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Apr 2016 · 839
Sometimes I wonder
Auss Apr 2016
Does my soul shine with light
Or does it hide deep in the night

My fear ever growing
With my mind not knowing

What will my judges say
Was I night or was I day

Can my mark of death be reversed
Or am I doomed to die cursed

Can I ever be truly saved
If to the darkness I'm enslaved.
Feb 2016 · 830
Auss Feb 2016
Never in my life has the silence of this place
Been so deeply filled with His grace
I start to smile and begin to cry
Finally learning happy is no lie

I feel the wind blow
I smell the earth
Finally I have come to know
All that is my own worth

He gave his son for you and me
So that we can live sin free
I fix myself and begin to walk
While to him I continue to talk

Along the empty path
To help free others from the wrath
Dec 2015 · 746
Auss Dec 2015
The Lord sets us free
Free of sin
Free to begin

Yet here we remain
Dwelling in pain
Our purity we stain

But by His grace
Those sins erase
And we return to His embrace
Jul 2015 · 561
Auss Jul 2015
I made you my everything
so when you left I  had nothing

You shined so bright
Now the world is dull
Your face was light

Now I'm laying here in bed
just wishing I was dead,
evil thoughts echoing in my head
Jun 2015 · 494
Auss Jun 2015
I'll hold your hands
that hold my heart
that holds you
May 2015 · 1.3k
Soldier's Wife
Auss May 2015
A soldiers life
is full of strife
but what keeps him strong
is a soldiers wife
May 2015 · 1.8k
the insecure mind
Auss May 2015
Let me go to sleep tonight
while all is calm, and all is right
then take from me the awful blight
take from me the twinkling light

For when i lay upon the bed
dangerous thoughts flow through my head
makes me want to wind up dead
this cursed life finally shed

If i am to re-awake
it would be a grave mistake
while my own heart should seem so fake
to lose this world would ice the cake

I don't know serenity
I'm drowning in obscurity
Sorry to speak so blatantly
but you're the reason for my trivalty.
May 2015 · 13.7k
Auss May 2015
If you were a rock you'd be a diamond,
no not a diamond but a ruby
Not because of your red hair
but because of your impurity

Because even with impurity,
you still shine so bright to me.

I would be a lump of coal
burning bright
so you can shine,
for one brief moment
My light is thine.
little red i love you so much.  But i worry that maybe... i don't give you the light that you deserve
May 2015 · 997
The Promise I Never Broke
Auss May 2015
I wake up every morning
my heart for you is yearning
but your love I will never know
because for you I had to go
put on that uniform everyday
while you're on your knees to pray
I'd kiss your cheek and say good bye
then put on my wings so I could fly
I knew you couldn't see me
but I still tried to make you happy
Watching over you
making sure your sky stayed blue
I said I'd never leave
and I never did, so please believe
I may have passed beyond your touch
but I still love you oh so much
So please show me that grin
because I'll see you once again
I'll still be here when I'm gone, listen in the wind for my song. I love you beyond the test of time
May 2015 · 649
Auss May 2015
Lit the match, to watch it catch a flame, the pain of passion is what's to blame. placing the world in a spire of fire that climbs ever higher.  Reaching for the sky refusing to die,  the spire of fire released a mournful cry.
I don't even know but hell why not?
May 2015 · 360
Auss May 2015
You say you don't want to hurt me
I said you never could
in reality,  I meant you never would

I opened up to you
And to you I am 100% true
Please remember that

We have history you and me
You think you and he have any?
I want to be yours for once

Can't we just forget about you and him?
It makes my future start to seem really grim
Why not us like it used to be
May 2015 · 955
Little Red
Auss May 2015
Hey little red
Just relax and rest your head
I know i haven't been around,
But I'm still here to keep you out the ground
I won't leave so easy this time
If i did it would be a crime
I know now that it was a mistake
The people that i chose to trust were just fake
Please come back to me
I still love you can't you see?

