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46.5k · Apr 2014
Auss Apr 2014
I wage war
That's never been seen before
Is sanity worth fighting for?
I'm not really sure

A calamity?
I call it individuality!

Who is Society
To create this hypocrisy?!?
It seems like such a tragedy
To waste such ingenuity
To dull the creativity
13.7k · May 2015
Auss May 2015
If you were a rock you'd be a diamond,
no not a diamond but a ruby
Not because of your red hair
but because of your impurity

Because even with impurity,
you still shine so bright to me.

I would be a lump of coal
burning bright
so you can shine,
for one brief moment
My light is thine.
little red i love you so much.  But i worry that maybe... i don't give you the light that you deserve
5.8k · Feb 2015
Auss Feb 2015
I wish that i had the ability
to alter the forces that made me

I would choose to be a champion
instead of the king of the demon

While every gold, diamond, and treasure
Can fill my earthly pleasure

Yours to serve, love, and protect
Treated with kindness, care, and respect

But sadly I am the demon king
Bound to darkness and suffering
5.1k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
Oh perfection,
You require viewers discretion.
There are some who only look skin deep
And for them I surely weep

Others claim
You can't judge a book by the cover or name
And for those poor men
I'll give silence for seconds ten.

For perfection
You are an illusion
You cause much confusion
You cause teens depression

You are not real
You are so fake
So what is the deal?
You bite like a snake!
Perfection is dominated by society. It does not exist. Do not strive for perfection. Strive to be different
4.6k · Aug 2014
Lonely (Haiku)
Auss Aug 2014
I just want to feel
To feel someone's love for me
And not feel empty
I always feel ignored, annoying,  and like a burden to everyone.  I just want to find someone who makes it go away
4.1k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
Hello,  my name is wrath
I live in your soul
I'm carving a path
And giving your soul a hole

A hole for the darkness
A hole for the pain
A hole for the betrayal
A hole for the shame

Its like an infection
It will start out small
Then will cause you destruction
Until you'll surely fall.

Then you I will greet
It not being the first time we meet
I'll pull you up,  up to your feet
And then we will blow,  blow up the street
Wrath.  My favorite sin.  It's my weakness and my strength
3.9k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
Dear society,
       I followed you so blindly.
 You did not treat me kindly.  
Left alone yet taunted.  
I was dead yet haunted.  
You filled me full of pain.
It provides you no gain.  
Then you drew up these bars.
And you let me carve these scars. 
 If it takes a community to raise a child. Well then I would prefer to be wild  
Society, the center of hypocrisy.  
The reflection of vanity.  
The meal for Gluttony.  
The provider of adultery.  
The one we envy.  
The antagonist that makes us angry. 
The couch for us to be lazy.
The seller to the greedy. 
Oh society, you will do us in.
You and the 7 deadly sins.  
                 Hate you,
3.2k · Jul 2014
magic thief
Auss Jul 2014
Alas magic is not true
Once, it was to me
But then I met you
And you stole the magic so quickly

Put high on a shelf
Behind steel bars
Trapped in a jar
The magic left myself
Magic is our individuality. And the you is Society.  It takes our special magic and makes us plain and normal. Trapping those who refuse to conform in institutions as "insane"
3.1k · May 2014
Wrath *!TWISTED!*
Auss May 2014
My name is wrath
I'm full of hate
full of anger
And I can not wait

I'll make you trip
I'll make you fall
I'll steal your world
Then burn it all

There is no mother
From which I spawn
There is no father
To do me wrong

Satan's the boss
He is my lord
My every action is his word

My name is wrath
So write it down
Because I'll carve a path
then make you down

There is no pity
There is only fear
There is no God while I am here
I needed to release every ounce of anger I built up.  It's extremely twisted but I needed to get it out
2.3k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
How do I tell you I failed again
Ill never recover or make amends
Sadness overcomes me  
To think of something ill never be
My mind sails
As my heart fails
Whover thought  
That happiness could be bought
Im in a battle
But all you do is tattle
Youre just not seeing
So Im fleeing
My dear friend Platiply wrote it. She wanted me to post it.  Enjoy
2.0k · Apr 2014
Auss Apr 2014
Walking in the sand
Seems so bland
leaving footprints where we stand

