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Aden Aug 31
Woke up and a feel rough
Lord knows that a drank enough
In way past midnight
Looking out to the day light
Need to rebuild my energy
Cuppa t is the remedy
When a man's from Yorkshire
No milk is torture
Wanna go back to bed
Have a nap like im dead
Had too much whisky
Scotch is always risky
Then was drinking red wine
Deffo not fee ling fine
"Goes to my heaaaaad"
Is an under statement
My head fell off on the pavement

Never wanna drink again tell me what you think again now I wanna start again shoulda smoked the reef instead

Now I really need hydration
Or maybe migration
Did i say something bad
Did I make someone mad
Woke up and I feel rough
Lord knows that I drank enough
Clearly have a hangover today.
J J Aug 28
Including the hangover,
                                       that's two wasted days.
4:30pm feels like a long ways away
on only 2 and a half hours of sleep,
6 hours of ***** fueling the fire,
a ****** song stuck in your head,
no coffee and forgotten lunch,
working 10 hours of nothing work
with a manager who tells and
laughs at the same story everyday,
a supervisor arguing logic w/illogic,
a knot of co-workers very loud
yet not so smart
and a whole world of sun-poisoned
people who care very little for your
problems and I thank them
just the same.

I can’t wait to crack the seal again.
I got so drunk
  I begged my feelings to leave
  But it stayed

Until I woke up
  My head was in a storm
  It was raging my love for you

So I threw up
  All the expectations I had left
  That you would come back

And beg me to stay.
Ain't that easy. Wasting bottles?
The wine flowed from the bottle  

as the words flowed from my pen.

It was my best ever.  

A match for the greats:  

Kipling, Thomas and Henley.

And one that my favourite, Bukowski

Would be happy to say

You matched me today.

I celebrated my masterpiece

With another glass of wine

Before going to bed, joyous

With the feeling I had created

My Magnum Opus.

In the morning I rose,

Clear headed and happy with

The memory of my creation.

I read it again.

It sounded different.  

This was not the splendid verse I recalled.

It was the ramblings of a drunken mind

Bukowski would say

Try again Man

This is a pile of crap.

Suddenly, I had a hangover.
Just GS Jan 19
..and then it hit me like she used to do
We cant go back if we wanted to
Never lived worthwhile
Never knew we'd do --
Nothing much
Til were old enough
With a patch of grass
Pitch a tent and lie
With a handful of **** the pain
Wash down these pills with a gallon of rye
lowkeymorns Dec 2018
Death take me for my body is molder
This is why I don't drink ahhhhh
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
Waking up with a hangover is said to be one of the worst feelings in the world.
But waking up with a broken heart from the night before is much worse.
Drinking a warm cup of black coffee does not get rid of heartache like it does a headache.
Donna Dec 2018
I’m so hanged over
So today I’m watching films
And eating chocolate
So hanged over me and dean and family had our Christmas pub crawl yesterday x we went to a beer pong was such a great night but we all so hanged over today lol  Hic Hic **
Me and dean dressed up as Mr and Mrs Santa and our children and friends dressed as elf’s was so funny ***
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