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Donna Jul 8
Feeling on top of
the world a fox lounges on
a summer house roof

Inspired from seeing a fox on top of a garden summer house whilst visiting my sons house ** was very cute x
Jun 29 · 314
Quite Beautiful
Donna Jun 29
Believing in good
positive happy thoughts makes
life quite beautiful

May 25 · 920
Lovely morning
Donna May 25
Looking out window
I see birds fly trees blossom
and the day begin

Inspired this morning **
It’s been awhile since I was inspired , life is very full on and busy I’m loving it **
Mar 14 · 839
Donna Mar 14
Families are not
perfect but it’s the imperfections
that make families perfect

What I love about my own family is the support we give other its endlessly and unconditional xxxxx
Feb 25 · 455
Donna Feb 25
Daffodils blossom
Like drops of warm summer sun
Spring is on its way

Saw daffodils today so lovely x
Donna Feb 17
Love is everything
Its a better way to live
It’s the best way to be

Inspired by the love I have for my family xxxx unconditional ***
Feb 14 · 100
Hopes & Wonders
Donna Feb 14
Magpies fly in sky
Leaving behind tiny hopes
and awesome wonders

Lovely birds x
Feb 10 · 733
Night sky ⭐️
Donna Feb 10
I love gods blanket
It’s full of beautiful stars
and wonderful dreams
Inspired by the lovely starry night sky **
Feb 10 · 90
Donna Feb 10
Sad things happen in
life but beautiful things
happen in life too

Feb 6 · 286
Lovely blue sky
Donna Feb 6
It’s a winters day
And the sky is lovely blue
I think of summer

Love spring & summer not long now x
Feb 3 · 413
Beautiful Sunset
Donna Feb 3
Beautiful Sunset
Brightens up a Winters day
Reminds me of Spring

Inspired by this evenings sunset **
Feb 1 · 328
Lovely Day
Donna Feb 1
Pigeons in wellies
Sparrows in knitted jumpers
What a lovely day

Feb 1 · 377
Natures Awesome Gift
Donna Feb 1
Like tiny dots dancing
in the winter sky , I got
my pen out to write

Love nature love natures birds.   **
Jan 27 · 591
Happy Lampshade Day
Donna Jan 27
Happy lampshade day
Much light joy and happiness
Kick arses the dark
Inspired by my new living room shades x x
Jan 23 · 317
Donna Jan 23
The sun is like a
cup of coffee , it gets you
ready for your day

Hopefully this will post i wrote this a few mornings ago **
Jan 17 · 134
The Older We Get
Donna Jan 17
The older we get
The more we realise its best
just to enjoy life

Happy Sunday and have a lovely week ahead **
Jan 16 · 179
Donna Jan 16
Time goes very fast
It doesn’t wait for no one
But it tries to help

Jan 15 · 131
Leafless Trees
Donna Jan 15
Making a list of
things to do , trees begin to
look forward to spring

Spring will be here soon x
Jan 15 · 533
Donna Jan 15
I ate beans on toast
It’s my favourite lunch but it
sure did make me smell
Well what can I say lol
Jan 15 · 100
Donna Jan 15
Hey can you see this
poem or not , I shall post
anyway , why not

I doubt my poem gets seen but hey u never know lol
Nov 2020 · 199
Donna Nov 2020
When you get older
You just want to be cozy
and share all your love

The older you get the more wiser you get , I just love sharing all my love with my family &  friends  xxxx
Nov 2020 · 141
Quieter Times
Donna Nov 2020
My house is quiet
It’s just me & my husband
Kids are moving on
Me & my hubby are missing our older kids but it’s also so lovely to see them settling down with there partners , our two older boys are staying at the gf parents house whilst we go into another one month lockdown ** me & my husband are really enjoying our time together too ***
Nov 2020 · 390
Spending Time Together
Donna Nov 2020
Wisdom comes with age
Spending time with my husband
Is really lovely

Our children have grown up so fast but it’s really lovely spending  more time with my husband ***
Nov 2020 · 111
Unwinding Together
Donna Nov 2020
Friday night..few beers
for my Bailey’s
for me..unwinding

Doesn’t  hurt to have a a little alcohol
at times to unwind ***
Nov 2020 · 286
Insomnia Day
Donna Nov 2020
Insomnia you’ve
messed up my day today
Not happy!
Happens sometimes but must soldier on and keep positive ***
Oct 2020 · 616
Donna Oct 2020
No one is perfect
But as long as we’re there for
each other along

the way then that’s all
that matters! In life we all
make silly mistakes

But to move
got to forgive yourself and
learn to totally

appreciate what’s
right in front of you. As time
moves on so do you!

