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forestfaith Oct 2018
Letter to the devil, and the pains of this world.

Dear devil,

How you doin with the fact you have already lost?
How you doin with the urgency of Jesus' second coming soon?

Just to remind you, you already lost, and, do I have to remind your suffering in the fiery lake of fire and sulphur...forever? Ye...I don't think so.

Depression, stop hanging on to them, stop hanging on to me! Stop pestering the children of God, and just stop blinding them of the light of the Joy of Christ. Stop it! You somewhat comforting and soothing feeling, yet is the sharp sword that really kills...

Anxiety, stop making me stop in my tracks and feel like a failure, stop making me stop in my tracks on doing God's will and plan for my life. Stop dragging me down.

For the pains and diseases in the world, you would never stop them from being loved by God. Never ever.

Final note: God rules, God wins, God is in control, God is the Most high, Most pwerful, All mighty, Holy Holy Holy, the Holy one, worthy of all praise and glory and whole-hearted sincere love and trust and obedience. You are not, devil.

Sincerely and truthfully,
The one you tried to hurt and pull down.
Ye, back off devil, God already won.
Auss Apr 2014
If I die in a warzone
Box me up and send me home
Put my medals on my chest
Tell my mom I did my best
Tell my dad not to bow
There'll be no tension with me now
Tell my brother to study perfectly
The keys to my bike his permanently
Tell my sis not to be upset
Her brother will not rise from this sunset
Tell my love not to cry
I'm a soldier born to die
I found this online.  It is not my own work but I don't know the creator

— The End —