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Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
My head is heavy
Broken shards in the sides
Stiffened vines creeping
Taking over my insides
A booming weight of chaos
Buries me alive
Left with the fear of survival
And only a pinhole of light
Puck Apr 2020
In the eye of the storm
I found your glistening ones

And in the midst of the chaos
We sat hand in hand

And watched as
Destruction enveloped us
Learn to love the chaos
Poetic T Oct 2019
Everything brings us
     To the moment

We're meant to be at.

For better or worse,

      Life is chaos.

And our actions have
     Consequences that

Warrent infinite possibilities.

A ripple,
                that we
      Have no control over.
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
That day
He/She was tired
Tired to keep up
With dream

That dream
Which could change the life
Could change the life

That day
He/She was tired
Tired to keep up
With dream
Genre: Dark
Theme: When nothing matters
Patricia M Oct 2018
He who walk with my throng.
Must prove that they belong,
cause once you have fallen from my grace.
You will soon know how it feels like to be replaced.

If you don't want me to be your end,
Then don't be stupid and become my friend.
So be careful of who you betray,
cause I can lead your life astray.

Started a war with an apple,
Just because of a forgotten invitation.
that lead to the destruction of people,
A day that is full of sorrow

I am Eris,
Daughter of night,
sister of war.
The goddess of Chaos, strife and discord,
Eyithen Oct 2018
I think I think too much
Thoughts are ricocheting in my brain.
Never stopping
One thought starts a domino line
I dangerously follow the rabbit trails

I think I talk to much
I think faster than I can speak
Then later I regret it
Thinking maybe your annoyed with me

Wish I could turn it all off
Im sick of hearing myself
Always overthinking as my brain keeps going and going
Always over-talking I ramble and ramble.
I Yearn for the peace and quietness

I blast the music to turn off my thoughts
Disrupt the chain, break the link.
Even as I sleep descriptive dreams envelop me
I'm looking for the off switch
For temporary release.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Let me hear
You are fine there

Hope to see again
Genre: Love
Theme: From Ground Zero, A Day In The History
Do not waste your life away
Hanging around the wrong crowd
For they have nowhere to go
They are obnoxious and loud
The more that you ally yourself with them
Nothing but trouble and turmoil will appear
You will often find yourself in a trance
Am I making myself abundantly clear?
Onyx Jun 2018
infinitesimal shards of glass
glisten fiercely underneath neon lights of prospect
a reflection of shattered hopes and aspirations
now lay asunder for being trodden to dust
carpeting over splashes of blood long gone brown
a silver ring or two coated in red
pearls scattered like a life torn to shreds
rag-like bedsheets torn at the seams
as if the fabric of reality was chewed by cruel Fate
emptiness echoing through the debris of humanity;
with a room torn of its plaster wallpaper
paint chipping off like rain
the conconcrete within never looked so ugly as now
hideous and disformed
by weathering the storm of conflicting ideals and isms
numerous cracks snake through concrete body
at any moment ready to crumble to naught.

can anyone fathom what wonders gave birth within these walls?
first loves promised in wedlock,
difficult loves resolved clemently,
impossible loves grew to become the greatest,
broken loves coalescence to wholeness,
platonic loves strengthen for lifetimes,
familial loves strung back once more.
Tis was the Rose Room of Ethereal Wonders
that harmonized the tragedies of humans
unfortunately even the worst of chaos is meant to remain unbridled
of which to leave asunder is better
or else You’ll just be a soul sacrified in vain
Poetic T May 2018
The goddess of nature,
            she was there for every
            last heart beat stilled.

            Droplet spilt upon
                     mother earth,
              feeding an unquenchable  thirst.

Collecting every last breath,
                   she never possessed,
                   there last exhaling breath.

But the warrior of the
                 grass lands she gave respect.
                 Never was one perfection of creation.

Woven within the embrace
to bring order to a chaos  
                            that haunts the tall grass.
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