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PoserPersona Jun 29
flower, flower in full bloom
the skies are covered gray
keeping the sun at bay
yet you keep shining true

flower, flower holding out
the others have wilted
into a field melted
yet you keep growing stout

flower, flower stretching leaves
the rains of decadence
has flooded nature's sense
yet you keep make believe
PoserPersona Jun 26
There stands a figure by the shore
In this world like none before
Seas and clouds of misty gray
Reveal themselves to those who stay
For if I were to follow you
Birds would sing of my doom, too
Inspired by Caspar Friedrich's painting of the same name
PoserPersona Jun 23
Organize life in the pursuit of truth
And let emotions come as they do
Utilize feelings as delicate tools
But do not abuse as with the fools
PoserPersona Jun 1
The poet speaks on anything
thinking their words are fresh as spring,
logical as philosophy,
and tuned to nature’s harmony

Socrates reasoned that the voice
of poets was not one of choice,
but rather was much inspired
by gods touching minds with fire

The audience finds more meaning
in the mad poet's own ramblings
than the epileptic speaker
himself will ever dare ponder

They speak first on others behalf
as if they are the better half;
fancying themselves conqueror,
fisherman, a seer, and doctor

By what means are they qualified
to serve as humanity's guides?
How do the epics of Homer
make you more than imitator?

Cicero, Plato, Lucretius
Davinci, and Heraclitius:
Rare to find artist and scholar
in the wise true philosopher

Be wary of the charms of rhyme
and seduction of meter’s time
As these are well known to allure
common fools to charleton's words
PoserPersona May 27
Better to be Pyramus and Thisbe
than god Apollo and Daphne?
As love oft triumphed by envy.
Oh to be Abelard and Heloise
or Juliet you and Romeo me!
Cleopatra, Marc Antony,
Orpheus, and Eurydice!
Martyrs to Cupid, were you wary
of the price to pay? Did you find peace
from Plato’s coined mental disease
in Pluto’s long halls of Hades
or the self induced daily shade of trees?
What of love dooming kin to Achilles?
When Dido and Aeneas meet
is her suicide guaranteed?
Pray tell us, can true love ever be free!
PoserPersona Apr 30
The captain held the wheel against the sea
His sails were gashed, but maintained their integrity

And so the vessel found its weary peace
in swaying waves where the birds feel less wind than breeze

The splintered wood would hold its bobbing form
until the husk could be retooled in the home port

And though the repairs will handle new storms,
battle scars of yesterday shall remain stalwart

Lest the ocean deep claim one more casket
of sailor’s lives, goals, and dreams before the maggots
PoserPersona Feb 23
The burning makes your eyes flow
If only this in turn would ***** the fire
But it can’t be so as we’d flood the world
and drown our sorrows in shame
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