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It's not a nightmare
But had a ghost within,
There are no such Succubus
But I'm unable to escape its grasp;
There's a penumbra to fear
and My beats were loud and clear.
I felt like I was choking to death,
OHH!!! My lackadaisical faith
but I can't wait
to see the aftermath
A comely face, in a solastu background
and now my beats were down
my kilig has no bounds
all the umbrage were gone,
My eyelid is on and there is none.
Yet, I've always wanted to see that face
chased many dreams but never wins those race.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
My cutie cute granddaughter,
My sunshine, an innocent flower,
My soul in blossom,
My love, awesome,
Joyful, friendly and free,
As the wind, ocean and sheltering tree.
She is my today and tomorrow,
Whose fragrance erases my sorrow.
Never boring, impish,talkative,
Chirpy and inquisitive.
Most of the time glued to the T.V or her iPad,
Cannot do without ******* her thumb,
When scolded becomes glum,
It makes her mum mad,
With studies she is an honoured star,
My child is a blessing,a family avatar.
Happy birthday my love.
Rockie Jun 2015
So you want to speak music,
You, the bulky headphones freak.

So you want to act dramatic,
You, the shy impish freak.

So you want to be all punk,
You, the neon pink adorned freak.

So you want to be the freak,
You, the coward of the class?

— The End —