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Donna 1d
Life is full of new just
got to try them out

life is for living the best way you can xxxxx
2d · 136
Enjoy 👍
Donna 2d
Laughing is so fun
It’s sure better then crying
Enjoy Happy Days

Had such a fun happy day with my husband we have ate laughed and drank it’s been an awesome day ***❤️
Donna 3d
Together we grew
our tree , together our love
was meant to be

We been together over 30years , six children , three dogs ,little house , we done and still doing well ,  loving my husband always , love of my life  xxxx
Donna 5d
I need to believe
more in my positive thoughts
They always prosper

This is a self one for me , I just need to believe in myself even more and kick **** annoying negative not worth worrying about thoughts ***
5d · 175
More Spare Time
Donna 5d
My children are grown
I got more time on my hands
New adventures bloom

Hey I got the job I applied for **
Feb 6 · 133
🌈🌈 🌈
Donna Feb 6
Be like a Rainbow.
Colourful even on a
rainy cloudy day

I was told I have a bubbly personality made me smile and think of this one **
Have geart weekend all ** ❤️💕🌈🌈🌈
Feb 4 · 245
Love Always
Donna Feb 4
February trees
Getting ready for springtime
Love is always there
Wow had a job interview this morning had to walk past a park , lovely scencery , anyway tbh interview went really well it be nice if I get it but I’m okay if I don’t , lovely people was defo experience **
Feb 3 · 183
Mood Change
Donna Feb 3
plagued my mind , tore my heart , so
I ate some cookies
It happens at times unfortunately slightly prone to mood swing but onwards and upwards as always x
Donna Feb 2
Kitchen smells of farts
So I opened the window
Even the wind ran

Fun silly one😂😂
Jan 31 · 382
Thank You
Donna Jan 31
Thank you HP for
allowing me to write on your
site and share my words

You know what I think it’s so awesome to be able to write here on hp , I love to write and it’s lovely knowing I can write and post here on hp and get lovely comments and support from people like myself :) ❤️❤️❤️
I’m a proud wife and a great mother who just so happens to have a Hugh ;passion for writing :) if I wasn’t writing and sharing my poetry here on hp my poetry would be just left stored in my notes so thanks hp your great **
Jan 30 · 71
My Day Today
Donna Jan 30
Yay I logged on..yay👍👍
Hello poetry must be
feeling much better!

Spoke to my daughter
today she’s seemed brighter , her
days up and down like

a yo-yo but more
uppy manageable days!
Being a mother

you just can’t help but
worry it’s called love 💕 Went to
the bank this morning

got there to early!!
Had to wait around for at
least half an hour!

Hey but that’s okay!
Caught up with my family
chat and had awesome

banter haha loved
it! You can’t let life make you
too serious you got

to laugh and smile and
be happy as much as you
can! Met my youngest

daughter , we had a
good chat then a latte..Yums 😊
Then home I went and

bumped into my
middle son , had another
latte! Where’s the toilet

urgent wee needed!
I love being a mum it’s
one of my best loves

of my life my heart
blossoms like big sunflower!
Back indoors I put

the dinner on! It’s
a beef stew and mash potatoes!
Then I heard the door

key and in walked my
husband smiling like always!
My heart still flutters

like a butterfly!🦋
Loving his kind eyes and his
wonderful smile 😊

Checked my email and
received confirmation! I
finally have a

job interview! I’m
over half a century old!
Will I even get

this job! Three people
goner be interviewing
me!! Daunting yes! Jeez

what have I got my
self into! O but sod it
I shall just be me!

Then I went swimming
with my friend!! I swam like a
frog and managed ten

lengths!! Loving the pool
water , loving the sky blue
colour just like a

August summers day!
Then got the munches! I blamed
swimming for building

up my appetite!!
Now in bed watching Netflex!
What a lovely day😊😊😊😊

Wooooo this poem is
so long if anyone reads
it thanks very much 👍😊💕🌺
My day today xxxxx loving my family forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 30 · 334
Good And Bad Days
Donna Jan 30
Two Ravens , Daylight
Winter Sun begins to shine
Sad tears turn to joy

Inspired from a sunny winter day spotting ravens pigeons crows sparrows u name it lots of lovely nature birds , lovely scenery **
Based on getting over grief as always tryin to stay positive for my family xxxxx
Jan 29 · 55
Veronica Strange Day
Donna Jan 29
Knocking on the door
Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
Creak..the door opened!