Love is the best way
Don’t let those dark moments take
you over! Let go and

just live laugh smile love!
Laughter is
brightens up your soul!

There’s so much going
on in the world today it’s
scary! So I shut

street door , light a sweet
scented candle , watch the rain
trickle down windows!

Such a pretty sight!
And I unwind and enjoy
my day and my next

days! There is always
goner be stressful times but
once in a while you

got to turn off and
just reflect on positive
things like nature and

trees and family!
Supporting each other in
time’s of need and not

judging cause judging
only keeps you away from the
good things in life! The

past is the past you
got to let go , forgive your
self and cherish what’s

in front of you now!
It’s rainy outside and the
leaves are blowing in

the wind , the birds are
hiding , the butterflies are
sleeping , winter is

on its way but still
got to look at things in a
beautiful way!

How lovely the leaves
look in there autumn coats!
How pretty the rain

pitter patters down!
How refreshing the pavements
shine and how lovely

night sleeps earlier!
House porch lights glow , Halloween
sparkles even in

pandemic times! Life
goes on , families become
even closer cause

Love is everything xxxx
Oct 2020 · 367
Autumn Time
Donna Oct 2020
Autumn as arrived
the skies are cloudy but soft
giving off a feel

of gentle sweetness!
Trees seem to glow in daylight
Pavements dark wet and

filled with few falling
leaves. Red and orange
leaves a reminder

how beautiful and
lovely autumn is. Magpies
everywhere enjoy

the chilly weather.
More so than spring and summer!
Children ride scooters

to school whilst there
parents keep a watchful eye!
Traffic is busy.

Covid still out there
Masks the new norm😷hands washed more
than ever! Eating

out so different , scan
there code wait in queue , order
food from table , times

are changing quickly!
Home cooking becoming more
passionate, receipes made

from scratch healthier!
Raindrops pitter patter down
bouncing off the ground

twinkling brightly!
Tree leaves sway in autumns breeze!
Weeds overgrown in

gardens as people
become slightly lazy due
to the chilly air!

Slow cookers come out
of dusty cupboards after
a rest from cooking!

Houses decorated
for Halloween , mums and dads
putting more effort

in for there children!
The small things in life are what
makes life so special!

the most adorable love
in the world! A calm

relaxed attitude
‘tis the best medicine just
like autumn and her

lovely changing leaves!
Winter will be here soon but
that just means Christmas

is getting nearer
a most exciting time of
the year filled with love

and family and
lots of shiny glistening
trees topped with bright stars

** autumn time **
Hope you all well ** haven’t posted for awhile , back to work so just been really busy , anyway autumn as inspired me to write this one , wishing u all a lovely week ahead **
Oct 2020 · 256
Shine brighter
Donna Oct 2020
When you get knocked down
You got to pick yourself up
And shine even brighter
Then before

Sorry for my absence on here but I’m now back to work so have been very busy ** hope u are well ** sending positive vibes  **❤️
Sep 2020 · 1.2k
Set your alarm
Donna Sep 2020
Set your alarm
So you don’t get up late
Make the most of your days
Cause time don’t wait
Thought of this one the other day , life is so precious and it flys by so quickly u got to enjoy and make the most of your days *** ❤️❤️
Sep 2020 · 896
A happier find
Donna Sep 2020
Thinking positive
In worrying times
Will help you achieve
A happier find
Aug 2020 · 411
Admire xx
Donna Aug 2020
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
Aug 2020 · 298
Feeling Blessed
Donna Aug 2020
Everyday I appreciate
my wonderful family
It’s the best love ever

Love my hubby and my children with all my heart xxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Aug 2020 · 222
Donna Aug 2020
in life tastes like apple
crumble and ice-cream
Positivity all the way **❤️❤️
Aug 2020 · 173
Donna Aug 2020
Sometimes in life you
got to let go of love ones
So you can blossom