I know it might be too late
Maybe I waited too long
I finally get now that what i did was wrong
Little Red, I'm sorry, for everything. Just know i love you and whatever you choose I'll try to live with it as best I can
Apr 2015 · 552
Auss Apr 2015
feet slip in the water
Wondering why i even bother

Looking into that deep abyss
I think about what's amiss

Staring at my own reflection
every answer for contemplextion
Feeling sorta alone right now
Mar 2015 · 455
A toast
Auss Mar 2015
We lift this drink to the newly wed
We lift this drink those who're dead

We lift this drink to the athiēst
We lift this drink to the Holy priest

We lift this drink to the grudging father
We lift this drink to the loving mother

We lift this drink for our past sorrow
We lift this drink for more tomorrow

We lift this drink for one more night
but most importantly...
We lift this drink for ONE MORE PINT
Who wouldn't toast to that? Feel free to add a rhyming set for what you would drink to in the comments
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Seven shots
Auss Mar 2015
Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

They lower you into the soil
You always passed on through each toil

Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

Mother cries into my shoulder,
I look away as i lose my brother

Seven shots sound
Seven shots heard

A heroes burial you deserve,
This nations life you did preserve.
Thank you to the soldiers and their families for sacraficing the tranquil illusion of peace that blinds us to the cost of war
Mar 2015 · 411
Auss Mar 2015
What has come of me?
A hero to be?
The one to save thee?

Nay,  i need the saving
I'm the one who's dying
all the while my mind is screaming
Whilst the world burning
admist the light thats drowning
Feb 2015 · 5.8k
Auss Feb 2015
I wish that i had the ability
to alter the forces that made me

I would choose to be a champion
instead of the king of the demon

While every gold, diamond, and treasure
Can fill my earthly pleasure

Yours to serve, love, and protect
Treated with kindness, care, and respect

But sadly I am the demon king
Bound to darkness and suffering
Jan 2015 · 441
Too late
Auss Jan 2015
I'm sorry for the joke i made
I know you are better then me

I'm sorry for my sarcasm
I got worried that i might let you in
I thought you were smarter then me

I'm sorry for that jab I through
I thought you were stronger then me

I'm sorry for everything I did
I just wanted you to be tougher then me

I didn't know you'd leave so soon
I must look like a goon
even though I'm the one who popped you like a balloon
Don't wait until it's too late to right your wrongs. Own up to your Errors and be polite. Every life and opinion is important
Oct 2014 · 415
Auss Oct 2014
Sometimes,  somedays
I just want to fade away
to sink into my poetry
among the lines for all to see
my soul to rest on every word
such dreams, such nonsense it is absurd
but yet I hope to dare
That my work spread everywhere
filled with soul and loved with grace
pushing darkness from this place
Oct 2014 · 756
Auss Oct 2014
You play with my head
and you **** with my feelings
but my presence you dread
and my face sends you reeling

I'm not your fool
I'm not your tool
I'm not some *****
that you can just lead on

Just leave me alone
take every last stone
and every last bone
I won't be your drone!
Oct 2014 · 574
monsters in the dark
Auss Oct 2014
Tic Tac toe
who would know
that while the world is resting
Dark creatures here are stirring
In every mind, in every place
Purest thoughts they will disgrace
their darkened deeds will be done
Before retreating from the sun
Oct 2014 · 914
Auss Oct 2014
On this day, a man has passed on.
Driven by an unknown demon Ryan Bartel committed suicide leaving his friends in a state of shock and confusion.

We love you Ryan and will miss you brother.
Sep 2014 · 914
look a little deeper
Auss Sep 2014
if you look a little deeper
You would see
I'm a lot less then you expect of me
Lived on the edge so long I don't even teeter
It's not your bravery that makes you a leader. It's knowing that everyone around you is equally scared.
Sep 2014 · 616
Auss Sep 2014
Iron rain with metal steel
Families and friends in horror cried
As under the destructive wheel
Their loved ones died

Around the world was silence
Shocked in awe by radical violence
My home now burning
My stomach churning

Death, pain and misery
Filled the land of the free
A tribute to the 2752 dead and their families from 9/11
Sep 2014 · 400
Auss Sep 2014
Love is a rose.
Beautiful yet dangerous
Only dying if left untended
Only hurt you if you aren't careful.
Yet once you have the rose and are holding it safe, gentle,  and careful
you can understand the full beauty in the appearance,  journey, and danger
Sep 2014 · 361
Too late
Auss Sep 2014
They say nothing lasts forever
So I called you my nothing.
That didn't mean I stopped loving,
I just wanted us to be together.

