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PM May 2018
The number of trees in the world equal the number of rivers,
as one cannot live without the other without dying in a quiver.

The number of stars in the sky equal the number of gazers,
as the beauty of the them lies in the eyes of their admirers.

The number of creators equal the number of oppressors,
you see - every man has predecessors.

You see, the point I'm trying to make,
is that equality lies all around us in - in nature, in life.
Years ago when some tried to Mother's importance take,
they destroyed the balance of our future, leaving the ****** prints of oppression and inequality in their wake.

Open your eyes and look around,
in every place, there is the presence of patriarchy and absence of equality clearly found.

Stop this, you must,
If you cannot, carry your shoulders to someone you trust.
Although equality has been widely recognised, some places still class people as "inferior" or other such baseless allegations. Please make every effort to stop this, if nothing else, poetry and the arts are a great way to bring reform...
Auss Feb 2016
Never in my life has the silence of this place
Been so deeply filled with His grace
I start to smile and begin to cry
Finally learning happy is no lie

I feel the wind blow
I smell the earth
Finally I have come to know
All that is my own worth

He gave his son for you and me
So that we can live sin free
I fix myself and begin to walk
While to him I continue to talk

Along the empty path
To help free others from the wrath

— The End —