GaryL 4d
i used google translate
she thought i was smart
messages from a website
instead of a heart

she was from an island
somewhere off the coast
she was into the weather
i was into a ghost

she said I was different
than I was from the start
messages from a webpage
instead of a heart
GaryL 5d
those who keep their blinds closed are the ones always looking out.
GaryL Jun 2

If you dive into the lava I'm with you
If you don't, then I'm   gonna miss you
we could be part of the earth, my friend
once God shits all over us again
we could be fire, we could free of our sin
we could be what we see in the end
it depends if we redeem once again
it depends if desire is our friend
GaryL Apr 24
Let Me Go

Let me go I'm not a keeper
I feel your touch getting weaker
No more crying, no more weeper
Even when I'm sinking deeper

Let me go I'm not a holder
I feel your touch getting colder
No more leaning, no more shoulder
Every memory getting older
It really seems like this site is dying. The new format is impersonal, and probably harder to navigate for new members. Why try to fix something that isn't broken? I had quite a few friends here who have disappeared. Ugh
  Apr 24 GaryL
I remember salvation
on the days when I fell
It would call my name
from the depths of hell
And bring me back to
what I always knew
That God would save
me and save you too

But I don't hear my name called anymore.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
GaryL Apr 22
when I feel the world on my back
it's like carrying a boulder
when an angel can't take away
the devil on my shoulder

the light only goes skin deep
in the eyes of this beholder
the darkness will always seep
the darker, the colder

I wake up in a shivering sweat
I feel like a wounded soldier
friendly fire can never kill
the devil on my shoulder

#bipolar #mentaldisorder  #insanity
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