But I was too late.
You didn't want to wait
You didn't want to stay
So I let you walk away

I didn't realize it would end like this
My emotions a complete mess
While watching you lie there
Not a sign of life left anywhere...
Young love cut short.
Sep 2014 · 861
internal rhyme
Auss Sep 2014
I had an epiphany about impossibility and how it is probably a term of malarchy picking from any term of probability..
Sep 2014 · 573
Auss Sep 2014
Impossible is just a lie
Just a reason not to try
Sadness to make you cry
Don't fear, impossibility will pass you by.
Not really sure
Sep 2014 · 437
Auss Sep 2014
Every smile on my face
Is simply feelings I misplace
I throw in my headphones
The ones with skulls and crossbones
Then I crank up my tunes and fly
To where the rocks touch the sky
I draw away my pain
Creating pictures all in vain
Because you won't see them
You won't ever realize you are my gem
then the darkness refills me
and I'll smile so weakly
As I give them all to you
She doesn't realize that my best art is her
Sep 2014 · 758
loving liar
Auss Sep 2014
You say you love me
Then set me free!

If you could stop bleeding
Do you not here me pleading?

You lie when you say forever
Because you don't want us to be together

But yet you claim to love me
Without ever wanting me to see
My Dearest little red had fallen into old habits and is breaking my heart one word at a time.
Aug 2014 · 4.6k
Lonely (Haiku)
Auss Aug 2014
I just want to feel
To feel someone's love for me
And not feel empty
I always feel ignored, annoying,  and like a burden to everyone.  I just want to find someone who makes it go away
Aug 2014 · 933
Young and Old
Auss Aug 2014
You will
Unlearn things
Growing up

And then
Negate the

Oppressing their
I was talking to my father earlier and he said that because I'm young that certain things don't matter.  HE wants me to care if people consider me different or strange,  HE wanted me to conform.  HE said that when I'm older I will care about things like that, but appearances only go so deep.
Aug 2014 · 641
Auss Aug 2014
When every imperfection makes her the definition of perfection.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
Myles "Honey" Yoes
Auss Aug 2014
Silver haired and pearly whites
You always gave good advice

Loving grandfather full of care
A family of dozens for you to bear

A Wise counselor in the school
Respect all life was a rule

A loving husband for 60 years
You far surpassed all your peers

Your kids are grown
And their seeds are sewn.

Go in peace dearest Myles
For you have made many Smiles
RIP 8/11/14
Jul 2014 · 472
Auss Jul 2014
If all the world's a stage
Will we ever find a blank page
In this strange script
We all follow to our crypt
All of us actors
Where drama and tragedy are disasters
What if I choose to break character
Would that anger the director?
I am goin to finish this later. Getting on a plane in a few
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
I Care
Auss Jul 2014
It's answering my phone in the middle of the night
Just to make sure that you're alright
It's stopping by randomly
Because I consider you family

I am always here for you
No matter what you choose to do
No matter when I am always available for anyone.  Day or night.  Let me know and I will be there for you. Life is precious don't ever forget that
Jul 2014 · 421
Auss Jul 2014
Oh Silly haiku
I disdain you,  off beat, you
Never make sense
Aaaaannnddd wow I remember why I never did haiku
Jul 2014 · 3.2k
magic thief
Auss Jul 2014
Alas magic is not true
Once, it was to me
But then I met you
And you stole the magic so quickly

Put high on a shelf
Behind steel bars
Trapped in a jar
The magic left myself
Magic is our individuality. And the you is Society.  It takes our special magic and makes us plain and normal. Trapping those who refuse to conform in institutions as "insane"
Jul 2014 · 927
loving pain
Auss Jul 2014
A heartache
Leads to heartbreak
Making life easy to take
Not caring bout the sorrowful wake
Jul 2014 · 638
Forgiveness (Joke)
Auss Jul 2014
If God can forgive an atheist
Then I can forgive my enemy

If God can forgive mass murderers
Then I can forgive individual ones

If God can forgive a Catholic Priest
Then I guess I can forgive the guy ******* my sister
Forgive me Father for I have sinned... and it was worth it
Jun 2014 · 374
Auss Jun 2014
Your Name  am a great and wonderful person.  People will miss them when I go.  Head Deity of your faith* loves them.  Even though I may not know them personally i would stay up all night for Your Name because life is precious and they are important to me.
Auss Jun 2014
Says Pat to his mother, "It looks strange to see
Brothers fighting in such a queer manner.
But I'll fight till I die, if I never get killed,
For America's bright, starry banner."

