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Cynthia Jean May 2016
To hear my sweet
granddaughter's voice
is such a gift
to me.
So far away
she lives
her precious face
I seldom see.

Tonight I got to
talk to her
How blessed a time
it was...
She read me
stories and prayers
and even the
23rd Psalm!

My heart yearns so
that I'd be there to
read her bedtime stories
but such a gift it was....
that she read them
to me!

cj 2016
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
"Grow up tall,
little kid,"
said grandpa Joe.
And so I did.

The watermelon grow tall too.
The sunflowers look to the sky,
keeping their chins up,
raised real high.

So maybe it's silly,
watching grass grow,
but if you never try,
how could you ever know?

So maybe it's crazy,
chanting for the rain,
but if it never comes,
how could I grow the grain?

I'd prefer to stare at clouds,
than sleep forever like a rock,
skidding by life.
Why, that would just ****!

So, if you ask me to leave this here place,
you better shove it,
before you wake up
in an unknown space,
******* with lace,
with a disfigured face,
completely full of mace,
and a strange case
of something poisonous.

— The End —