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Nilia Loh Jan 29
Why are you so cool?
How do you do all those things?
So elegant yet strong.
So simple but you stand out so much.
So gentle and kind.
Just another human being,
Yet so unique on its own.
I want to grow up to be like you.
A wonder woman like you.
Tooba Dec 2020
I am
by the very existence of you
your smile
flashes in my mind
now and then
my heart flutter
by the softness
you possess
you are
a  masterpiece
Passion Sep 2020
The sins which I commit are many and very grievous. So much so that I do doubt at times if I have been running in vain! For how could one, under such wondrous love and grace, transgress against the one who has bestowed treasures enumerable upon a wretch such as myself? Oh, I do fear for my chastisement will be great! I am dried up for lack of communion with the Father! God forgive me! A sinner and the chief of them! Not one has so transgressed as I have in knowledge great and arrogance far surpassing all I know! For though I look around me and do see sinners, not one has blasphemed you in such a way as I have! I cry- not for a mere escape from your wrath, that does abide on all unrepentant sinners-but because of you; my God in all your majesty has loved me. So much so that you sent your son to shed his blood and to be crushed by you father! I could not submit one of my brothers to death, and you gave your only son to be a sacrifice! How wicked am I that I should seek sin for a season instead of forsaking all for you my holy God Forgive me! Break me! Stop my hands, my mind, my mouth! Let not a single perverse thing ever be uttered again from me let me not wound against my Savior and my God! Let me live as you have made me! A new creature! Oh father I believe that it is through your son's sacrifice that I have the cleansing of my sins! I repent from my wicked ways! Save my wretched soul from destruction! Make me as white as snow and let me forget it not! Have mercy on me! Oh Lord have mercy!
A prayer of forgiveness
tmartin Dec 2019
men have enslaved each other since they invented gods to forgive them from doing it’
Excerpts from “Pillows & Records - memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
Sky Dec 2019
From a distant,
Your movement,
Your grace,
Your everything has been noticed,
The way you play with the crowd,
And the way they respond back,
Has spoken the truth,
That you are amazing in every way,
It seems that nothing will ever be able to ever make this day more amazing,
Than the performance you’ve given....
Big Virge Dec 2019
These Days I'm AMAZED ... !!!
In .... " SO MANY WAYS " ... !!!

People Seem To Think ...
That Things Are OKAY ... ?!?

A Law Passed Today ...
Has Left Me ... AMAZED ... !!!

The Government Say Adoption's Okay ...
For People NOT Married And Those Who Are Gay ...

Now Let's Look At THAT ...

If You're A Man Who Likes To *** MAN ...
Where Does A Kid Fit INTO Your Stance ... ?!?

Unless Things Have CHANGED ...
In How Kids Are ... " Made " ... !?!

It Must Be ME ... !!!

But Now It Would Seem ...
Some Women Have A DIFFERENT ... " Dream " ...
of Having A Child ............. WITHOUT A Man ... ?!?

OFF To The ***** Bank To FILL UP Their Tank ...

Women Like THESE Now AMAZE Me ... !!!

They Say There's NO MEN So Become Lesbians ... ?!?

So Where's The Logic Behind Their Actions ...

But CLEARLY Some Men Have ... "little sense" ... ?!?
Here's A Story About ... One of Them ...

A Guy I Once Knew Will Give You Some Proof ...
So Check Out This Story Cos' This One Is TRUE ... !!!

We're Drinking One Night And Jokes Are In Flight ...

He Tells Us About A Night On The Town ...
He's Out In A Bar And Having A Laugh ...
But Felt Down Below Was Ready To BLOW ... !!!
He Looked For The Toilet So That He Could Go ...

He Then Saw A Sign So Moved DOUBLE TIME ... !!!!!

As He Got Close A Man Then Approached ...
The Closer He Got The Man Tried To BLOCK ... ?!?

My Mate Stepped .... ASIDE ....
When He Thought They'd COLLIDE ... !!!

Then The Door OPENED It Was Made of ... GLASS ... !!!
It Was His REFLECTION He Tried To Let ... Pass ... !?!?!?!?!

It's NOT That He Did It ...
That Made My Sides ... S P L I T ... !!!!!
But That He Had ... " Let " ...
These Words Pass Through His Lips ... !!!!!!
My Mates And I Sat There And Burst Into ... " FITS " ... !!!!!!!

See ... Some DO AMAZE With Things That They Say ... !!!!

It's Clear That Some Drugs Are Worse Than ******* ...
And CLEARLY Make Some People Act Quite INSANE ... !!!!!