It doesnt matter what we say
it will all get washed away
but its our DNA

Its in memories
In the stories
that hides our queries

The little one
that will run
when we are done

The footprints in the sand
of a little boys hand
who will go up to be a man
1.8k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
A lazy body
Isn't naughty
But Beware the soul
That's where there is a toll

God is great.
So do not wait
for the Lord
To give you some secret word

Rise against inequality
Stop the immorality
Worship him
For your life is his whim
Sin #2
1.8k · May 2015
the insecure mind
Auss May 2015
Let me go to sleep tonight
while all is calm, and all is right
then take from me the awful blight
take from me the twinkling light

For when i lay upon the bed
dangerous thoughts flow through my head
makes me want to wind up dead
this cursed life finally shed

If i am to re-awake
it would be a grave mistake
while my own heart should seem so fake
to lose this world would ice the cake

I don't know serenity
I'm drowning in obscurity
Sorry to speak so blatantly
but you're the reason for my trivalty.
1.7k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
The essence of heroism is sacrificing yourself so that others may live. - Peter from the Arrow
1.5k · Nov 2013
Auss Nov 2013
i hid my face
i was a disgrace
i was the oddball
i hated the hall

you saw that i was hurt
you came and helped me
i was a crude and short
you gave me a taste of free

free of fears
free of the bully
free of conformity
free of tears

you became my brother
a quiet protector
you kept away what i hated
even if you were a lil twisted

you cared
you helped
you supported
you heard

there is no way
i could repay
all the things you did
so all i can say is thank you
david you kept me alive through the worst years so far
1.4k · Apr 2014
Tested True
Auss Apr 2014
Why are you so crazy
You want so much from me
You want me to be knightly
Yet you're no sort of Lady

I'm a citizen-soldier
There are none much bolder
I won't fall on a knife
Just to ease your life

I'm the one in the mud
All covered in Blood
Yet the way you're acting
You think I'm a king

You want me in a shiny Chestplate
You think it's the perfect mate
I'll tell you one thing
I'll not deliver you a ring

Shiny Armour
It's purely glamour
It contains no honour

Untested metal
Sure to crumble

I'm a citizen-soldier
Suited for God's honour
I'm not a Knight in Shining Armour
All it means is its never been tested.  Look for something tried and true
1.4k · Apr 2014
Auss Apr 2014
On my knees in prayer
I feel full of despair
Does God even care
Watching my life tear

But before you spite the Lord
Listen to my word
I'll be Very forward

People pray
Some are straight
Others are gay

Some pray for riches
Others pray for *******

A truly special prayer
Is made in the middle of nowhere
By a brave yet scared soldier
Who's family is his care

God Will protect.
A soldier has respect
His prayers to never neglect

God knows our stories.
He knows our worries.
But even God has priorities
1.3k · Apr 2014
voice of the unborn
Auss Apr 2014
Sharp needle going in
Killing son with sin
Unborn cries
New life dies
And sinners repent again
1.3k · Apr 2014
Auss Apr 2014
A man is as good as his word
His word is judged by his family
His family by his friends
His friends by the public
The public by the government
the government by the world
The world by the sun
The sun by the universe
And the universe by God
So do not judge a man or his family
God might take offense ;)
A fun little late night mind biggity bogetty
1.3k · May 2015
Soldier's Wife
Auss May 2015
A soldiers life
is full of strife
but what keeps him strong
is a soldiers wife
1.2k · Dec 2013
Murder from within
Auss Dec 2013
I gave you my soul
Wasn't that a costly toll?
You trace my scars
or are you drawing prison bars?

I tell you what i hate
Your friends i try to tolerate
I dont like this new nitch
Your not usually a *****

I love you
But it can be hard
You blame yourself for my crash
But then turn to conform with those I Bash

What does it take?
Just drive in the stake
Since Im such a life sucker
Atleast i could get away with my ******

Since im soulless
Since I hold you back
Since Im just a punk
Since I died to you

Rip my guts out and hang them like streamers
Run my skin in a grinder and have your confetti
Spike my blood with all your *****
Fry my fingers in the greaser

Throw my brain and heart in the trash
Burn my eyes and ears and lips and tongue
Use my bones to build a bed
Boil my nerves so i wont feel pain

But leave my feet
They are what i didnt use
I should walk, no run, away
But i already cut them off so it would be easier to end me

The perfect ******
My own death
Ill naught be caught
Ill finally get what i deserve

The ultimate gift of life?
Can i just skip it to hell?
I wish i had died that day
Why couldnt I have gone faster?

