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Julie Rogers Jun 4
Hold me up
By my throat
So I don’t end up
Kneeling on the floor
For your love
Julie Rogers Jun 1
“It’s taken me
A long time
To get to this point”
I said
My heart beating
Twenty two years
My mind
Has been racing
For twenty two thousand

It is weird to say
Your soul has seen
The pyramids fall
When in reality
You were just born
Julie Rogers May 29
Google search
Time stamp
7:54 AM
“How many
Is it safe to take
At once”
Dive bars
Wearing leather
To a vegan restaurant
You pull on the zipper
To bring me closer
I don’t know what’s darker
Your eyes
Or your soul
Dear god
Put it on me
Julie Rogers May 19
Black heels
On a hotel room floor
Maybe I’ll shred your
Plane ticket home
Let me take this
Call real quick
A quick rip
From reality
Oh, life exists
Away from the heat
Of the space
Between us
Didn’t you know?

I like it
When vinyl tracks skip
I get to hear
my favorite part
Julie Rogers May 16
All black lace
Skin noir
Heart noir
All- black sweatshirt
Juicy couture
I thank your gods
I’m nothing more
Than a broken clock
A boredom cure

Some nights I pretend
That I’m yours
Julie Rogers May 14
These days
I run my hands
along brick walls
so I don’t leave fingerprints
on your skin
Julie Rogers May 14
I like the graffiti
in my hometown better
I knew some artists
We would chain smoke
Laughing through our cigarettes
Leaning against the wall
They looked at me
And I felt Coca - Cola cool
White dress just a little
Paint stained, then
Grey eyes just a little
Tear stained, now
I found out
I miss the cracks in the vase
More than the flowers
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