Now Check Out This Script For More Proof of This ... !!!

My Friend's In A World With A ... " Coc'd Up Girl " ... !!!
She's Now Had His Child But Lives Pretty WILD ... !!!

She Used To LAP DANCE ... You Get The Profile ... !!!

One Night She Decides To ...
Jump In The Car But DOESN'T Go Far ... !!!

The Top of The Road To Pick Up A Curry ...
But When She Gets Home She's Clearly Quite WORRIED ... !?!

She Says To My Friend ...

"I went in the car, but when I came out, forgot where I parked !"

My Friend Said To Her ... "You're having a laugh !"

They Walked Up The Road And What Do You Know ...
The Car Was There SNIFFING A FAT LINE of Coc' ... !!!!!

Of Course That's A JOKE But Think of It Folks ...
SHE'S Raising A Kid AMAZING But ... SICK ... !!!
That's Child Gonna See Some ... AMAZING Things ... !!!

I'm Now Quite Amazed By TV Today ... !!!
And By Modern Music That FILLS Our Airwaves ... ?!?

Violence And *** Are Now The NEW FLEX ... !!!
From TV To BIG SCREEN ... To CD's With Decks ...
I'm Wondering Now What's Coming ... Next ... ?!?!?

Alcohol Now Is Fed Til' Some ... "DROWN" ... !!!
While Governments FROWN On Drunken Louts ... !!!

What Is THAT About ... !?!
Whom EXACTLY Are They Trying To Kid ... ?!?
That Laws Like THIS Will Make Young Drunks ...
Wisely RESTRAIN From Drinking Til' They Drown Their Brain ...

Things Like THIS Truly Amaze ... !!!
Cash Is CLEARLY Such Laws AIM ... !!!

Here's One More Story About A Nightclub ...
South Africans ... Aussies And Kiwis ENTER ...

An Englishman Told Me He Was Quite AMAZED ... !!!
By Things That He SAW INSIDE This Place ...

He Told Me Straight He Felt So ASHAMED ... !!!!!

He Liked A Good Drink ...
But What He SAW Made Him FEEL SICK ... !!!!!

He Witnessed Some Things He Could NOT BELIEVE ... !!!

Last Orders Had Gone But Some Wanted MORE ... !!!!!
Believe It or NOT He Said He Was SHOCKED ...
With What He THEN Saw ... !!!!!
Some People Resorted To LICKING THE FLOOR ... !!!!!!!!!!!

A ... DISGUSTING BREED ... !!!!!

What Kind of Germs LIVE In ... " THEIR JAWS " ... !?!?!
Be CAREFUL BEFORE ... You KISS Them Fa' SURE ... !!!
You May Get MUCH WORSE Than The  Odd COLD SORE ... !!!

See ... That's What I Mean ...
Some People Do Things That Are BEYOND Belief ... !?!

AMAZING Indeed Like ... SLAVERY ... !!!
Or LUSTING For GREED When Most Are In NEED ...
of Finding A Way To AVOID ....... Poverty ... !!!

I Guess It's Just ME Who Chooses To SEE ...
Things Such As These In How People Be ...

And INCLUDES Them IN ... " My Poetry " ......

Well I'm One of A Few Who's Quick To USE ...
AMAZING Things That People DO ... !!!

They May Seem FUNNY In DIFFERENT Ways ...
But STUNTS Like THESE Are .... REALITY .... !!!!!

Government Ways And FOOLISH DISPLAYS ...
And NOW Who Will Raise Our Children These Days ... ?!?

Sometimes Leave Me Feeling Bemused And ........

............................. " Amazed " ............................. !?!
Stories are life, and inspire in so many ways. So, from news stories to the average dude, I reflected on a few and thus, here is the piece they inspired.
Bea Aguilar Nov 2019
I will never not be amazed
Of how magical it is
To love you.

Without a doubt
You are the one
Who keeps me coming
And coming
Until I reached it.

You keep me alive
You help me stand
You ******* guide me
Even without your knowledge

That is how
You are
To me

I made this poem
(Or just a flowery letter)
To say
How madly in love I am
With you
I am having a hard time expressimg myself with words. Please, bear with me.
With the car stereo tuned in
to the radio waves, our vehicle
glided through the cityscape.
The machine had been fumigated
and anguish had been cleansed;
Our anxiety was subjugated
and our appetite, content.
Got nicely blazed with the aid
of that sliver haze.

*Driving in the calm of midnight,
Through city streets in the half-light
while The Numbers Song by DJ Shadow plays.
tmartin Jan 2019
i see the beauty in you, and the darkness.
both are brilliant.
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