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bakunawa Aug 23
take care to never
confuse magic and
illusions in your mind...

you only call it
a lowly 'illusion'
when someone else
is fooling you

but it's always
ever been 'magic'
when you're the one
robbing yourself blind.
'tis weird right? like we can grow into the disillusionment from smokes and mirrors but still call it magic as if a mystical lexical escapism from the bittersweet fact that it's also called trickery.

nonetheless, thanks for reading^
I need people to like me
more than I need to be myself.
So I’ll cover it up,
put on a disguise.
I don’t need feelings,
so I’ll shove them deep down.
I’ll put on a mask,
they’ll believe my lies.
Anyone else not actually have a real personality, but instead just act as a combination of things you wish you could see in others?
Deceptions can become obvious.
at first, seeming to you oblivious

but later showing the jest
they take you as- the receiver

Play along long enough to test
and you'll reveal your deceiver

most of the time
they reveal themselves.
the rest of the time,
you end up dead
Anya Oct 2018
Once for the witches rabbit hole
And twice for the foxes hymn
While one began to pluck her mole
The other tricked and teased men
Though two and the same
They’re known for different years
And both are to blame
For trickery and fears
Seanathon Aug 2018
The greatest feat
An idealist can conceive

Is to create existence out of nothing
To create someone out of no one

And make it up so real
That everyone accepts that it is

And desires themselves to believe
That it always was
Character Creation
gabriella garcia Jul 2018
You said you loved me.
You were joking.

Blood coursing through my veins.

My shirt was soaking.
From all the tears that went down my face.
After you told me the truth.
The truth about my fate.

I kept wondering.
Is this fake?
I hope it is.
Because im no longer sane.
i kept falling for his tricks.
Dany Dec 2017
—Salty oceans
of tragedy and memory
roll waves that pick and
toss you about,
like sand and shingle

And down-tread all
who saw these things,

Cedar-gripping hands and waving eyes,
strike above due caution, once you drank
and receded to sock-grey humour
to hide these things

And down-tread all
who saw these things,

Chippings were distracting. But I am just one,
here and now. So I always wondered,
When the others disappeared to—
The courts of reasoning and madness are similar in that of their cyclic tactics; know that repition is their king.
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