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Christ is all in all
In heaven and on earth
He is the seen and the unseen
Christ gives all its worth
All is created through him
He holds all we find
He is before all things
In him all things bind
  Aug 2018 Cynthia Jean
Valsa George
Through the country paths, I lazily loitered,
watching Nature in its changing hue
straying farther into the interiors,
sundry and sublime vistas came into view.

in response to zephyr’s warm embrace,
the silvery leaves joyously fluttered.
the bees busied themselves collecting pollen
and birds on tree tops merrily chattered

it was the *** end of verdant spring.
summer’s sun stood behind my head.
bleat of sheep was heard from far.
‘Good day to you’….. Someone said.

There stood on the hill, a boy around fifteen
obviously he was of tribal breed.
with a beaming smile, he greeted me
but on walking to him, he ran like a steed

I saw him disappear behind the trees
and enter into a hut tiny as a nest
he lived in the lap of Mother Nature,
far from the city and its sooty dust

being coaxed, he hesitantly came out.
my tone of assurance and pleasing smile,
seemed to have won his confidence
as to a friend, he shared his eventful tale.

pointing to the sheep grazing in the *****,
he said, he earned a living caring the flock.
he stayed in the woods all day long,
feeding and tending his master’s sheep.

from dawn to dusk, through woods and meads,
he leads his sheep, calling them by their name.
un vexed, with simple pleasures he is content
and with a nomad’s life, he seems to be tame

he said, at home he has his invalid mother.
bringing her back to health is his mission in life
on referring to his mother, I watched his eyes glitter
nothing other than her illness posed to him a strife

from every utterance, I could sense his filial love.
even in abundance, while shadows line many faces,
on his visage, hope lingered as a dancing flame
to me he seemed above many, rich in other graces!

While parting, I handed him a little money
pausing unbelievably, with moist eyes
he accepted it, when a breeze passed caressing us
as if over a kind gesture, Nature seemed to rejoice!
This was written sometime ago based on a real incident with a sprinkle of imagination ! The boy with his cheerful disposition in the face of adversities continues to be an inspiring memory!
Cynthia Jean Apr 2018
than a sister
or a brother


A certainty
you can count on them
no matter what
you are going through

you are loved
and valued
and would be missed

and you are there for them as well

they cry
and dry
your tears

they feel your pain


they are a gift
from God.

Cynthia Jean

Cynthia Jean Feb 2018
What nice thing

will you do


Cynthia Jean
February 2018
A very dear friend taught me this.
Cynthia Jean Feb 2018
We must have it for our fellowman
But we also
need compassion
for our greatest critic

Cynthia Jean
February 2018
Cynthia Jean Feb 2018

There is beauty here.

Our hurrying robs us.
We miss so much the loveliness
right here
before our eyes
stop here and rest awhile
right now
before this time has past.

Life is fleeting.

Cynthia Jean
February 2018
The older I get the more I realize this truth.
Cynthia Jean Feb 2018
Gently drifting

Crystalline flakes
blanket all

in glistening white

in silence

Cynthia Jean

February 2018
So lovely to be able to watch it snow from a warm and cozy house.
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