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I came in guise
And none were nice.
They are all ******
'Cause I deserve a companion.
Amanda Apr 29
To make something change must fight
You aren't born a champion
But made
Just have to push towards the light
To the day weakness delayed
Only you have the ability to make change out of the large bills life gives you
Seanathon Nov 2019
When you decide to fight
To battle back against the night and it's dying ways
Having seen the light which comes anew
To trump the lights of ever eave
When you've decided no longer to RUN but to BE
You will become as one
With every memory and hopeful dream
Which your childlike self ever dared to dream
When I was a kid, I dreamed of creating worlds and winning championships. BIG dreams for such a growing kid. And now I can say that I've been doing both of those things. (:

That's what this first verse in this series of three is about. Letting go of any worry and just completing. Giving it your all without fear of outcome and then being able to accept the results of that competition.

Stop running. Start being.

You'll never lose that way.
Darryl M May 2019
What’s to differ when what differs doesn’t differ?
What’s special, when special comes not but by attention?
If we came the same way,
and we end the same way.
Yet I brag of what the Tombstone doesn’t highlight.
How am I special?
What’s unique, when all’s unique comes and goes the same?
My life is nothing but a worthless farthing,
Yet I brag.
As a child’s thoughts fade,
so is fame and works forgotten.

Reliving a person’s life is a waste.
That space has already been taken.
Leave your mark, and keep remarking.
Amateur Hustle Sonnet.
Darryl M May 2019
You’re focused on me and I’m also focused on myself.
No wonder I think I’m the Centre of the world.
Don’t try to do what I do.
Do what you do better than what I do.
I hate Dreamers, coz that’s all they do.

No Talent is Talent without Habit.
If you want it, work for it.
But don’t blame Life for your shortcomings.
You know you had it coming.
You can’t reap without sowing, unless you steal of course.
No farm is cultivated through imagination.

Motivation doesn’t just spark up action.
Motivation gets stuck in ideas.
Action sparks action.
****** Hustle Sonnet.
Gekyla C Mar 2019
It takes one team

To make the dream

That is hungry to perform

And can make a grand slam

A journey full of storm

Will be always above the norm

A frightful way to coform

All  members in a warrior form

A gold medal to aim

For a champion team
Aaron LaLux Mar 2019
Written 8 books,
own a mountain top it’s a private park in LA,
that’s just one of a bunch of properties,
& am the founder of a multi-million dollar company,
plus I practice Jiu-Jitsu,
roll with Ryron Gracie know The Gracie Family personally,

so you might be able to fool some fools,
but you can’t fool with or front on me,
because I don’t have the time to lose,
I’m busy making history…

∆ LaLux ∆
Kaede Feb 2019
Unom ka itom nga tuldok,
Nipilit sa lain laing parte sa akong lawas.
Dala ni ini atung mga kalipay,
Og mga kaguol para ingnung patas.

Ikaw ang itom nga tuldok,
Nga nagunitan sa akong kamot.
Usahay mubuhi kay nabatyag
Nimo akong dala nga kaalimoot.

Ikaw ang itom nga tuldok,
Nga uban permi sa akong kumagko.
Nagpamatood nga bisan asa ko maabot,
Ikaw ra gyud ako kuyug.

Ikaw ang itom nga tuldok,
Nga anaa dapit sa akong ilong.
Agi anan sa akong mga luha,
Ug magkaboang atung relasyon.

Ikaw ang itom nga tuldok,
Nga nagdumili mu biya.
Apan plinastik manang imoha,
Di ka kahibaw ug kanus-a ka mupahawa.

Ikaw ang itom nga tuldok,
Naglaroy laroy sa akong utok.
Manaog ka usahay sa liog,
Para ako matuok.

Ikaw ra gyud unta ang itom nga tuldok,
Nga grabeg pilit sa akong dughan.
Apan karon, gamay nalang nga tulod,
Para ikaw akong buhian.
This is my winning piece in Poetry Writing (Cebuano) during the 2nd Central Visayas Press Competition. This piece was the only piece choosen by the judge to win as champion in this category. Inspired by the person who always make my heart happy and flutter, Jobola.
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