Let the white turn red
With what i have bled
Here is your christmas cheer
Feed my ashes to your ******* reindeer

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Let me do this perfect ******
Then you can say your happy and merry a little cheerier
Auss Nov 2013
Let the pain rain down on me
Let it hurt like falling from the tree
that we would talk from while we hunted
You were my idol but now im scared
You were my father but now your gone
Your a faded image
A miserable mirage

You arent the man i was born too
All you ever do
is make me want to hurt
You call me failure
You call me mistake
You call me all the things i already know

I tried to be positive
I tried to set an example
I tried, I tried, I tried,
But I always come up short
I always made an error

I was once bound to thinking you perfect
But now I am Free
1.2k · Apr 2014
Born to die
Auss Apr 2014
If I die in a warzone
Box me up and send me home
Put my medals on my chest
Tell my mom I did my best
Tell my dad not to bow
There'll be no tension with me now
Tell my brother to study perfectly
The keys to my bike his permanently
Tell my sis not to be upset
Her brother will not rise from this sunset
Tell my love not to cry
I'm a soldier born to die
I found this online.  It is not my own work but I don't know the creator
1.1k · Mar 2015
Seven shots
Auss Mar 2015
Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

They lower you into the soil
You always passed on through each toil

Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

Mother cries into my shoulder,
I look away as i lose my brother

Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

A heroes burial you deserve,
This nations life you did preserve.
Thank you to the soldiers and their families for sacraficing the tranquil illusion of peace that blinds us to the cost of war
1.1k · May 2014
Another day
Auss May 2014
Cold steel slides across my skin.  
In so much pain. I let you in.
Now I bleed red.
I'm better off dead.

My life is cheap
30 pills and the bottle only puts me to sleep
A rope from a deck
didn't stretch out my neck
A gallon of gas
But my life didn't pass
And a blade, at least one for each finger
And yet my life seems to linger

I'm come to the conclusion
that happiness is an illusion.
And the only one who can take my life

Is the girl I gave a knife.
The girl I owe my life
The girl who causes my strife.
The girl who I love.
1.1k · Jul 2014
I Care
Auss Jul 2014
It's answering my phone in the middle of the night
Just to make sure that you're alright
It's stopping by randomly
Because I consider you family

I am always here for you
No matter what you choose to do
No matter when I am always available for anyone.  Day or night.  Let me know and I will be there for you. Life is precious don't ever forget that
1.1k · Apr 2014
Papa Roach
Auss Apr 2014
"I dont know where Im going, but Im going to fast, Im going to Crash"
1.0k · May 2014
Auss May 2014
Little bunny
Your so funny
And so fluffy
On your tummy

Very chubby
Very tubby
Your personality
Is so bubbly

Little baby
Little honey
Stay away from humanity
We will cause insanity
Thought I'd make a fun one for once
1.0k · Aug 2014
Myles "Honey" Yoes
Auss Aug 2014
Silver haired and pearly whites
You always gave good advice

Loving grandfather full of care
A family of dozens for you to bear

A Wise counselor in the school
Respect all life was a rule

A loving husband for 60 years
You far surpassed all your peers

Your kids are grown
And their seeds are sewn.

Go in peace dearest Myles
For you have made many Smiles
RIP 8/11/14
1.0k · May 2014
worst lie
997 · May 2015
The Promise I Never Broke
Auss May 2015
I wake up every morning
my heart for you is yearning
but your love I will never know
because for you I had to go
put on that uniform everyday
while you're on your knees to pray
I'd kiss your cheek and say good bye
then put on my wings so I could fly
I knew you couldn't see me
but I still tried to make you happy
Watching over you
making sure your sky stayed blue
I said I'd never leave
and I never did, so please believe
I may have passed beyond your touch
but I still love you oh so much
So please show me that grin
because I'll see you once again
I'll still be here when I'm gone, listen in the wind for my song. I love you beyond the test of time
955 · May 2015
Little Red
Auss May 2015
Hey little red
Just relax and rest your head
I know i haven't been around,
But I'm still here to keep you out the ground
I won't leave so easy this time
If i did it would be a crime
I know now that it was a mistake
The people that i chose to trust were just fake
Please come back to me
I still love you can't you see?

