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Jun 2020 · 164
tmartin Jun 2020
your best poem
will never find
the right word!
Jun 2020 · 153
tmartin Jun 2020
there's always a way
for the will
to find.
Jun 2020 · 383
tmartin Jun 2020
the world resides
in her smile
her every question
your every answer
Jun 2020 · 118
tmartin Jun 2020
wait, “he whispered”

but she didn't
Jun 2020 · 124
tmartin Jun 2020
it's just

a flower

it dies
Jun 2020 · 133
tmartin Jun 2020
some of the best men
in my life were women
Jun 2020 · 588
Note X
tmartin Jun 2020
the road to darkness
is a journey with a light switch
Jun 2020 · 112
Set my soul alight
tmartin Jun 2020
having uttered not a single word,
the flower is clearly heard.
Jun 2020 · 444
tmartin Jun 2020
a heart:
i see i have made plenty of poets
but not so very good

a ****:
i see i have made plenty of poetry
but not so very good
Jun 2020 · 82
tmartin Jun 2020
from time to time
the idea of writing down
everything i feel
sickened me
Jun 2020 · 167
tmartin Jun 2020
torment, always
think of this when you
**** a roach or
pick up a razor to
or awaken in the morning
face the
Jun 2020 · 123
tmartin Jun 2020
from time to time
the idea of writing down
everything i feel
sickens me
Jun 2020 · 117
tmartin Jun 2020
here's a ****
and here's a ****
and here's trouble
Jun 2020 · 382
tmartin Jun 2020
i look at the moon and think of you
so distant
the moon could’ve touched you
before i did
May 2020 · 713
i am paper
tmartin May 2020
like a cat
i’m waiting for my owner
in my case, more gropes.
i am vain
i regularly conjure up poetry on my skin
do not give me yours.
i will recite every word to my last paper breath
so i can kid myself that paper is power.
my hands, are a canvas
canvas for anyone's ***** thoughts and ***** details
for if enough titles are painted on my body then perhaps
i will learn the complex trick
at trick of gaining depth.
and maybe the world will look as full.
as full and real as i
attest about it
read about it
dream about it
vision about it in books,
or dance with in music,
and maybe perhaps my edges will stop being ripped;
or my corners cut
or maybe my pages will not be burned and tossed aside.
sometimes, i am this tiny
sometimes, i am this entangled
sometimes, i am this bonded
vulnerable, and judged by many
but also sometimes i am full of wonder

but right now, i am this.

|  i am paper and no wonder i like words |
Excerpts from [Desperate Acts by tma_rtin]
May 2020 · 475
a fickle game
tmartin May 2020
we laugh until we cry
and cry until we laugh.
we love until we break
and break until we Love.
we learn until we brag
and brag until we learn.
we fall until we fly
and fly until we fall.
we crawl until we walk
and walk till we crawl.

| life is a play and here we are |
May 2020 · 352
tmartin May 2020
words aren't insisting
to be enshrined in poems.
i'm forgetting you
Mar 2020 · 442
Alone, Part 1
tmartin Mar 2020
when am weak
who do i call?
my God it hurts
i can’t be calm.
what do i do?
do i run?
i am tired of hate, tired of love
dug my nails into my arms
she turned left to my scars and questioned  
“what is my worth”
she turned left and questioned what’s my worth
Mar 2020 · 487
tmartin Mar 2020
the breaking
one wave
could never
the entire
but it did
the shores it swashed
Feb 2020 · 332
remember to*
tmartin Feb 2020
escape with yourself
your demons
and carry with- your gods
Excerpts from Pillows & Records “Memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
Dec 2019 · 352
tmartin Dec 2019
men have enslaved each other since they invented gods to forgive them from doing it’
Excerpts from “Pillows & Records - memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
Dec 2019 · 203
tmartin Dec 2019
history prefers legends to men
it prefers nobility to brutality
it prefers soaring speeches to quiet deeds
it remembers the battle and forgets the blood

whatever history remembers of me if it remembers anything at all. i shall always think of myself as a man well,
just a MAN
“Pillows & Records” Memories of an old friend
Nov 2019 · 240
tmartin Nov 2019
the most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing
Sep 2019 · 322
tmartin Sep 2019
we have been assassins for a while
we just didn’t have targets...
pillows and records
“Memories of an old friend”
Mar 2019 · 440
tmartin Mar 2019
hope is a force that wields
great power and great strength.
maybe there's no actual magic in it,
but where there’s hope,
you can make things happen,
it’s almost like magic.
Excerpts from my new book “Desperate Acts”
Mar 2019 · 288
tmartin Mar 2019
i guess i bit off more
than i could ingest
Mar 2019 · 266
“i know she did”
tmartin Mar 2019
i know she glowed
her stretch-marks had a tone of a kind

i know she glowed
her face without freckles,
was a sky without stars

i know she glowed
she was a beautiful imperfection
that no one could hold an objection
Excerpts from my new book “Desperate Acts”
Feb 2019 · 177
tmartin Feb 2019
We’re all just grains of sand...
Feb 2019 · 249
Trust is a funny thing!
tmartin Feb 2019
“screaming at the ones we love
controlled by those we hate!”
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
| The beauty of a woman |
tmartin Feb 2019
“the beauty of a woman is in the adventures she's taken, the lives she's touched and all the minds she's awakened.
the beauty of a woman is in the caring she gives, the sincerity in her laughter, and the passion in her griefs.
Feb 2019 · 745
SELF *ish*
tmartin Feb 2019
even in the loneliest moments,
i have been there for my self
Feb 2019 · 289
What she said
tmartin Feb 2019
| the new age ******* |
that’s what my aunt carol calls it
| the new age ******* |
she says it sounds like;
“in quietness there’s truth”. some **** like that...
Desperate Acts
Jan 2019 · 317
The Beautiful & Damned
tmartin Jan 2019
i see the beauty in you, and the darkness.
both are brilliant.
Jan 2019 · 224
Passion in bursts
tmartin Jan 2019
it has a way of wilting
or blossoming
at the strangest and most unpredictable hour.
but this how love is;
an uncontrollable beast in the form of a flower
Jan 2019 · 522
Past lovers
tmartin Jan 2019
You keep asking me about my past lovers
and whether i still have feelings for them.
You become upset when i don’t keep a straight face.

Yet, it is not my fault. For i can’t help but smile when i think about later tonight.
Pore excreting upon pore,
and how my fingers will through comb your hair.
Jan 2019 · 151
tmartin Jan 2019
this is it
if i write one more word,
it’ll be the furthest away from a scribble i’ve ever been...

— The End —