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Auss Oct 2014
On this day, a man has passed on.
Driven by an unknown demon Ryan Bartel committed suicide leaving his friends in a state of shock and confusion.

We love you Ryan and will miss you brother.
Auss Apr 2014
Let's have a toast
For he who's boast
Is heard all down the coast

Let's give some Cheers
For the girl with no tears
With more men then she has years

One last decree
For the greedy
Consuming in their misery

Three shouts

Auss Sep 2014
Iron rain with metal steel
Families and friends in horror cried
As under the destructive wheel
Their loved ones died

Around the world was silence
Shocked in awe by radical violence
My home now burning
My stomach churning

Death, pain and misery
Filled the land of the free
A tribute to the 2752 dead and their families from 9/11
Auss Jul 2015
I made you my everything
so when you left I  had nothing

You shined so bright
Now the world is dull
Your face was light

Now I'm laying here in bed
just wishing I was dead,
evil thoughts echoing in my head
Auss Apr 2014
Your words tear me down.
The heavy weight makes me drown
Our darkest hours pass
And we all stand alone

Out of the fire we will rise
Standing alone
But of common mind

The outcasts
The forsaken
The lost and earthly ******

We are the future
We are united
We stand alone to face what others deny

We are hope without hope
We are a chance that was never given
We are the puppet without a master
Auss Jun 2014
It's the scourge of the seas
Dearest Anarchy
Terror of all countries
Makes them shake at the knee

Anarchy is not chaos
It is not random
It has rules
Just none to command them

It is peace
It is serene
It gives the word self
a deeper mean
Auss Nov 2013
We sat there
we were a happy little pair
I could always make you smile
even though i had to try for awhile

Then she came along
we both knew it was wrong
i quickly lost what i hard worked to gain
I ignored the look of pain
in your eyes
I feel like i severed our ties

You are my best friend
From when we first met
And then the world turned
I started to ignore when you would fret

I paid less attention to your wants
I simply concentrated on my desires
I care bout you still
I will try harder if ,permit me, you will
I am riddled in the scars of my errors and my failures
Being your friend was my greatest success

But I let the world turn
and i watched yours burn

and if you will let me
I could help to set you free
Lil Red your my best friend sorry i ever risked our friendship
Auss May 2014
Cold steel slides across my skin.  
In so much pain. I let you in.
Now I bleed red.
I'm better off dead.

My life is cheap
30 pills and the bottle only puts me to sleep
A rope from a deck
didn't stretch out my neck
A gallon of gas
But my life didn't pass
And a blade, at least one for each finger
And yet my life seems to linger

I'm come to the conclusion
that happiness is an illusion.
And the only one who can take my life

Is the girl I gave a knife.
The girl I owe my life
The girl who causes my strife.
The girl who I love.
Auss Mar 2015
We lift this drink to the newly wed
We lift this drink those who're dead

We lift this drink to the athiēst
We lift this drink to the Holy priest

We lift this drink to the grudging father
We lift this drink to the loving mother

We lift this drink for our past sorrow
We lift this drink for more tomorrow

We lift this drink for one more night
but most importantly...
We lift this drink for ONE MORE PINT
Who wouldn't toast to that? Feel free to add a rhyming set for what you would drink to in the comments
Auss Apr 2014
If I die in a warzone
Box me up and send me home
Put my medals on my chest
Tell my mom I did my best
Tell my dad not to bow
There'll be no tension with me now
Tell my brother to study perfectly
The keys to my bike his permanently
Tell my sis not to be upset
Her brother will not rise from this sunset
Tell my love not to cry
I'm a soldier born to die
I found this online.  It is not my own work but I don't know the creator
Auss May 2014
Little bunny
Your so funny
And so fluffy
On your tummy

Very chubby
Very tubby
Your personality
Is so bubbly

Little baby
Little honey
Stay away from humanity
We will cause insanity
Thought I'd make a fun one for once
Auss Feb 2015
I wish that i had the ability
to alter the forces that made me

I would choose to be a champion
instead of the king of the demon

While every gold, diamond, and treasure
Can fill my earthly pleasure

Yours to serve, love, and protect
Treated with kindness, care, and respect

But sadly I am the demon king
Bound to darkness and suffering
Auss Apr 2014
Left right left right left right
Don't Stop
Don't look back