I know it might be too late
Maybe I waited too long
I finally get now that what i did was wrong
Little Red, I'm sorry, for everything. Just know i love you and whatever you choose I'll try to live with it as best I can
935 · May 2014
death undead
Auss May 2014
It has started to seem
Like from a strange dream.
That we are undead
but it seems that by death we are lead.
It guides us like a father
comforts like a mother
Teases us like a sister
Protects us like a brother
We undead, who love destruction,
Are left on earth with one instruction.
Burn the earth
and show some mirth
Toward the abandoned breed.
And death will give us all we need.

It's a new generation
Let's make our own nation
Populated by the undead
By our deadly parent we are fed
Reject my dear friend, every time I have a writers block you provide me inspiration. I love your works. I hope that my own will make a good dip **** to yours.
933 · Aug 2014
Young and Old
Auss Aug 2014
You will
Unlearn things
Growing up

And then
Negate the

Oppressing their
I was talking to my father earlier and he said that because I'm young that certain things don't matter.  HE wants me to care if people consider me different or strange,  HE wanted me to conform.  HE said that when I'm older I will care about things like that, but appearances only go so deep.
927 · Jul 2014
loving pain
Auss Jul 2014
A heartache
Leads to heartbreak
Making life easy to take
Not caring bout the sorrowful wake
914 · Sep 2014
look a little deeper
Auss Sep 2014
if you look a little deeper
You would see
I'm a lot less then you expect of me
Lived on the edge so long I don't even teeter
It's not your bravery that makes you a leader. It's knowing that everyone around you is equally scared.
914 · Oct 2014
Auss Oct 2014
On this day, a man has passed on.
Driven by an unknown demon Ryan Bartel committed suicide leaving his friends in a state of shock and confusion.

We love you Ryan and will miss you brother.
911 · May 2014
Auss May 2014
Love is rough
Love is hard
If you love you get scarred

Love is tough
Love is strong
If you love things go wrong

Love is gruff
Loves is lean
If you love then life is mean

But, Love is good
Love is great
Love is well worth the wait
Heartbreaks ****. Sometimes we have to search the needles to find the hay though
Auss Jun 2014
Says Pat to his mother, "It looks strange to see
Brothers fighting in such a queer manner.
But I'll fight till I die, if I never get killed,
For America's bright, starry banner."

The night before battle and all through the camp
the soldiers lay close in their quarters
The were thinking no doubt of their lives ones at home
Mothers, wives, children, and daughters

There was a blade in the east
who sat all alone, singing a song so gaily
Twas honest Pat Murphy of the irish brigade
Singing o shattered shillelagh

Unto the bugles call, did poor Patty wake
To give the rebel satisfaction
The Devils drummer beat a tune
That called the boys to action

The Day after battle the dead lied in heaps
Pat Murphy lay bleeding and gory
Caught in the gut by an enemies ball
It ended his passion for glory

And all around camp,  not a sound to be heard
No song of the land of shillelagh
His letters unread, from the family of dear Patrick Murphy

And far in the east say a dashing young blade
Who went by Pat Murphy
Singing a song of old Irelands cause
The song of the shattered shillelagh
War ballad of Ireland and the Civil War
Auss May 2014
We are always getting pressured on how we should perceive things. What if everyone who acts the same,  dresses the same, talks the same,  and are the same,  were actually crazy.  What if those of us who are outcast and want to avoid their games are the ones who are sane. What if we are "crazy" simply because we are more in touch and aware of the world around us.? What if it's because we are more accepting?
Please feel free to make this a discussion. I want your alls opinions
873 · May 2014
Wolves, not sheep
Auss May 2014
I am not a sheep
I am not a lamb
I will not docilate our race
That's just the way I am.

Humanity is a strange beast
we claim to be the sheep,
But for our Shepherd we do not weep

We are like the Hound
to the "Laws of Claw and Fang"* we are bound

We are a pack
Not a herd
Upon the weak we feed
Not upon those whom might attack.

