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the force of egos
she drags me down
I just hope that she knows
I could pick her up
we could fly like eagles
take to the sky
adios amigos
this road is weathered
but where one road ends, another starts
crossroads are measured
by the sign posts of wrong turn hearts

caution lights
the stop signs
bridge out
bumps ahead
highways divided
it's gridlock

another dead end street
and there's no u-turns

that road was better
until it came time for us to merge
a do not enter
detours where two hearts converge
objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear
just behind the eyes lies the hope and the fear
back up just a little and the picture becomes clear
objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear
constricted by an ophidian
i slither away, just to live
is this where new life begins?
is this where i shed my skin?

bitten by fangs of chagrin
where to win is to never forgive
hiss with this abyss within
i'm living in a pit of sin

with my vision wearing thin
venom is a gift to give
i slip beneath the rocks again
this is where i shed my skin
I am happy to say that a musical artist has featured my poem at the beginning of their video. I had pretty much given up on writing, and she breathed new life into me. Her name is Razakel and she is also a poet. She is breaking through, and considered by many as the queen of her genre. Watch the video and give us some love. She has a cool sound, and is better than most modern music. I now love this website. (i still hate most poetry) I never got much support at this site, so do not let that bring you down. They pay for popularity here and it is all an illusion. This will be ignored because poets are a jealous and envious bunch. I actually posted this last night, and lost followers, and was blocked by someone who i thought was a true friend. You don't need their approval. All you need is to show your own voice and the will to stand alone...then you will find true hearts. I hope this inspires you to keep writing and never ever compromise. Also, never take advice from anyone. lol
device configured by component device
generated images integrated
visual display driver
unsupported graphics
incorrect function
system corrupted
flash memories
regulators of my process
calculators and computational controllers
emulators and resistor
access is denied
Connection lost
I can feel the gravity
savage sadness grabbing me

like a stabbing agony
panicking heartbeat rapidly

like a drastic atrophy
my own tapestry of travesty

applicable calamity
catastrophe is my canopy

the faculty of tragedy
with no strategy for amnesty

the laxity of sanity
I can feel the gravity
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