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Donna Mar 2020
Teddy the bear was
walking down the street when he
looked up at the sky

and saw a cup of
tea floating happily by!
Magpies on rooftop

were playing cards whilst
raindrops parachuted from
the grey clouds landing

on there toes where they
spun around like a washing
machine into a

big happy applause
of warm butter on toast! The
pavements decided

to change shape! They turned
into star shapes and glistened
like an oval tin

of carrots! A pen
walked by with a cereal 🥣✏️
bowl and a napkin!

Teddy the Bear
scuba dived into the sky
with a slow cooker!

He captured some clouds 🌥
a tiny piece of rain and 💧
a spoonful of bark!🎄

Then he sprinkled his
potion into the ocean
where it danced all

night long with the whales 🐳🐟
and fishes, they had the best
disco ever! A

light switch wearing cool
sunglasses 😎 and sun cream flew
by ever so fast,

Silent piercing like
wobbly spaghetti hoops
closed the curtains and

lots of snores bellowed
to a fridgrator
and ate all the food 🍯
Fun one x
Totally nonsense **
Jackie Mead Mar 2019
Sid the Snake, slithers
Sid the Snake, stealthily glides
Amongst rushes, Sid the Snake hides

Venom in his Fangs
Sid the Snake, hunts for its prey
Will Sid eat today

Sid hisses his warning
Fangs immobilise, cause pain
Sid  the Snake, winning today

Avoid Sid the Snake
Give Sid the Snake a wide berth
Stay safe, know your worth

Sid the Snake, slithers
Sid the Snake, stealthily glides
Amongst rushes, Sid the Snake hides
Donna Oct 2018
I wanted to write
the perfect poem for my
beautiful husband

To tell him how much
I love him but then I just
realised no words will

ever be good enough
A cuddle and a kiss and
some good old English

laughter is much more
important and just being there
for each other is

is all that truly
matters , holding hands , drinking
tea and eating a

lovely warm dinner
topped with gravy and a pinch
of salt and pepper!

Putting up our feet
Watching tv together!
Working together

painting houses with
tinned paints and a decent brush
Tis perfect for us :)
I love my husband dean **
Donna Sep 2018
Red bright green purple
orange black blue beige red white!
Gafetti colours

makes the world a nice
pleasent place to be , people
walk by in bubbles

An old Matress leans
up against silver fencing
Waiting to be gone

Twinkle twinkle star
Up above the sky so high
Tis a cloudy day

The sky is grey , the
sun as vanished , yet the trees
are still blossming

Little brown leaves , Tis
time to fall , fall gently on
pavements of solid

Yee up we go to
the clouds filled with rain , twinkle
it does when it falls

Loving the texture
of old house bricks , flat as a
perfect made pancake

Little birds they fly
upon a tree of berries
Singing sugar songs

O twinkle twinkle
there's a big crane in distance
What a lovely day
Out with my Dean his estimating a job in waiting in van for him , so I decided to write this poem with my spare minutes ** sight seeing with a touch of nonsense I thinks :))
Donna Sep 2018
I echoed than it
came back and I ate it , then
I echoed again

Then I ate it twice
then I echoed again , then
it flew to the sun

and rolled on the clouds
bounced off the moon onto some
trees , it sat for a

little while talking
to the birds and butterflies
Then i ate it for

the third time , then I
smiled at how lovely nature
truly is , Tis just

a thought you know , one
that was fun to write , tally
o for now , I think!

I'm goner echo
again , maybe this time it
can bring back some food!!

Saves me having to
go to supermarket then , or
maybe I'll just go

online and ordered
my weekly shop! Hmm no I've
decided to go

out in the big world!
And fill up a food trolley
And ram some ankles :)
Waiting for my Dean to come home then we off to Tesco to food shop anyway thought of this fun bizarre one , Just fun writing x I wouldn't really ram people's ankles I blame the trolleys there hard to steer sometimes :) xxxx
Donna May 2018
Did I ever tell you how
much I don't like you

When things do not go
to plan , you thrive on those who
fall o so fallen

You try your best to
eat postivity , but
then you get to fat!!!

