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Auss Apr 2016
Does my soul shine with light
Or does it hide deep in the night

My fear ever growing
With my mind not knowing

What will my judges say
Was I night or was I day

Can my mark of death be reversed
Or am I doomed to die cursed

Can I ever be truly saved
If to the darkness I'm enslaved.
  Mar 2016 Auss
Mystery Girl
I have this overwhelming urge
To jump in my car and drive
Chasing the sun to the ends of the Earth
Following the rainbow
Hoping it might lead me
To the *** of gold at the end
Praying the sun's rays
Might guide my journey
Lead me to the light
Sparkling in your eyes
I have this overwhelming urge
To chase the sun all the way
Straight into your arms
Auss Feb 2016
Never in my life has the silence of this place
Been so deeply filled with His grace
I start to smile and begin to cry
Finally learning happy is no lie

I feel the wind blow
I smell the earth
Finally I have come to know
All that is my own worth

He gave his son for you and me
So that we can live sin free
I fix myself and begin to walk
While to him I continue to talk

Along the empty path
To help free others from the wrath
Auss Dec 2015
The Lord sets us free
Free of sin
Free to begin

Yet here we remain
Dwelling in pain
Our purity we stain

But by His grace
Those sins erase
And we return to His embrace
Auss Jul 2015
I made you my everything
so when you left I  had nothing

You shined so bright
Now the world is dull
Your face was light

Now I'm laying here in bed
just wishing I was dead,
evil thoughts echoing in my head
Auss Jun 2015
I'll hold your hands
that hold my heart
that holds you
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