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Aly Jun 2020
think about how you changed the world
when you start strumming your guitar
or when you open your mouth to a melody
or when your fingers dance to black and white tiles
at least— my world
Aly May 2018
Antares placidly fades
from the deep and high blanket,
He absconds from being one
of the many faces in the crowd.
He will be the brightest one,
But not on this sky, langga.
Not this one.

Dark and deep blanket embraces
flush-tainted, vast spread;
the transition is both breath-taking
and dangerous.
Inevitable change has come to him
but he's not afraid.
If anything, he's excited.

Your overwhelming orange smile
rises from the east.
Whooping, screaming,
greeting delight and passion;
waking up what's sleeping within
and fueling my dim ignition of hope.
Aly May 2018
She deserted her life,
pulled from her young chest,
a view that even roses shied away;
with her blistered paleness
she granted you--

her heart
and soul.
Aly Apr 2017
Past the vines of grins
and hopeful beams
lies the audacity
of discouragements,
assuring you
the existence of doubts.
Timeless records
will stop playing
at the back of her mind
as memories
immobilised with tears,
and fears,
and doubts.
She will despise you
as long as she loved you;
and will continue
to lie at your image.
"Love is hate."
Aly Apr 2017
They say
I'm so passionate
with my words,
truth is
poetry is just something
that keeps me
Aly Jan 2017
I’m drowning, I said.
Swim, you snapped.

I don’t know how,
I just don’t know where to start.
If I should fix me—
how to fix me.

Do it one at a time,
sun peeked through your smile.

My ankles were chained,
locked in rusty old metals
and key’s drowning deep.

Dive it in.

I don’t know how to do it.
Tears resounded on ocean waters,
they never will back out.
Demons will always pry onto your pretty mind,
before you could catch your breath.

They burn well.
Before it hurt,
they burnt your lungs.
And you still,
try to catch your breath

Live, you said.
I’ll be here.
I’m always here.
You could use my shirt,
or my shoulder,
or take my blood.

Shy thing,
thank you.
This one's for my little sister.
Aly Jan 2017
love something in between
love the chase
love the adventure,
but this time
the wings failed to ****** the wind
love the rush
love the warmth
love the ecstasy--
euphoria by something borrowed
love the game
and play it hard
fight or fold
yet what's at stake
is more than I'm willing to risk
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