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ScaryGary Jun 4
I came along to a road block on route 33
there was no traffic so I just rode my electric bike on the shoulder
I saw a lot of debris and blood on the road
the cops weren't paying attention, so I went closer
It appeared to be what was left of a man
or a bunch of ground meat with what appeared to be a whole eyeball

with an actual eyebrow

and a shoe

to me, it looked like a left eye

police came running at me and had their hands in their weapons yelling at me to get back

I panicked a little and about rode right through the meaty matter

I made it just a few meters away before I heard them closing in

I got on the ground
the one with a voice yelled at me
he said something about human remains

I started laughing so diabolically that the voice stopped
I'm thinking to myself...

"and I can't go around?"

I laughed continuously and uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes

I must have totally lost my mind this time

I hope so...

I hope so

when I got home later that day, someone told me that they found Kenny dead today

in the middle of route 33

I started snickering...

I broke out into a cackle

I laughed so hard, for so long, that it became very painful

I couldn't stop

my best friend had went through something dreadful

I still say that it didn't look like his eyeball and left eyebrow

then again
who am I to say what another man's eyeball and left brow would look like

on top of a pile of meat and blood..

and one shoe

oh the agony!

this is serious

this is not sweet insanity
RIP Kenneth
ScaryGary May 31
He was the type of guy that would let you know if he didn't agree with something you said or did

I liked that about him.

So I said and did things that he didn't agree with

Now he wants to **** me.
ScaryGary May 26
Victims of Consciousness (please don't be offended...or be offended)

You are a victim of consciousness. A deer has a baby and the baby gets up and walks. A human has a baby and it can't walk for almost a year. That smack on the ***, along with the mother's consciousness does that. You can put a newborn in water and it will swim away. It will come up for air and all. If you believed it would be okay, and walked away, that baby would be okay. That is, if you didn't worry about it dying.

Are we less or more than a deer? Or are we equal?

A hawk could get that baby that is swimming away...that is, if you believe it can happen.

We are programmed in the womb, and in the first 7 years of life. The subconscious "hard drive" is where most spend their minds. Check out my page for some videos of me bending your beliefs. I can't break your belief, because I'd have to change your perception. You are too smart for that, or too stupid.


Bring me monkey pox and I will eat it.

COVID? Gulp!

Believe in health and not sickness.


Die or live. Your simple choice.
God wants you to believe in you.


I am off all heart meds for two years now. I feel better than ever, and I even let snakes bite me

It hurts a little.
Humans have turned into **** heads with high self opinions, but no sense.
ScaryGary May 25
What does it mean to be begotten
does adam think jesus is spoiled rotten
is eve still holding an ace up her sleeve
who is the serpent trying to deceive
Just jotted it down right now..may finish it
ScaryGary May 24
When I was a kid, I went to church the first time. When I came home my mom asked me how church was. I said  "I am a Jew, mom".
I really do want some money. I won't go as far as saying I need it, but I really want it.
ScaryGary May 24
Aren't delusions of grandeur just as good, if not better?
ScaryGary May 24
I have never felt a love like this
I've never smelled a love like ****
I have brought my meaning up a bit
I've been cleaning up your ****

kennel love break your heart?
chained to a fence with no open part
trapped within my stupid walls
I'll be there when cupid calls
I am looking for work. I am in Dire Straits here. I do not want money for nothing. Some chicks for free would be a decent trade. Seriously, I am up for hire. Interested in reporting or helping someone write a novel. Anything for some money...and I mean ANYTHING.
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