Mr Jumble Joo
sat at his desk flicking his
pen back and forth on

a wooden table!
Donuts danced in sync around
his Jumble Joo

head! A Reindeer  
galloped through a big oval
window made of Sweet  

Potatos and a
Barbecue Dip! Smarties fell
from a chandelier!

Snowflakes sprinkled up
from a tiled floor! O it
was pretty lovely!

A Frog called Filex
counted wads of ten pound notes
then stucked them to a

wall made of Toffee!  
Veronica sat down next
to Mr Jumble

Joo! She spotted the
legendary Fish Nemo!
He waved his tiny

fin and left a splash
of the Ocean hanging mid-
air! Veronica

smiled! Her interview
for a new job went well! An
hour later whilst

Veronica was
eating her lunch she received
a phone call! It was

Mr Jumble Joo!
Veronica I’m pleased to
say you have the job!

Veronica jumped
for joy! All of a sudden
a Dinosaur called

Harvey jumped out of
Veronica!s phone landing
on top of a cash

till! Oranges and
Apples, Plums and Bananas
began to rap a

song! Veronica
covered her face with her hands
and thought to herself

oh my..what a strange
day but tomorrow brings new
adventures! She

finished her lunch and
jumped into her Baked Bean Car
and drove happily

down a Marshmallow  
road passing Lolly Pop Trees
and Teapot Houses!
Children silly story **
One for me to read to my future grandchildren **
Jan 28 · 211
Time Is A Healer
Donna Jan 28
Quarter Moon , cold night
Your heart warms , your smile happy
Acceptance arrives

Time sure is a healer ** loving my husband and family , we support each other in times of need ** the quarter moon inspired me for this one ** ❤️😊🌜
Jan 27 · 1.6k
Positivity Rules
Donna Jan 27
Grey skies , leafless trees
A moment of quietness
Remembering Spring

Loving Nature As Always x
Jan 23 · 498
Diet Purse
Donna Jan 23
I’m on a Diet
Already lost a few pounds
In my purse that is :)
:-)  diet days z
Jan 20 · 204
Caring Is Sharing
Donna Jan 20
Love is wonderful
Even when your being strong
You need a hug too

Never forget u need a hug too when supporting love ones close to your heart ❤️
My two daughters Inspired me with this one today ** ❤️
Jan 14 · 640
Writers Block
Donna Jan 14
Just like a spring leaf
Maybe my poetry will
blossom once again
I think my heart is not into my poetry maybe it’s because life is hectic at the mo , hoping my passion for writing will return one day soon agains , I have posted a few poems but some I take down cause feel like my heart not into it lately , but am
enjoying reading your poetry here on hp ;it’s such a blessing to be able to do that , so thanks HP for making this possible **
Jan 7 · 130
Rambo The Squirrel
Donna Jan 7
Rambo was cold and  
chilly so to warm up he
began running up

a winter tree!
Unknowing to Rambo there
was a big window

He must have ran up
the big tree ten times before
he saw the window!

Inside the window
was a lady wearing a
hoover on her head!

Next to her was a
man writing in a saucepan
The day was getting

stranger! A Doctor
walked by with a fishing rod!!
He was wearing clogs

and pj’s and a
telescope around his neck!
Rambo squashed his face

up against window!
It looked rather mad in there!
Rambo decided

to tap on window!
The lady with the hoover on
her head smiled! She pressed

a button and whooshhhh
she was ****** into hoover
with just her hands and

feet on show , off she
ran like a spider! Rambo’s
fur went white with fright!

The man writing in
a saucepan began to shake
All of a sudden

lots of books began
to fly around the room , each
book singing a song!

