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Butterfly Nov 19
I ended all chapters.
But when will the book finish?
Part 2 of stereotypes!
If you want to check out part 1, it's called artistic kid and you can find it on my page!
Invisible May 28
If you see a girl reading,
And she is lost in that world of words,
Do not get up and bother her,
For you are blocking
Her path of escape
Into a world where people are allowed
More than a few moments of happiness.
So let her stay
Away from this world, we call reality,
Because that may be all she has.
Seriously, do not bother me when I am reading, otherwise, I will burn you alive.
Or I'll drain your body of blood and hang it up somewhere for all to see, kind of like a warning.
Or   I'll poison you with laundry detergent and watch as you throw up blood.
Or I'll just repeatedly slash at you with a butcher's knife until your face becomes unrecognizable.
Or.....if you're a guy, I'll just simply kick you where it hurts the most.
AND if you're a girl, I'll just make your life a living hell - rumours, secrets, drama, you know the usual.
How's that? Too much?
logolepsy May 22
this is where you’ll find me~

behind the pages of an unfinished story

between the lines of bliss and misery

beneath the chapters of peace and tragedy
this is your misfit tryna get out of her comfort zone by starting publishing some of her musings
Cc Oct 2018
My world is silent
Gleaned through black and white letters
Speaking with no sound
arra Jun 2018
Under the big old tree
I sit there quietly
Reading new book I found
Diving into world I thought I belong

Once, I was Hannah Baker
Sharing my secret story
This is my truth about you
What is your truth about me?

I envy Ponnyboy
He had lots of friends
And one true friend
A reason to stay gold in the end

And I know the feeling of Samantha McAllister
Looking for a place where you belong
A place where your voices are heard
I found my Poet's Corner

Then I dreamed just liked Lara Jean
That someday, I will find true love
Someone will help me conquer my fear
Someone who will give me life

But I guess I am Finch
Love will never save me
I keep on breathing
But I know will be drown

But just like Rufus and Mateo
Tho I know how I'm going to end
I don't want to meet it
I'm still afraid to die
Hi there! Probably you noticed that my reference here are characters from some of YA Novels. Actually these are SOME of my long list favorite YA novels. These books have seriously discussed mental illness and issues. And I can spend a whole day for you just to talk about these books —Just prepare a coffe and pasta for me <3
Hey, mind to share your favorite YA Novels, I'm actually looking for a new books to read :)
Mica Kluge Jan 2018
People don't bare their souls-
but books do.
And-just for a little while-
when I'm buried neck deep in their spines,
I don't feel so lonely anymore.
Gelz Dec 2017
Books have power over me
I somehow fathom its own beauty
It makes me feel so many at once
It’s like my heart is going to dance

I’ve been in so many different places
And met people of various shapes and sizes
I’ve done these things without leaving
My bedroom, here, I’m just sitting.

So if you ever see me reading
Don’t you dare go disturbing
I am a captive in this kingdom
Of print and paper with no ransom
AnxiousOcean Oct 2017
I was reading a book
I was Indulging the smell of its old pages
my imagination was ignited
as I ate every mere word it has
my eyes were healed
my mind was quenched
I was not me when I was walking the journey
and it’s a story that I hoped would never end
its covers conceal fragility
and the book sheltered me from reality
I was focused
I was bound to the book

lots of things had happened
and I was unaware
it was already afternoon
the flowers poured the summer’s snow
fogs devoured the pearls of the ocean
trees have lost all of its leaves
the bookshelf fell and got broken
my coffee became cold
and many more had happened
everything happened
I did not know
I was too busy
I was reading a book
and that book was you
Swim for deeper meanings
Ashley Nicole Apr 2016
She carefully creased the corners,
Bookmarking her favorite parts.
Because the words on those pages
Seemed to touch her heart.
Aniya lent me a book and I noticed she does what I do
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