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Dec 2022 · 2.6k
Ismail Nasution Dec 2022
Roses are red
Violet are blue
The more you think of it
The more it haunts you
Sep 2020 · 91
Niveous Summer
Ismail Nasution Sep 2020
All I could remember
was a niveous summer;
the blissful fragrance
of perfumed hair,
a joyful feeling
of holding hands.

And your eyes were
melted chocolate
on vanilla ice cream;
keeping me sane
from days with no rain.
October 2017, late
Jun 2020 · 96
Ismail Nasution Jun 2020
I felt home
Until I realized
It was someone else's
Apr 2020 · 111
Self Talk #1
Ismail Nasution Apr 2020
you will

to accept
not taking it
for granted
Apr 2020 · 92
Ismail Nasution Apr 2020
I am my own enemy
I should've known myself
How to win the war
By losing the battle
Apr 2020 · 109
A Soulmate
Ismail Nasution Apr 2020
When things start
To open up
But you stay
And let her say

And hers feel
Like part of you
A story that you believed
Would come true

Then you let her know
Your other side
That you want to throw
That you always hide

But she's still there
Saying all is fair
In love and war
And it's okay to have a scar

Sharing a feeling
Becomes a healing
When the night
Doesn't feel right

I found my soulmate
In a strange way
And she feels like home
That I'd like to stay
Apr 2020 · 106
Ismail Nasution Apr 2020
I found you
Because of the distance
I'm home now
Mar 2020 · 89
Lucid Dream
Ismail Nasution Mar 2020
She was an unexpected
Lucid dream
That I believed
Was as real
As the love

It was so real,
Until she woke me up
In a hurtful way
Mar 2020 · 89
Being Stupid
Ismail Nasution Mar 2020
It's stupid to love rain
but hate getting wet
at the same time

I am stupid
Mar 2020 · 92
A Haiku For You I
Ismail Nasution Mar 2020
Those raining tears
Wouldn't wear off the beauty
Inside your soul
Mar 2020 · 106
New Life; A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Mar 2020
To build a new life
We must survive
The storm coming
Mar 2020 · 134
Parting; a Haiku
Ismail Nasution Mar 2020
On a train
Through the window
You, waving
Feb 2020 · 242
Leap Year; A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Feb 2020
Just like a leap year
We'll be together again
For another bye
Just by thinking of it creeps me out
Feb 2020 · 96
Ismail Nasution Feb 2020
The stars were quiet,
the moon was lonely, and
so was I.

But loneliness kept dragging me
back to the shore, hoping
that someone would ever find
the pieces of me buried under
the sand, crushed into crumbles
by the tide of failure over
and over.

You know,
sometimes it's better not
to be found when you know
it would get you lost even more.
September 29, 2019.
Sep 2018 · 418
Ismail Nasution Sep 2018
Summer is on the edge of the cliff,
saying good bye to you
with a smile: a bitter-sweet smile of knowing
the fact that the past will possess its soul
and make it a slave of yesterdays.

But you know the pain of living with memories
better than anyone else
Aug 2018 · 649
Sore Itu di Jalan Jakarta
Ismail Nasution Aug 2018
Yang kau cari di seberang waktu, namun langkahmu ragu melihat lampau yang lalu-lalang.

24 Agustus 2018
Jul 2018 · 517
Whisper of The Ocean
Ismail Nasution Jul 2018
Let the ocean wash away
Things we didn't speak of
Let it drown under
While we watch the sea
Kissing the sand slowly

Does that remind you
Of those who remained?
Jun 2018 · 492
Hujan dan Kemarau
Ismail Nasution Jun 2018
Ketika hujan menangis
Merindukan kemarau panjang
Di manakah kita?
Di antara tetesan air mata yang terpejam

Sore itu kita membeku sedingin sunyi
Yang kau hanyutkan dari dekap
Menuju resah
Meninggalkan harap
Terombang-ambing sendiri
Lenyap dalam senyap
Jun 2018 · 235
About Her I
Ismail Nasution Jun 2018
She sounds
marvelously cute

Even the storm
would stop to
hear her
May 2018 · 733
Empty Chair; Haiku
Ismail Nasution May 2018
You've been there, sitting
quietly, wondering why
that time went away
May 2018 · 961
Midnight Thoughts; Haiku
Ismail Nasution May 2018
You were the moon
I wish I could talk to
At every night
May 2018 · 317
Tree of Lights
Ismail Nasution May 2018
Under the tree of lights
We spoke to our hearts
About the truth
And all the unspoken

