Cynthia Jean Sep 2017

Listening to
a cacophony
of sounds


warm sweet air

late bloomers arriving
others on the bye

bees and butterflies
at home

faded leaves

just for a moment
a quiet

nature smiles

all sweetness
and peace.

Cynthia Jean

Just  a moment spent in my secret garden.
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

Our doggie

needed a home

loves to play

brings her toys

cuddles up

brings such joy

to hurting hearts

a balm to us

fills that place

of pain

for her

for us.

Cynthia Jean 2017

what a gift and blessing our Lydia has been for the past year....a perfect gift from God.
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

Tears of love

They are not joyful ones

But, I believe


They flow

along with my prayers,

for my offspring

some of whom


the prodigals.

Cynthia Jean 2017

Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

All the good things
I remembered
They came like a flood.

Cynthia Jean 2017

After a visit to my Grandmother's house....after 27 years. Especially seeing her sun parlor again.  I have a previous poem written called " Grandma's Sun Parlor". Such a joyous and healing visit! Very overwhelmingly profound for me.  It was my one place I went to for unconditional love. I cried tears of joy.  The love was still there.
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

Faith made perfect
Those golden threads of Love
through our days
of joys
and sorrows.

Cynthia Jean


Our life is a tapestry, and nothing is ever wasted.
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

Early will I seek You

I will awaken the dawn

to offer


in the beauties of holiness

in the womb

of the morning.

Cynthia Jean Poems 8.18.2017

the foundation of my life, and how I survive
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017

Through waves I pass
though reasons
may remain
unknown to me
e'er I'll trust
and still be bless'd
great His Faithfulness
is to me
in peace
His Peace
I'll rest.

Cynthia Jean Poems 8.14.2017

I am on this day at a time.
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