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hecate Apr 2020
it's like feeling eyes on me at all times
like angels tracing my moves
four heads turning my way
i can't move
they'll catch on
i'm held beneath my own breath
not a sound
no release
i can't get up
just to pass on the baton
just to trace the angelic figure
but i don't move there
i can't move there
i can't be seen
eyes all around
limbs straight
watching me lord
there is no lord
tmartin Dec 2019
history prefers legends to men
it prefers nobility to brutality
it prefers soaring speeches to quiet deeds
it remembers the battle and forgets the blood

whatever history remembers of me if it remembers anything at all. i shall always think of myself as a man well,
just a MAN
“Pillows & Records” Memories of an old friend
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Seven billion poets and rising. Fourteen billion ears and no one can hear.

If my words go unread and my voice goes unheard, did I ever exist.

I don't know if a bear did but I did when I was camping.

If we call the start a big bang when it goes will it be the little whimper or the even bigger bang?

Is it true that ****** shoes are nailed on?

I used to be on hormone therapy.... but she put up her prices.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
I stood and took my bearings my mind bare of thought.
Into my view came a bear bearing a *******.
The ******* on the bear back was bare.
Barely had I seen them when their bearings altered.
Bearing straight for me I barely had time to bear away.
Beyond me now and bearing for the Bering Strait.
I watched a bare bottom and a bear bottom bearing straight for there.
Re-telling this is barely bearable and certainly more than most can bear.
I know not what became of the bear and the bare ******* but at least Ive got this stuff out of my head.... sorry if its left you bearing the pain.
Better out than in.....
K N Brown Jul 2018
she made art

to unscramble

the tangled lines of madness

that screamed in her head

and to transfer the insanity

onto a canvas

that wore it better
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Confidence is going out in short shorts
With legs a gradient of egg white to fried egg
Too bad this yolk will not break
Trapped in the shell eternally.
Vale Luna May 2018
A love so fragile
That it hurts when I breathe
Shattered memories
Swept by the breeze

A love so scrambled
That it leaves me confused
My heart’s been abused
Black and blue bruised

A love so tangled
That it ends up in knots
A tied-up blood clot
Starting to rot

A love so unraveled
That it loses control
A physical toll
Burnt on my soul

A love so fragile
That is breaks when I try
Starting to know why
I do nothing but cry.
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