Left right left right
Its catching up
Know it prepping to attack

Left right
Makes a move to get on top
Feel it land with a smack
Not my best but use imagination
Auss Apr 2014
In the darkness I do tread
Is where I lay my tired head
Where I puke the lies I'm fed

They tried to fix me with a med
That sick pill taste like lead
Strapped me to a metal bed

Perhaps shock therapy instead
Hidden in a rotten shed
They did zap me til I's dead

Beat me
Bruise me
Bleed me
Save me

In the darkness
Painful cāress
My wounds I dress

Stand strong
All along
You aren't wrong

That's the bell
This must be hell
As they look down at meeee
Auss May 2014
I have a writers block.  I am going to take a break and Try to come up with new ideas.  Good luck to you all.

Auss May 2014
I don't care the hour. I don't care your race. I don't care you gender.  I don't care about your  sexuallity. If you need a shoulder. If you just want to talk. If you need advice I'm here for you.  I'm not posting my phone or email but here is my kik.  Feel free to msg me for anything.  Kik: CFrenchie
I am not wanting to be siding desperate but I would enjoy if people repost or do similar. We should help each other
Auss May 2014
It has started to seem
Like from a strange dream.
That we are undead
but it seems that by death we are lead.
It guides us like a father
comforts like a mother
Teases us like a sister
Protects us like a brother
We undead, who love destruction,
Are left on earth with one instruction.
Burn the earth
and show some mirth
Toward the abandoned breed.
And death will give us all we need.

It's a new generation
Let's make our own nation
Populated by the undead
By our deadly parent we are fed
Reject my dear friend, every time I have a writers block you provide me inspiration. I love your works. I hope that my own will make a good dip **** to yours.
Auss Nov 2013
Her sky blue
His dull hazel
My demon green
Every pair a mere reflection
Or window to the pain

Her eyes show her death wish
Avoiding my gaze with quick swish
of her hair.  Those blue eyes
They tell us no lies

His eyes show the hidden dejection
They show a fear of rejection
Those hazels dulled now
Always forcing mine to bow

My eyes the demonic curse
I couldnt think of anything worse
They twist the world
To an image i could behold

We three friends
Three pairs of eyes
Three types of pain
Three prisoners who want to be free

Only the night
Lets me to go fight
Lets her go to the knife
and will let him have a life

These dying eyes
We each despise
They give us away
They always betray

The false glee
Revealing the desire to be free
Auss May 2014
A mark of blasphemy,
The founder of economy
A part of our society
A black part from inside of me
Auss Nov 2013
Let the pain rain down on me
Let it hurt like falling from the tree
that we would talk from while we hunted
You were my idol but now im scared
You were my father but now your gone
Your a faded image
A miserable mirage

You arent the man i was born too
All you ever do
is make me want to hurt
You call me failure
You call me mistake
You call me all the things i already know

I tried to be positive
I tried to set an example
I tried, I tried, I tried,
But I always come up short
I always made an error

I was once bound to thinking you perfect
But now I am Free
Auss May 2014
It's weird how being true
is bad if you're truly you
Society Will you kick you out,
Out of the blue

In this world
Being fake,
Is no mistake
And your individuality this world will take
Stay true to you. Don't CONFORm to make others more COMFORtable.
Auss May 2015
Lit the match, to watch it catch a flame, the pain of passion is what's to blame. placing the world in a spire of fire that climbs ever higher.  Reaching for the sky refusing to die,  the spire of fire released a mournful cry.
I don't even know but hell why not?
Auss May 2014
We are always getting pressured on how we should perceive things. What if everyone who acts the same,  dresses the same, talks the same,  and are the same,  were actually crazy.  What if those of us who are outcast and want to avoid their games are the ones who are sane. What if we are "crazy" simply because we are more in touch and aware of the world around us.? What if it's because we are more accepting?
Please feel free to make this a discussion. I want your alls opinions
Auss Apr 2014
Walking in the sand
Seems so bland
leaving footprints where we stand

It doesnt matter what we say
it will all get washed away
but its our DNA

Its in memories
In the stories
that hides our queries

The little one
that will run
when we are done

The footprints in the sand
of a little boys hand
who will go up to be a man
Auss Jul 2014
If God can forgive an atheist
Then I can forgive my enemy

