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Ms. Naomi you were such a surprise. I did not know what to think where I heard that you were coming. When I looked into those big pretty eyes I fell in love. You were born with sarcasm and a warm heart.
You are like your grandma.
At just a few weeks you and your Mommy were arguing. You wanted to eat and she was learning to feed you. You pushed her and fussed and she fussed back. I knew then that you were a fighter.
One day as I held you your eyes were closed.
I kept trying to get you to open them. You turned your nose up and turned your head. I thought this child is mean. You then turned back around and smiled. I have been in love with you every since. You are such a beautiful baby girl. Your Grandma loves you. Thank you for being mine.
My second grand daughter and third grandchild.
Naomi Erin Mar 2014
Ice cold grips
locked in a stand still
and I can't see you

Angry tears is all you think of
and that is all you have noticed
but that is not what I've known,
for pain cannot be masked that way.

I have seen you, running,
and you are blinded by the
and that is the scariest thing.

Not for you, or me,
but rather,

Hot touches,
flames consuming quickly,
too quickly to be quenched by
all that you are.

Hidden beauty
and your warm eyes burn silver
it is too easy to melt into your mercury.

What have you found since then?

Just a burning grasp of what could be,
carbon dioxide turned to gold,
but I'm still near.

Never far behind, they say,
but that is the truth,
for you are simply what I have imagined,

one of the best,
unrecognized by your own.
My best friend. I love her dearly. This one is for you, Rosie <3
Naomi Erin Mar 2014
What a land of wonderful
flickers of light, and the
sun passes too quickly.

Caresses upon her cheek
so lovely to feel this now,
brushes of luck simply passed on.

Warm welcomes
a simple desire,
a complex thought
finally dismissed.

Soft laughter and
kind gestures.

What a world,
life celebrated too quickly
hints of shadows,
the sun passes too often,
One of my best memories yet. I had such a blast with Summer.

— The End —