Under the tree of lights
We sat upon our hopes
May them be the stars
That will shine
On your darkest night
May 2018 · 311
Irony; A Haiku
Ismail Nasution May 2018
If you were just a pain
Why did it have to be
Perfectly beautiful?
May 2018 · 435
Ismail Nasution May 2018
When you blindly love someone,
there is no letting go;
You live life holding onto faith
while having shots of pain
trying to act sober
May 2018 · 373
Memento; A Haiku
Ismail Nasution May 2018
How do you ask yourself
About the time you have wasted
And all the tears you've shed?
May 2018 · 8.7k
Broken; A Haiku
Ismail Nasution May 2018
I can't remember
Whether it's love or leave
That hurts the most
Apr 2018 · 194
Ismail Nasution Apr 2018
A moment later,
the rain starts pouring down,
kissing this memorable town.
Years have passed
And turn into dust,
Nothing will ever last.
Yogyakarta, 21 April 2017
Apr 2018 · 352
Ismail Nasution Apr 2018
A poet is such a loser
Who only speaks through words;
Hoping a blue moon would occur
Sometime in the future.
But Future is too wild to capture;
Galloping, rushing in a herd.
Soaring like a free bird.

And who am I really?
Just another loser
Who can barely bear
To look you in the eye.
Nothing can compare.
Nov 2017 · 711
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
Deru dan hening turun ke hilir
Ingatan kita hanyut menuju muara

Angin meniupkan wangimu
Rindu menyala di perapian
Melahirkan kehidupan tanpa suara

Sedang awan berdusta tentang hujan
Yang tak seindah dari balik jendela
Namun aku lebih membenci jarak
Yang membangun antara sebelum kita
Nov 2017 · 415
Journey: A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
in the end
we will be back home
and find love
Nov 2017 · 306
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
I hope the rain would
Come sooner than tomorrow.

I hope the leaves would
Fall quicker than snow.

I hope you would
Find me up in the sky

I hope
So . . .
Nov 2017 · 231
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
I was drowning
in tears of lies,
barely could breathe
in the air of reality

You spilled the ink
of hatred over
on our memories,
Nov 2017 · 315
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
This smell of
Blithesome fragrance
Brought me spring
But winter came
Early this year
April 2, 2017
Nov 2017 · 369
Black Book: A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Nov 2017
let's die together,
down the stream we must let go -
a bash on the head
Oct 2017 · 443
Cookie crumbles
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
I lost
        my Thoughts
                     of you
           that kept

           That's the
           cookie crumbles
Oct 2017 · 292
Sunset: A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
the dark cloud
is even brighter
than your dream
It was a cloudy evening
Oct 2017 · 1.6k
Autumn: A Haiku
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
how many leaves
does it need to fall
to bring you Autumn?
Oct 2017 · 295
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
If a heart was
meant to be broken,
why wasn't love?
Oct 2017 · 687
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
Are getting blurry
At dusk and so are

The body is
Getting weary
Barely can wake up
The moon

The night is dark
And lonely
Even fireflies
Don't shine on me
Afterlight, sixish.
Oct 2017 · 642
Typical Saturday
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
I'm an open book
on a typical Saturday.
Beside me sits
a cup of coffee.
Barely sits I can say,
but say we are not
in the mood saying
"good morning" on today.

Yet what is love
with no flaws?
It is a mere fairy tale
of our bedtime story,
distracting us from
weary, scary yesterday.
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
Time is dying
By the end of Autumn.

Hatred and Madness
Uprising Sadness
Stuttered knowing
Winter is coming.

Buy me an Hourglass
As I need time
To last!
Oct 2017 · 461
Welcome, Autumn!
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
Crimson leaves were being
Shy, soon would die falling
For you.

I was so sure
You were somewhere between
Yellowish grass, gloomy clouds
Old traffic lights, Rusty road signs

The wind smelled
The scent of autumn,
Brought you from the sky
Upstairs, waving
And me, smiling
Oct 2017 · 632
Farewell, Circus!
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
I was a kid who happened
to be happy being lost
In a crowded amusement park.

It was a fine Saturday evening
And the circus was performing.
A firework of excitement
Was exploding in my head.

A candy floss was on my left hand
And right was parental boredom
That I purposely let it slip away.

And how sweet is memory?
Too sweet to forget
As the circus leaves the town
Early morning on Sunday
Oct 2017 · 619
Spherical Earth
Ismail Nasution Oct 2017
We turned our back
and kept walking away
from each other
but end up here yet,
still together

— The End —