The night before battle and all through the camp
the soldiers lay close in their quarters
The were thinking no doubt of their lives ones at home
Mothers, wives, children, and daughters

There was a blade in the east
who sat all alone, singing a song so gaily
Twas honest Pat Murphy of the irish brigade
Singing o shattered shillelagh

Unto the bugles call, did poor Patty wake
To give the rebel satisfaction
The Devils drummer beat a tune
That called the boys to action

The Day after battle the dead lied in heaps
Pat Murphy lay bleeding and gory
Caught in the gut by an enemies ball
It ended his passion for glory

And all around camp,  not a sound to be heard
No song of the land of shillelagh
His letters unread, from the family of dear Patrick Murphy

And far in the east say a dashing young blade
Who went by Pat Murphy
Singing a song of old Irelands cause
The song of the shattered shillelagh
War ballad of Ireland and the Civil War
Jun 2014 · 471
Auss Jun 2014
It's the scourge of the seas
Dearest Anarchy
Terror of all countries
Makes them shake at the knee

Anarchy is not chaos
It is not random
It has rules
Just none to command them

It is peace
It is serene
It gives the word self
a deeper mean
May 2014 · 425
Auss May 2014
It's weird how being true
is bad if you're truly you
Society Will you kick you out,
Out of the blue

In this world
Being fake,
Is no mistake
And your individuality this world will take
Stay true to you. Don't CONFORm to make others more COMFORtable.
May 2014 · 1.1k
Another day
Auss May 2014
Cold steel slides across my skin.  
In so much pain. I let you in.
Now I bleed red.
I'm better off dead.

My life is cheap
30 pills and the bottle only puts me to sleep
A rope from a deck
didn't stretch out my neck
A gallon of gas
But my life didn't pass
And a blade, at least one for each finger
And yet my life seems to linger

I'm come to the conclusion
that happiness is an illusion.
And the only one who can take my life

Is the girl I gave a knife.
The girl I owe my life
The girl who causes my strife.
The girl who I love.
May 2014 · 1.0k
worst lie
May 2014 · 367
Good and evil
Auss May 2014
We need to be,
At our core,
Don't be pure to the standards of others. Simply be pure and honest with yourself
May 2014 · 873
Wolves, not sheep
Auss May 2014
I am not a sheep
I am not a lamb
I will not docilate our race
That's just the way I am.

Humanity is a strange beast
we claim to be the sheep,
But for our Shepherd we do not weep

We are like the Hound
to the "Laws of Claw and Fang"* we are bound

We are a pack
Not a herd
Upon the weak we feed
Not upon those whom might attack.

So to call us a sheep
Is really quite absurd
For at least a sheep
Is safe in its loving herd
A reference to call of the wild.  I do not wish to receive any issue with this.  But it's a great book. Worth a read.
Auss May 2014
We are always getting pressured on how we should perceive things. What if everyone who acts the same,  dresses the same, talks the same,  and are the same,  were actually crazy.  What if those of us who are outcast and want to avoid their games are the ones who are sane. What if we are "crazy" simply because we are more in touch and aware of the world around us.? What if it's because we are more accepting?
Please feel free to make this a discussion. I want your alls opinions
May 2014 · 354
Lost Hope
Auss May 2014
I have no more reason
To commit self treason

No more need for suicide
No need to split my skin so Very wide

I am broken
My insides breaking
My heart is tearing

You said you needed me
But I guess I wasn't who I ought to be.

You turned your back
Severed our friendship in one single hack

I loved you
You were my sister

You were my friend
But I forgot that I don't mean jack in the very end

I hope you are happy
And I'll wish you along
Because we both know I am too far gone

I'll stay here and wait
I'll wait till I fall
And all that is left is a memory
A memory on which you may never call

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I don't even want to know why.

Just leave so I can burn myself
So I can destroy myself
So I can recreate myself

Then I'll wear a fake smile
Around you awhile
Your new friends I'll beguile
Thinking through the ****** trial
That feeling when you had a strand of hope only to watch it literally get stomped out in your face while you know that there was absolutely nothing you could do to prevent it. That feeling of being powerless about the one thing you care for.
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