It was so noisy
that poor Rambo eyes grew like
saucers , Rambo thought

what a strange day!
But it was to became much
more stranger , so strange

that the Doctor with
a Fishing Rod and loud clogs
swished a fishing rod

towards Rambo and
hooked him up , then strung him to
a coat hook where he

stayed all night long! When
morning had woken Rambo
managed to scramble

free! By now his fur
was white , his eyes like golf *****
He didn’t even

look like a squirrel
anymore! Jeez Rambo thought!
I must get back to

the tree where I can
return back to normal! And
just as Rambo found

the window he fell
flat on his face pushing his
nose into his face!

Rambo tried to pull
his nose back out again but
it wouldn’t budge! Night

began to fall and
the stars were glowing like cups
of tea! Rambo tried

to climb out window
It was then he noticed his
neck was a iron

and one of his ears
was a fork the other a
spoon! Oh no Rambo

thought! What’s happening!
Morning had woken and a
sparrow was resting

on a tree branch with
it’s back to a big window!!
But that’s another

story! **
Fun read just wrote it from imagination x
Jan 7 · 95
Donna Jan 7
Life as a way of throwing
you under a bus at times!
You just never know what’s
around the corner!
Least when I serve dinner
I know what food I’m cooking!
It’s nice when life is lovely
I love the contented feeling it gives!
Laughter is a superb medicine
like birds flying in summer sky
and Trees so pretty green and sweet!
Butterflies flutter flutter
Daddy Long Legs bop bop
Ants power walk
Bees buzz buzz!
O don’t you just love summer , I do!
When life suddenly changes course
Its like wham bang slam!
It’s hard at time you know!
Everything looks grey and dull
Days become one long day!
But time is a healer!
And for me time spent with
my husband is so nice , we shop together we eat together , we cry together , we support each other , we moan
together and we laugh together!
All is snuggly for now :)
So when times are Lovely
you just got to grab it , cherish it
live it and most importantly
enjoy it :))
Jan 6 · 130
Moss Moss Time
Donna Jan 6
Winter has a cold
It’s blew its nose and snotted
on the patio
Roll on spring got to invest in a pressure washer this year  to remove all the moss from garden and front drive it’s the worse it’s ever been **
Jan 6 · 93
Stay Strong
Donna Jan 6
Eat lots of Spinach
Stay Positive Keep Smiling
Be just like Popeye
Jan 6 · 132
Bottoms Up
Donna Jan 6
Dry January
More invitations..oh no!!
Ah well..Bottoms Up

We was going to have a dry January no parties no ***** but already got two invitations this week to parties , ah well bottoms up all ***
Bottoms up means celebration toast  with family and friends so if anyone is boozing this month or any month tbh don’t indulge to much alcohol be sensible u can still have lots of fun minus a grotty hangover too lol ***
Dec 2019 · 744
Happy New Year
Donna Dec 2019
Even in darkest
of nights the moon and stars
always shine bright
❤️have a great 2020 **
Dec 2019 · 214
Donna Dec 2019
I opened tin of
peas and where’s the rest
of the alphabet
Dec 2019 · 234
Donna Dec 2019
I threw a tub of
butter in the big sky and
made a Butter-Fly
Yeap I did :)
Dec 2019 · 325
One Day At A Time
Donna Dec 2019
One day I shall see
that beautiful smile of yours
be happy again
For my beautiful daughter ❤️
Dec 2019 · 279
Donna Dec 2019
Yesterday I climbed
a ladder to paint a wall
I climbed it slowly
didn’t want to slip
would ave hurt myself.
Then I climbed back down
went to the sink
cleaned the rollar and tray
and paintbrush
got paint splashes all
over my new kitchen blind!! (****)
Made me think what
a dam rollar coaster life
is full of ups and downs!
Phew..give me a break!
Then I made pasta
and added sauce and cheese
it was delicious I must say!
Today I’m back up the ladder again
to paint a different wall!
A storm in the sea
crashed upon my soul
making me weep
until I die!
But ladders are good yes!
And in those precious moments
when the sun shines bright
and life becomes light
and that piece of dangly string on a kite
becomes the sky..
positivity my dear friends is there
cause love is powerful!
You got choices in life
love or hate.
Love is the road I shall walk!
Hate is the road I shall fight!
I poured paint into a paint tray
rolled the roller into the paint
sipped my Diet Coke
and up the ladder I go again!
Dec 2019 · 255
Be You ❤️
Donna Dec 2019
Speak your mind be you
Be kind smart and not afraid
Spread your wings and fly
Dec 2019 · 268
Positivity Rules
Donna Dec 2019
I suppose even
when the sun fades away you
still got the bright stars
Nov 2019 · 583
Donna Nov 2019
No matter what life
throws at you , stay strong be brave
accept and love lots
** ❤️
Nov 2019 · 402
Beauty Within
Donna Nov 2019
Twiglets everywhere -
Today Nature is hungry
with a gurney smile

