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Please take me
Bury me
Hurt me
Nothing can save me now

Lit to me
Play with me
Stay awake with me
Nothing can save me now
Archer Feb 25
Trust is a blade
Sharp and serrated
Cuts uncleanly
This wound wont heal
Jammed into my side
Between my ribs
Lacerates my lung
Before piercing my heart
Then twisted
Slowly with a sawing motion
To maximize the damage
Quickly removed
It scrapes my ribs
The noise is a chatter
Muffled and wet
Blood spirts out
I'm going to lay down
Just for a minute
Need to rest my head
I'll be fine
idiosyncrasy Jan 28
so tired

so i pretended my hair
was everything i had ever cared too much about
the stupid validation that i craved
every incessant insecurity
anyone i gave a **** about, that never looked at me twice

i took the clippers
and buzzed it all off
rockin the buzzcut.
Cody Root Nov 2019
I break down in the walk-in freezer at work,
Like another piece of equipment that is just barely hanging on to life.
Serving it’s intended purpose,
Yet useless enough for everyone to let it know as much.  

I don’t want to be a gas range without a pilot light anymore, no.
I no longer want to fizzle out after a long day of being used,
Only to be lit up again when someone else wants fed.
It's just a little word
But the pain really hurt
Never misjudge it
No matter how small it is

Never underestimate stress
The reason of my unwell rest
My life will be the cost
My soul will be a ghost

When stress is your daily mood
You will know the truth
That the monster is not under your bed
Instead it screams inside your head
**** me :)
Butterfly Aug 2019
If i don't make it through the night, don't hurt yourself. There are alot of people that can replace me.
Can i just not be in pain fore more than 8 hours.
posiontheapple May 2019
Do you know how it's like to be in pain?
And I'm not talking about the physical pain
I'm talking about the mental pain
Every day I hear the same words
*****, ****, ****, and ******
And I don't know whose voice I'm hearing
I believe it's my own
But what if it isn't?
What if it's yours?
muteD Mar 2019
**** me .
Just end it all .
Use those words you threw like daggers .
and aim for my heart
Finish it all.
Grab a stake
and nail me to the wall .
I’d rather feel nothing at all ,
Than to feel lost .
Short poems arent my specialty or my style but quality over quantity any day.
david mitchell Jan 2019
The best way to immortalize a piece of pain is to forget how to feel it.
I've forgotten how to write poems, have this, internet.
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