So to call us a sheep
Is really quite absurd
For at least a sheep
Is safe in its loving herd
A reference to call of the wild.  I do not wish to receive any issue with this.  But it's a great book. Worth a read.
861 · Sep 2014
internal rhyme
Auss Sep 2014
I had an epiphany about impossibility and how it is probably a term of malarchy picking from any term of probability..
860 · Nov 2013
And then the World Turned
Auss Nov 2013
We sat there
we were a happy little pair
I could always make you smile
even though i had to try for awhile

Then she came along
we both knew it was wrong
i quickly lost what i hard worked to gain
I ignored the look of pain
in your eyes
I feel like i severed our ties

You are my best friend
From when we first met
And then the world turned
I started to ignore when you would fret

I paid less attention to your wants
I simply concentrated on my desires
I care bout you still
I will try harder if ,permit me, you will
I am riddled in the scars of my errors and my failures
Being your friend was my greatest success

But I let the world turn
and i watched yours burn

and if you will let me
I could help to set you free
Lil Red your my best friend sorry i ever risked our friendship
839 · Apr 2016
Sometimes I wonder
Auss Apr 2016
Does my soul shine with light
Or does it hide deep in the night

My fear ever growing
With my mind not knowing

What will my judges say
Was I night or was I day

Can my mark of death be reversed
Or am I doomed to die cursed

Can I ever be truly saved
If to the darkness I'm enslaved.
830 · Feb 2016
Auss Feb 2016
Never in my life has the silence of this place
Been so deeply filled with His grace
I start to smile and begin to cry
Finally learning happy is no lie

I feel the wind blow
I smell the earth
Finally I have come to know
All that is my own worth

He gave his son for you and me
So that we can live sin free
I fix myself and begin to walk
While to him I continue to talk

Along the empty path
To help free others from the wrath
824 · May 2014
Dear world
Auss May 2014
I don't care the hour. I don't care your race. I don't care you gender.  I don't care about your  sexuallity. If you need a shoulder. If you just want to talk. If you need advice I'm here for you.  I'm not posting my phone or email but here is my kik.  Feel free to msg me for anything.  Kik: CFrenchie
I am not wanting to be siding desperate but I would enjoy if people repost or do similar. We should help each other
810 · Nov 2013
Shut Down
Auss Nov 2013
My mind is shattered
My life is battered
My friends are scattered
This isnt to be desired

I couldnt come to look at you
I couldnt bear the icy blue
I know you doubt what i say is true
But I really do need you

My closest friend
to the end
A friendship too strong to bend
But now I just want to mend

I shut down
Taking all I have to not frown
I must seem like such a clown
All I want to do is drown

My life should be over
Call for the Undertaker
I never have been such a crier
Is there nothing that can make this better?

Little Red
Red Head
I want you to know what I have said
I need you to get off the death bed

My silent screams
The return of dreams
It almost feels like we are on separate teams
I shouldn't have believed the way things seem

I just need you to forgive
I need you to help me live
I never should have been so assumptive
Me out of your life is easily conclusive

I shut down
I change myself
I **** my soul
Never cared for, I never knew

I didnt ever want you hurt
I had no clue that I mattered
I didnt want to lose you
So I threw you away

I shut you out
I shut down
I shut...
758 · Sep 2014
loving liar
Auss Sep 2014
You say you love me
Then set me free!

If you could stop bleeding
Do you not here me pleading?

You lie when you say forever
Because you don't want us to be together

But yet you claim to love me
Without ever wanting me to see
My Dearest little red had fallen into old habits and is breaking my heart one word at a time.
756 · Oct 2014
Auss Oct 2014
You play with my head
and you **** with my feelings
but my presence you dread
and my face sends you reeling

I'm not your fool
I'm not your tool
I'm not some *****
that you can just lead on

Just leave me alone
take every last stone
and every last bone
I won't be your drone!
755 · Nov 2013
Dying Eyes
Auss Nov 2013
Her sky blue
His dull hazel
My demon green
Every pair a mere reflection
Or window to the pain

Her eyes show her death wish
Avoiding my gaze with quick swish
of her hair.  Those blue eyes
They tell us no lies

His eyes show the hidden dejection
They show a fear of rejection
Those hazels dulled now
Always forcing mine to bow

My eyes the demonic curse
I couldnt think of anything worse
They twist the world
To an image i could behold

We three friends
Three pairs of eyes
Three types of pain
Three prisoners who want to be free

Only the night
Lets me to go fight
Lets her go to the knife
and will let him have a life

These dying eyes
We each despise
They give us away
They always betray

The false glee
Revealing the desire to be free
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