Gurney smile :)
Nov 2019 · 544
Chilly November Afternoon
Donna Nov 2019
I saw a lovely
parakeet , it reminded
me of a spring day

Lovely birds such a lovely colour too reminded me of spring leaves **
Nov 2019 · 190
Donna Nov 2019
Magpies on rooftop..
A couple watching the stars
holding hands in love
One of my fav this is x always inspired by magpies one of my fav birds I wrote this one the other day  :)
Catch up soon busy working for a bit with my husband xxxx
Lv to you all ❤️**
Nov 2019 · 314
Family Time Is The Best
Donna Nov 2019
Family time is
the best it makes my heart bloom
as big as a sunflower

Today me and dean have our children and there partners over for dinner , so excited we are ❤️**
Nov 2019 · 454
Nice Drive
Donna Nov 2019
Driving in my car
I saw birds fly in the sky
Happy Jolly smiles
** ❤️ Been to work today with my husband we had lovely drive home **
Donna Nov 2019
My husband snores and
farts and so do I , we’re a
match made in heaven

I love my husband he makes me laugh everyday his so funny we just so get each other and share the same humour *** ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Growing gracefully old together ❤️:-))
Donna Oct 2019
I questioned why I
post on HP..many left
Maybe I should too
** lots of techincal probs on hp many left many not post no more , anyway it’s been a frequent question I keep asking myself I’ve been debating it a a lot lately just think maybe I should finally lie down my pen , Ive wrote over three thousand short poems wow that’s a lot lol and life’s busy as per and focusing on family as always ;**
Thank you though for those who have read me you will remain forever in my heart always❤️ It’s hard leaving you all but family calls , new adventures await , positivity as always xxxx
Hope u enjoyed my poetry but it’s time for me to stop writing ❤️❤️❤️ My poems will remain here on hp ❤️
Mwah ❤️
Oct 2019 · 274
Busy Afternoon
Donna Oct 2019
Oh dear lazy morn
Now I’m off to paint ceiling
Now where’s the ladder

Painting my kitchen freshening it up love new paint it works wonders I love afterwards changes , pretty cool I must say x
Oct 2019 · 277
Happy Colours
Donna Oct 2019
Spaghetti on toast
Tis like the evening sunset
Colours are lovely

Oct 2019 · 374
Donna Oct 2019
Busy Dizzy Do
Wizzy Fizzy Mizzy Ru
Sizzy Nizzy Lu
Hectic weekend ***
Family time ❤️
Happy *** break time ❤️
Oct 2019 · 428
Ben The Snail
Donna Oct 2019
Ben the snail was a
happy old soul taking each
day as it flowed by

One day he went for
a walk down memory lane
to a village where

he lived many moons
ago. There he’d sit on the edge
of a grassy bank

singing songs with his
best buddy Dipsy Doo the
Duck! O those were the

days that he loved to
visit , a memory that
as made his days the

most happiest ones!
Next he visited his old
school , his heart dipped low!

‘O the path I walked
is been one of bendy times
but with a balance

of sparkle , forward
I marched!’ It’s been this short verse
that sang happily

to Ben in times of
need! He remembered John the
Pelican pushing

him against the school
wall and taking all his pens
and books then throwing

the lot out of the
school window which landed right
next to Mr Fox!

Mr Fox was the
head teacher who banned John the
Pelican from school!

Ben began to sing
his verse and slowly he felt
happy again..smiles :)

Ben carried on with
his walk and was surprised to
see Jackie the Bee

was still working in
her grocery shop! Hi
said Ben to Jackie!

