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Pyrrha Jan 25
Hands that held mine
Lips that graced mine
Love that was mine

Now all belong to her
Pyrrha Jan 25
I have nothing
All this gold
All this diamond
All this amethyst
It is all nothing
Because I don't have you
Pyrrha Jan 25
My mind is a black hole
It consumes every bit of information that comes my way
Relentlessly absorbing every new anything
To the point that I am nothing
Nothing but this black hole
That is filled with everything
Because even though I hold it all within my grasp
I can not stop consuming long enough
To use up what I already have
Pyrrha Jan 25
How much longing can one person suffer
An endless turmoil of an empty lover
One day I'll meet the eyes of someone filled with passion
As it all spills from their lips
Every dream they let out in a whisper
I'll write them out in the stars
So they can shine down and illuminate them
Then they'll finally be able to see
They are what makes the sky dance with light

Soft lips to touch my cold hands
A kiss to relight my inner flame
With a **** I thought burned out
All from the star I couldn't live without
Pyrrha Jan 25
I have gold coursing through my veins and silver flooding in my lungs that turn into richened glitter with every exhale
My mind is a garden with exotic fauna to leave all who enter in awe
My words are like the sharpest blades that pierce into a battlefeild of whirling lies
My heart is a chasmic void to trap you in my sweetest lullaby
For my poetry is the wing of a butterfly and a drop of poison all in one
Pyrrha Jan 25
If tomorrow I awoke in a hospital room
To be told I'd been in a coma for most of my life
I know I'd ask for five minutes more
Because this dream has left me
So tired, so exhausted
Even if its all just been a long sleep
It hasn't been long enough
Brandon Scully Feb 2018
What makes me human?
Is it...
The constant craving for more?
The **** for power?
The uncontrollable rage?
The unsettling stomach?
The need to feel on top?
Standing above everything with a head held high?
The pushing of others just in spite?

Is it all of them?
None of them?

Is it that we feel love?
But what is love?

What makes us HUMAN...
insomniatrical Feb 2017
When you see me with him
And you wish
I was yours.

In your eyes as you take my head
In your hands
And kiss me like you've wanted to

I am in your hands,
And only yours.
But you want more

You take what is yours
And I give willingly
I keep on giving, and you keep taking

As we lay,
Exhausted from the work we've done

When you show me off to your friends at the bar
And you have a few drinks,
Leaving sloppy kisses on my cheeks while they laugh

When we are home, and I am too tired to give
Your hands gripping my hair as you yell,
And you finally set free the demon within
Bryan Amerila Apr 2016
Snake dips on water.
Wild rats hurry to its mouth,
Shuts quick, swallows all.
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