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Maggie Georgia Feb 2022
I hope it felt weird when he touched you,
and it didn't feel like me.
When he stroked your cheek,
and his hands weren't soft like mine.
I want to be remembered,
in every kiss you receive,
in every touch.
He's not worthy to be loved by you,
no one is.
How could he have won your heart so fast I wonder?
So quick you are,
to want love again.
It will take me a lifetime of forcing myself to forget you.
CB May 2020
“So strong, so fierce, forever bright is the fire that lines my core. The burning and churning of my brain, will it end; never will come that day. Ignite my heart, set it aflame. Blood seeps from past mistakes, I feel no pain, so I ponder on the idea of going away. I scream at you, you’ll scream back, but I’ll scream louder leaving a crack. I’ll always be louder, pushing you farther and farther back. Take my reins, try and take control, I’ll forever reign in this ******* hole. Long live the past, a part of me that will forever last”
if only i could go back
CB May 2020
“Grocery store glances, and one right hand turn.
Run away from roaming eyes, ignore the faded t-shirt and broadened back.
Eyes of blue, eerie, distant and filled with dismay.
Dangerous and taunting, tormenting my insides, so I’m daring the fates and stealing a glance, all the while I’m losing a staring contest. I sigh, and try not to remember.
Heart hammering and breathing begins to become heavy.
Heart aches, and bones shake. Surrendering the thought of you, while sanding down my heart to refinish it to its normal state.
Steady breathing, and bare bodies, memories flash, heated glances and hurtful chanting.
Hating distances and grocery bags, I sag at the thought of you, and forget why I ever hated you.”
Don’t go down the cleaning isle
tmartin Jan 2019
You keep asking me about my past lovers
and whether i still have feelings for them.
You become upset when i don’t keep a straight face.

Yet, it is not my fault. For i can’t help but smile when i think about later tonight.
Pore excreting upon pore,
and how my fingers will through comb your hair.
Rose K Sep 2018
i wish i loved me better,
so i could have loved you deeper.
Jillian McLean Jul 2018
If only I was pretty like the girl you are with now,
If only it lasted longer and you stuck around
If only i never met you, i wouldnt be so sad,
If only my heart didnt break so easily, i might of not been mad
over the good times we spent and the endless hours we would call to talk and vent
Because its the good memories that come with the pain
If only we were still together, if only it stayed the same
LeV3e Sep 2016
You don't make me cry anymore.
When my mind glides by your amorous glow,
Our past no longer slows my rhythm.
You struck a chord, and our light diminished.
A musicians sword, cuts like a prism.
This prison I've put us in,
Is no longer fitting,
For rainbows arch too far from tradition,
And a white dress only fits on a ******.
It's urgent that,
I spell check my wording, cause
My inner workings are always flirting with
The idea of falling for you again.
Cordelia Rilo Sep 2015
I've found a place you can't touch
a place where you're hidden,
tucked away
You're not even up yet
so you barely even exist
I'm blowing smoke out my driver's side window
the extravagant houses flying past
their enormous trees and driveways
glowing in the sun's rays
No one is on the street
not even the BMWs and Mercedes
just me
with my music blasting
and the gardners
Dak Apr 2014
when my conscious thoughts cease,
and I let my mind wander
into a dream,

My memory swells with the smells
of the soft sea breeze,
and holding your hand as we walked
with a perfect feeling of peace.

Though the love that we shared
came and went with such ease,
I still miss you sometimes
on quiet days like these.

And I wonder where you wander,
when your conscious thoughts cease

— The End —