Well hello there Ben
It’s lovely to see you again
Here take this bag of

fruit and veg , let it
be my way of greeting you
and please make a nice

dinner and dessert..
my finest food! Thank you said
Ben I will eat well

tonight! Ben waved bye
to Jackie and as he walked
off he remembered

that as forever stayed in
his heart! Ben then went

home singing his verse!
‘O the path I walked as been
one of bendy times

but with a balance
of sparkle,  forward I marched!’
That night Ben cooked the

best meal ever cooked!
He was so full his belly
popped out of his shell

making Ben laugh out loud , he woke up the
stars and the bright moon

Another one of my stories to read to my future grandkids xxxxx
Oct 2019 · 290
Tell Yourself Everyday
Donna Oct 2019
Tell yourself every
day that life is wonderful
Because it can be

My happy positive quote for today *** ❤️
Oct 2019 · 623
Cuddles Are The Best ❤️
Donna Oct 2019
A cuddle is bliss
It’s warm cozy and lovely
And makes your heart bloom

Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Oct 2019 · 393
Positivity Rocks ❤️
Donna Oct 2019
works wonders , it’s happy and
kind and loves to smile
I’m all for positivity works wonders ** ❤️
Wishing you all a happy week ahead ** ❤️
Oct 2019 · 693
That’s Life For Yah!
Donna Oct 2019
Life goes by so quick
Got to enjoy good days and
deal with the bad days

Make the most of your good happy days and just have to somehow get through the not so good days **
Life’s experienced x
Oct 2019 · 270
Never Give Up :)
Donna Oct 2019
Mayonnaise on bread !
But I’d ran out of butter
There’s always a way

I said to my hubby we ran out of butter he said dw put mayo on my bread he loved it too ,  made me think of this one  ** **
Oct 2019 · 540
Betty Boo The Giraffe
Donna Oct 2019
One day a giraffe called
Betty Boo woke up feeling
slightly dark blue , she

looked up at the sky
and saw the sun disappear
behind chilly clouds!

She knew it was that
time of the year when green leaves
fell off the big trees.

Betty Boo loved to
snuggled up to the tree leaves
She loved the soft warmth

of the summer sun
upon her face especially
when it’s dinner time

She could eat her food
without being seen , the trees
as tall as her gave

her some privacy.
Even the sparrows magpies
pigeons and robins

would flutter away
so Betty Boo could enjoy
her dinner , she loved

apples and pears and
grapes and peaches and she drank
the dewdrops from the

warm summer leaves , made
her eyes sparkle and her eye
lashes grow..but autumn

is now here and she
must brace herself to share her
dinner time with her

animal friends , she
loved her friends but some ate quite
messy making her

belly feel queasy.
Then she got a brainwave and
popped along to her

local big forest
shopping Mall where she bought a
few packets of soft

hankerchiefs ! That cool
autumn afternoon she showed
and taught some of her

friends table manners!
First of all her friends huffed and
puffed but they soon came

around to Betty
Boo idea, Betty Boo smiled
Autumn seems not that

bad now! Dinner time
was due and Betty Boo and
her friends ate happy

After each munch each
animal would dab the lost
stranded food away

from there faces which
made Betty Boo belly laugh
and rumble so loud

everyone looked at
her , sorry said Betty Boo!
Any suggestions to help

my giraffe belly
not rumble! And before dear
Betty Boo could

say another word
everyone laughed so much it
woke up the sleeping

sun who smiled so
wide that fallen autumn leaves
coloured the earth with

a beautiful warm
magical carpet that took
Betty Boo and her

friends for a fun day
out flying and racing through
the big happy sky
One of children stories , inspired to be read to my grandchildren one day  x so fun to write x
Donna Oct 2019
I’m on a diet
But it poured of rain today
So I ate a cake
A iced donut was yummy x
Oct 2019 · 1.8k
Goodbye Sweetie
Donna Oct 2019
Today an angel
sat upon a rain cloud and
watched the rain fall down

Sad day today I still can’t bring myself to talk about it even though I shared a poem recently but I took it down for the words tto forever sleep peacefully x
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