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The stars were quiet,
the moon was lonely, and
so was I.

But loneliness kept dragging me
back to the shore, hoping
that someone would ever find
the pieces of me buried under
the sand, crushed into crumbles
by the tide of failure over
and over.

You know,
sometimes it's better not
to be found when you know
it would get you lost even more.
September 29, 2019.
Ismail Nasution Sep 2018
Summer is on the edge of the cliff,
saying good bye to you
with a smile: a bitter-sweet smile of knowing
the fact that the past will possess its soul
and make it a slave of yesterdays.

But you know the pain of living with memories
better than anyone else
Ismail Nasution Aug 2018
Yang kau cari di seberang waktu, namun langkahmu ragu melihat lampau yang lalu-lalang.

24 Agustus 2018
Ismail Nasution Jul 2018
Let the ocean wash away
Things we didn't speak of
Let it drown under
While we watch the sea
Kissing the sand slowly

Does that remind you
Of those who remained?
Ismail Nasution Jun 2018
Ketika hujan menangis
Merindukan kemarau panjang
Di manakah kita?
Di antara tetesan air mata yang terpejam

Sore itu kita membeku sedingin sunyi
Yang kau hanyutkan dari dekap
Menuju resah
Meninggalkan harap
Terombang-ambing sendiri
Lenyap dalam senyap
Ismail Nasution Jun 2018
She sounds
marvelously cute

Even the storm
would stop to
hear her
Ismail Nasution May 2018
You've been there, sitting
quietly, wondering why
that time went away
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