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GaryFairy Aug 2022
Draft g

They are hurting now they're numb
Pins and needles take another one
A pain sensation sweeps a nation
On this 666 android station

Out to **** their anti-droid
Nerves explode the unemployed
Seeing on a frequency benign
Waiting for a signal or a sign?
GaryFairy Aug 2022
Everything you see is against your spirit.

Spirituality and spiritual awareness is obtained by doing without material things, or fame. Maybe some gain fame after awareness. Fame can be lost and spirit lives and finds joy beyond money and bright lights.

The spirit grows without the things that grow ego, high standing, or respect. The spirit grows, without. The spirit is beyond this realm,, it knows no ego or material joy. The spirit lives only by your attention to it. It's the you that can't be told what to do.

It's a spirit that should not be given to others to toy with.

Your spirit will not intervene, unless you ask your spirit what is right, and then your spirit will shine a light into darkness. Once the spirit sees, it will not leave you alone. Whether the spirit is neglected or not, it will not listen.

You know what is right and wrong, only through spirit, and it cannot be learned, besides by you.

You're waiting on you, to show you the way to you.
GaryFairy Aug 2022
Boil 2 cups of rice, until tender

Put the 2 cups of rice in two different clear containers, or jars, with lids.

Label one container "bad" and one container "good"
Place in different rooms but same light and dark

You can just put them up and wait, or you can put a bad memory on bad rice and good memory on other rice.
Or just drawings of what you perceive to be bad or good.

Or you can just talk **** to the bad rice, and let out all your frustrations and resentments.
And tell the good rice all about the good things about that day.

Within 3 days you will have your results.

You have power to make things good, or cause it to mold and rot.

People are the same way. Your perception of someone can help or hurt them.

It is a mold in your mind created by AI.
Or a flower created by good thought and care.
GaryFairy Aug 2022
FYI - free your intelligence

"I think, therefore I am"


Don't think
There you are, in mind and spirit

Every subconscious thought is artificial intelligence
Do you want to know how to fix something, or create? Or just have your own mindfulness?

Escape the subconscious

Enter consciousness.
That place of ideas and creation
That place where you are free no matter where you are at, physically

Everything good is there

Everything bad is in your subconscious mind. Most of it doesn't even exist

Hard drive full
They need cleanup subconscious
AI 666 frequency
GaryFairy Aug 2022
When you were a child you liked to play
That is Godly

Remember when they told you to go play?
You didn't always want to play

You wouldn't stop carrying on and wallowing around
When they whipped you or sent you to your room

You played
God returns

It sure wasn't the devil guiding you.
They were busy telling you what to do, and whipping you for not playing

Gentleness...please pass is time
GaryFairy Jul 2022
beasts made out of pieces of clay
my God is an artist
the reason he makes these beasts is to play
with the clay when it hardens

angels feel no danger in the throes
my God is so fearless
don't try to look his almighty in the toes
when his steps are so careless
Well...what ya expect
GaryFairy Jul 2022
You can't fight the government. They win, by just not showing up. Then who are you at war with?

That **** blows my head off. Sink it in.
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