And pop you go like
a big smelly **** , trying
to fly in the air

But you then vanish
Because the blooming flowers
Grow in confidence

And after awhile
Positive thinking kicks in
And things become good :))
Inspired today from talkin to my son who works in landscaping and his firm he works for seems not to be doing so well so of course he worries but hey ** got to keep my son positive with a positive attitude as a positive attitude brings positive results **
Donna Apr 2018
They galloped passed trees
Knocking leaves to earthy ground
Wining race with wind

Men in black armour
riding horses colour of
soft magnolia

But there hooves hard as
nails left behind prints in the
hot dry heat wave earth

Panic set in with
the local people , they hid
there children in dens

'The golden pigeon
from the queens palace has been
stolen from its box

Back at the palace
The queen ordered a big feast
and the finest wine

She slumped on table
***** awake , her maids took
her back to her room

Without her golden
pigeon she was unable
to rule her Kingdom

Filled with innocent
ghosts captured and tortured by
her greedy ego

to remain young and
beautiful mermising  
all with her soft looks

Yet all blinded by
her beauty but inside she
was a wicked witch

The men looked day and
night, burnt down houses , killed
pigs , ruined there crops

Above in grey sky
Dragonflies gathered in a
big circle above

Each one held a sword
so tiny yet powerful
to **** a grown man

Secretly they all
waited for the signal to
attack the queens guards

Deep in the forest
A fox slept peacefully in
his dark earthy Den

Next to him lie the
golden pigeon , a jewel full
of magic powers

But only if used by
the rightful hands of someone
pure loving and kind

The queen raged on she
threw a mirror against wall
Her hair now dull grey

her nails yellow brown
her eye dark as coal , her skin
wrinkly shrivelled

In the meantime the
fox continued to take care
of the gold pigeon

Everday he would
surround the golden pigeon
with newly picked blooms

Then it happen the
golden pigeon turned into
a real life pigeon

'I thank you dear fox
for finally setting me
free from the queens curse'

'You have four wishes
So use it wisely dear fox'
The pigeon flew off

Dragonflies went to
war , it lasted for a week
The queen disappeared

She went back to her
old life , selling paintings for
survival of life

But the most strangest
thing happen , she was happy
to free paint again

But left with bad dreams
Kept her up at night , a curse
left by her ego

In the mean time
The fox chose wisely indeed
Love began to bloom

He met his lady
fox and together they had
little fox babies

And he asked for no
one to ever feel hungry
again , food for all

Many fruit trees grew
in every country , fields in
every local town

Water to fall from
the clouds for every household
No more draughts to thrive


Dragonflies glistened
under a warm summer sun
Flying o so free
Just a fictional story I made up I do love creativity it's so fun :) I hope u enjoy reading :)
Take care **
Donna Apr 2018
I saw an old house
windows shut , doors bolted up
Colour of daylight

I stood in front of
the house trying to figure
out why i was there

Took a while for me
to acknowledge my moment
of past yesterday's

Was a nice old house
Now ready to be knocked down
For new memories

Living in the past
makes you miss out on today's
So today's need care

Today is lovely
The spring sun is smiling wide
Making the sky smile

No more tomorrows
need to be lived in today's
Today's matter more
Living in today's is very lovely I didn't think I ever get there but I did and it's so nice too **
Donna Apr 2018
I saw a tiny
snail crawlimg on grey pavements
Wearing a rucksack

Looks like his on a
gap year to climb a mountain
But his really slow

I think he needs a
pair of rollar skates so he
can zoom much faster

But then he will miss
out on his moments , so slow
is most probably good

As he crawls along
he looks to the left and sees
beautiful green trees

As he looks to the
right he sees a beautiful
park full of green trees

Now which way should he
go left or right but then he looks
straight ahead and smiles

Because he knew by
going with the flow he can
still look left or right

I watched the snail crawl
on by and learnt something new
'To go with the flow'
As I'm getting older I more content with my life and don't argue no more even if tempted at times it not worth all the hag, so going with the flow is best way ***
I also saw my first little small today :)
Donna Apr 2018
Hey what happen to
climbing trees under a sky
full of adventures

Where daisy chains in
a field were hand crafted by
our innocent hands

And catching tadpoles
with our cute green fishing nets  
in dark watered ponds!

And sweet strawberry
and raspberry picking , was
always so much fun!

What about spinning
roundabouts , where our giggles
ended up queasy

And let's not forget
hopscotch , hopping to number
ten was a fab goal

Now teens are getting
stabbed left to die very young
Families broken

Instead of going
outside to find joy in our
good Mother Nature

they prefer there phones!
Whats happen to geniune

Where we'd knock on doors
and ring bells to see happy
loving faces smile

Tis real sad you know..
Technogly just too much..
And gangs are killing

Makes me unhappy
My heart goes out to those who
have been affected

:( :( :(
Reality sometimes is just not nice :(
over 50 teens and people have been stabbed and killed since xmas  due to a point system it's very worrying indeed :makes me so sad :( :( :(
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