly like the sunshine on my shoulder

when i met that stranger
once upon a time

but once upon a time
i became afraid

i could no longer pattern words;
there was nothing there to write

in the journals gath’ring dust upon my bookshelf

when i became afraid
once upon a time

once upon a time
i lost my dreams

i fell victim to the darkness
i darkened my own reflection

in the mirror which once knew my brightest passions

when i lost my dreams
once upon a time
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2016.
When I am found in dead of winter,
     My Father is a summer's day;
And if my heart is cold and bitter,
     He breathes the ice and frost away.

In vibrant spring or pensive autumn,
     I will rest in peace, assured;
Though like the earth, my heart is turning,
     I find solace in the Lord.
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
Smell of earth
Rugged brown
Taste the rain as it falls down
Rise and fall
Blue and green
Trace the clouds that paint the scene
Lift your eyes
Make no sound
Feel the stillness all around
Bow your head
Kiss the ground
This is where your heart is found
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
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