If God can forgive mass murderers
Then I can forgive individual ones

If God can forgive a Catholic Priest
Then I guess I can forgive the guy ******* my sister
Forgive me Father for I have sinned... and it was worth it
Auss Apr 2014
Eyes down
Chin up
Don't frown

Chest out
Shoulders back
Prepped for serene attack

Repeat these words
I love laws
Rebels false cause

Think like us
Get on the bus
Don't make a fuss

You are free
Be What you want to be
Pursue liberty

But don't question
any aggression
From the higher nation

Band Wagon
Mindless rabble
Talking babble

Free The mind
You will find
Fewer binds
Auss Apr 2014
Is the place where I have grown
The place I call my home
Others fear the friend zone

My every steady glare
At morons I must bear
For her its that I care

I'll stay here
To keep away her fear
And to wipe away a tear

I'm her best friend
Till the end
Too worthy to be a boyfriend
Put in the friend zone by little Red. Again..
Auss May 2014
We need to be,
At our core,
Don't be pure to the standards of others. Simply be pure and honest with yourself
Auss Apr 2014
not a joke
not a hoax
finally time to take my life
look at that shiny knife
good bye
its been short
its been painful
riddled with scars
beaten with bars
into the red
into the dead.
no more cruel world
hello death
my old friend
nice to finally see you again
if i survive then ill tell you tomorrow.
Auss Dec 2015
The Lord sets us free
Free of sin
Free to begin

Yet here we remain
Dwelling in pain
Our purity we stain

But by His grace
Those sins erase
And we return to His embrace
Auss Apr 2014
We put our boys on the ground
Enemies all around
Shooting their rounds

Get in cover!
They said to each other
To wait till it was over

Such a death toll
Mothers heart with empty hole
Was not a real goal

Stop the bleeding
Quit receding
no retreating

Man made
Watch out
Auss Jul 2014
Oh Silly haiku
I disdain you,  off beat, you
Never make sense
Aaaaannnddd wow I remember why I never did haiku
Auss Apr 2014
It may be best
To go get some rest
And leave what's lost
Regardless the cost

My mind is going dark
Trapped in an Ark
I feel the call
Calling me to fall

I fall into pieces
I fold at the creases
Into the deepness
My heart then ceases

On hells doorstep I will wait
An ironclad guard at the rusty gate
For his fiery masters fiery state
An unloved,  unwanted, deserted mate

To Watch over the ****
To guard the gluttonous man
Doing whatever he can
His name is Satan

Like no other could
Employed by God
To use the ****

To remove the bad from Paradise
To make it safer for the mice
His image is his only vice
He truly is very nice
I'm not satanic.  I just wanted to put a twist to what we are commonly told.  What if Satan is there to help thin the crop for God so his life is easier. To separate good from bad and then fix the bad into good.
Auss May 2014
The essence of heroism is sacrificing yourself so that others may live. - Peter from the Arrow
Auss Jul 2014
It's answering my phone in the middle of the night
Just to make sure that you're alright
It's stopping by randomly
Because I consider you family

I am always here for you
No matter what you choose to do
No matter when I am always available for anyone.  Day or night.  Let me know and I will be there for you. Life is precious don't ever forget that
Auss Sep 2014
Impossible is just a lie
Just a reason not to try
Sadness to make you cry
Don't fear, impossibility will pass you by.
Not really sure
Auss Apr 2014
I wage war
That's never been seen before
Is sanity worth fighting for?
I'm not really sure

A calamity?
I call it individuality!

Who is Society
To create this hypocrisy?!?
It seems like such a tragedy
To waste such ingenuity
To dull the creativity
Auss Jun 2014
Your Name  am a great and wonderful person.  People will miss them when I go.  Head Deity of your faith* loves them.  Even though I may not know them personally i would stay up all night for Your Name because life is precious and they are important to me.
Auss Sep 2014
I had an epiphany about impossibility and how it is probably a term of malarchy picking from any term of probability..
Auss Apr 2014
The three best cures for any issue
1. A good beer
2. A good nights sleep
3. A good laugh

Is only weird If it don't work
Auss Apr 2014
Im not typical
but im not a miracle
Work hard every day
Very little time to play

