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jsb 4d
Wine and cider and shots of whisky
Two days later, you're still with me
Pounding at my brain
Regret returns again
Will I ever learn?
Just GS Jan 19
..and then it hit me like she used to do
We cant go back if we wanted to
Never lived worthwhile
Never knew we'd do --
Nothing much
Til were old enough
With a patch of grass
Pitch a tent and lie
With a handful of **** the pain
Wash down these pills with a gallon of rye
lowkeymorns Dec 2018
Death take me for my body is molder
This is why I don't drink ahhhhh
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
Waking up with a hangover is said to be one of the worst feelings in the world.
But waking up with a broken heart from the night before is much worse.
Drinking a warm cup of black coffee does not get rid of heartache like it does a headache.
Donna Dec 2018
I’m so hanged over
So today I’m watching films
And eating chocolate
So hanged over me and dean and family had our Christmas pub crawl yesterday x we went to a beer pong was such a great night but we all so hanged over today lol  Hic Hic **
Me and dean dressed up as Mr and Mrs Santa and our children and friends dressed as elf’s was so funny ***
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Drink all unkindnesses through with *** creamy glugs
The rested brain of reason with senses drowned, with
No polished quality, nor with the beauteous likeness of tact!
The shift to jumbo laughs, till the song of drunkenness arrives
Come near, booming bounty! We’re the kindred who punch so high,
Like easy fools with faded heads, with a bottle-tease for Life
Our eyes blinker to the clippings of a soft-ochre melody,
Till the butting vows of deepest yearnings spill free
We wish to define our flying feet to straighten placement right
And with pulsing heads squirm to the Deed of liquor
Till it reaches slur-banter, and having nothing, fixing nothing,
We fall to the floor, our frolicked bodies sadly squatting
      Against the beating numbness, in reward for a dying mind
      Till rounded Time pats the lofty heart made once more sound
Inspired by getting drunk, then a hangover.
OpenWorldView Dec 2018
Sweet ghosts freed the mind
for lively chatter with friends.
Body leaves heart ashamed.
A few "Long Island Iced Tea" too many.
juliet Nov 2018
everybody knows concealer’s for eye bags
dark circles
hangovers and
bad decisions
and everybody knows that makeup’s what makes you pretty
but nobody knows the beauty beneath
you’re really pretty on the inside. don’t forget
Shna Oct 2018
What was her number?
By 6am she was gone.
I forgot to ask.
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