This is so true ***
Aug 2020 · 211
Enjoy your day xx
Donna Aug 2020
Be like the blue sky
Wake up in a awesome mood
And enjoy your day

Got to love a blue sky xxxx
Aug 2020 · 488
Donna Aug 2020
I love my family
There truly amazing
I’m a proud mummy wife and friend

Inspired by my amazing family x today we all done a charity  run  (A charity close to our hearts) it was fun with lots of smiles ***
Aug 2020 · 112
If Only.
Donna Aug 2020
Do my ironing please

Fun one 😂x
Aug 2020 · 208
Donna Aug 2020
Be just like a bird
No matter the weather
Keep spreading your wings
Aug 2020 · 100
Donna Aug 2020
Blowing sweet kisses
through the air,  nature’s kindness
loves to share

Seen lots of lovely butterflies the last few weeks , loving nature **
Aug 2020 · 177
Family Time
Donna Aug 2020
Family time spent
together listening to
music in the sun

Listening to tunes with my family , we down chalet for the whole weekend xxxx best times
Aug 2020 · 296
Pasta Afternoon ❤️
Donna Aug 2020
Pasta mayonnaise
ham sprinkle of salt pepper
That’s my lunch today
Made Lovely lunch today or me and Son **
Aug 2020 · 449
Love you darling ❤️
Donna Aug 2020
Eight years today bro
It seems a life time ago
Always in my heart
Jul 2020 · 238
Donna Jul 2020
And just like a slug
Don’t rush days for tomorrow’s
Take your time slowly
I was inspired by a slug being inside my daughters house , I picked it up and put it outside on some pebbles , how cool is that *** made me think of this one as life should be enjoyed  everyday the best way we can ***
Jul 2020 · 324
Donna Jul 2020
Live in your moments
Enjoy your life , be happy
Smile laugh and be free

Jul 2020 · 686
Donna Jul 2020
When your heart is happy
Your eyes are happy too

Inspired by life❤️ **
Hope u all well **
Stay safe ❤️
Jul 2020 · 576
Living 💕
Donna Jul 2020
And just like flowers
each petal unfolds under
the beautiful sun

And living takes place
Every breath every moment
lived in the present

** 💕❤️
Hi all Hope u well , stay safe and healthy ** ❤️💕 Take Care x x
Jun 2020 · 349
Feeling Blessed
Donna Jun 2020
Happiness is my

I feel so blessed to have such a lovely family , ie my hubby our children and our children’s partners , together we appreciate our special love , made me think of this quote *** I love happiness ❤️
Donna Jun 2020
Raindrops everywhere
Time to get out umbrellas
They need a good stretch

Rainy weather outside today made me think of umbrellas , fun one x x ☂️☂️☂️💧☔️☔️☔️
Jun 2020 · 167
Once upon a time...
Donna Jun 2020
There was a jelly
called Jeff Jelly Belly Bel
He lived in a hole

at the bottom of
an old oak tree! Nobody
knew he existed!

Except the soil
and the occasional drops
of rain who seemed to

bounce off Jeff Jelly
Belly Bel! He wore sandals made
from butterfly wings!

He wobbled here and
there through the soil keeping
an eye on tree roots!

He’d make sure the roots
we’re getting enough rain and
if they weren’t then Jeff

Jelly Belly Bel
let the raindrops bounce off his
belly onto the

roots so the trees could
continue to shine brightly
especially in

the spring and summer
months! See Jeff Jelly Belly
Bel was a special

kind of jelly! He
looked after the tree roots and
he was a happy

old jelly who loved
his home at the bottom of
an old oak tree!

He had a clock made
of cupcakes and a kettle
to make a nice cup

of earthy tea! A
bowl made from caterpillar
skin and a spoon from

a broken piece of
lightening that landed right
near his home! What he

didn’t know is the
tree roots were making him a
special dinner to

say thank you for his
wonderful love and support
over the many years

of dedication
to caring and looking after
all the earths tree roots

But that’s another story about Jeff jelly belly bel dinner , I doubt I write a follow up tbh just a spur of the moment fun bizarre happy creative piece of poetry and of course it’s fictional **
Jun 2020 · 191
Funny Weather
Donna Jun 2020
Rainy and sunny
Today can’t make up its mind
But that’s life for you

The weather can’t decide if it wants to be sunny or rainy today :) x x
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