School in the morning
Followed by hours of working
Camera, shovel or saw
I use them all

Green eyes
Brown hair
Five foot nine
Pale everywhere

Don't judge a book by its cover
Spread the bindings and take a look
Created from our grand old author
Doing college visits and they all want a "well rounded person" but they judge you by your summary and not your whole story. So here is a little bit from me
Auss Apr 2014
A man is as good as his word
His word is judged by his family
His family by his friends
His friends by the public
The public by the government
the government by the world
The world by the sun
The sun by the universe
And the universe by God
So do not judge a man or his family
God might take offense ;)
A fun little late night mind biggity bogetty
Auss Apr 2014
I walk the line
The line so fine
The line so fine is thin as pine
But its the fine pine line that's mine

I feel like it's almost time
Like my clock will chime
That I'll be covered in grime

I'm in a bind
My teeth so grind
My hearts what I wish to find
Ik it's cruddy
Auss May 2015
Hey little red
Just relax and rest your head
I know i haven't been around,
But I'm still here to keep you out the ground
I won't leave so easy this time
If i did it would be a crime
I know now that it was a mistake
The people that i chose to trust were just fake
Please come back to me
I still love you can't you see?

I know it might be too late
Maybe I waited too long
I finally get now that what i did was wrong
Little Red, I'm sorry, for everything. Just know i love you and whatever you choose I'll try to live with it as best I can
Auss Aug 2014
I just want to feel
To feel someone's love for me
And not feel empty
I always feel ignored, annoying,  and like a burden to everyone.  I just want to find someone who makes it go away
Auss Sep 2014
if you look a little deeper
You would see
I'm a lot less then you expect of me
Lived on the edge so long I don't even teeter
It's not your bravery that makes you a leader. It's knowing that everyone around you is equally scared.
Auss Apr 2014
Where did the child go?
The one I used to know,
He would talk real slow,
Always wanting to grow

He is gone
Like a fading song
On the breeze
between the trees

He is not under a rock
Nor beyond a casket lock
He is dead in my mind
It seems so very unkind

Innocence lost
A young Lifes cost
Caught in this ever changing place
Wandering hopeless... Not sure where to face

Then the voices strike
Shouting using my mental mic
"Your no good"
"You wish you could"

Try to run
Can't outrun the gun
it's the voices
Criticizing his choices

Beaten and ******
His feet all muddy
Fingers  broken back
His ribs about to crack

Innocent child
His spirit is wild
He refuses to be docile
For the longest while

The voices rise
to cause his demise
to crush the boy
Who cries for a toy

Bullied Into the dirt
His life so very short
A sliver still survives
Struggling hard to thrive

Into the darkness
Of The mind
There are voices
You will find
Auss May 2014
I have no more reason
To commit self treason

No more need for suicide
No need to split my skin so Very wide

I am broken
My insides breaking
My heart is tearing

You said you needed me
But I guess I wasn't who I ought to be.

You turned your back
Severed our friendship in one single hack

I loved you
You were my sister

You were my friend
But I forgot that I don't mean jack in the very end

I hope you are happy
And I'll wish you along
Because we both know I am too far gone

I'll stay here and wait
I'll wait till I fall
And all that is left is a memory
A memory on which you may never call

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I don't even want to know why.

Just leave so I can burn myself
So I can destroy myself
So I can recreate myself

Then I'll wear a fake smile
Around you awhile
Your new friends I'll beguile
Thinking through the ****** trial
That feeling when you had a strand of hope only to watch it literally get stomped out in your face while you know that there was absolutely nothing you could do to prevent it. That feeling of being powerless about the one thing you care for.
Auss May 2014
Love is rough
Love is hard
If you love you get scarred

Love is tough
Love is strong
If you love things go wrong

Love is gruff
Loves is lean
If you love then life is mean

But, Love is good
Love is great
Love is well worth the wait
Heartbreaks ****. Sometimes we have to search the needles to find the hay though
Auss Sep 2014
Love is a rose.
Beautiful yet dangerous
Only dying if left untended
Only hurt you if you aren't careful.
Yet once you have the rose and are holding it safe, gentle,  and careful
you can understand the full beauty in the appearance,  journey, and danger
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