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Jackie Mead Mar 2019
Sid the Snake, slithers
Sid the Snake, stealthily glides
Amongst rushes, Sid the Snake hides

Venom in his Fangs
Sid the Snake, hunts for its prey
Will Sid eat today

Sid hisses his warning
Fangs immobilise, cause pain
Sid  the Snake, winning today

Avoid Sid the Snake
Give Sid the Snake a wide berth
Stay safe, know your worth

Sid the Snake, slithers
Sid the Snake, stealthily glides
Amongst rushes, Sid the Snake hides
Donna Apr 2018
Hey what happen to
climbing trees under a sky
full of adventures

Where daisy chains in
a field were hand crafted by
our innocent hands

And catching tadpoles
with our cute green fishing nets  
in dark watered ponds!

And sweet strawberry
and raspberry picking , was
always so much fun!

What about spinning
roundabouts , where our giggles
ended up queasy

And let's not forget
hopscotch , hopping to number
ten was a fab goal

Now teens are getting
stabbed left to die very young
Families broken

Instead of going
outside to find joy in our
good Mother Nature

they prefer there phones!
Whats happen to geniune

Where we'd knock on doors
and ring bells to see happy
loving faces smile

Tis real sad you know..
Technogly just too much..
And gangs are killing

Makes me unhappy
My heart goes out to those who
have been affected

:( :( :(
Reality sometimes is just not nice :(
over 50 teens and people have been stabbed and killed since xmas  due to a point system it's very worrying indeed :makes me so sad :( :( :(
Donna Mar 2018
Today I landed
on my **** , I tried to fly
like a butterfly

But instead I crawled
like a caterpillar and
ate a whole green leaf
O wow had hetic day ain't stop TBH so thought of this one x
Donna Mar 2018
When I was little
There wa a little toyshop
It was so little

On my birthday when
I was little I'd visit
the little toyshop

It had little toys
and some big toys , it made my
little red heart big

When I was little
the sky looked big , now I'm big
the sky still looks big

When I was little
my house was big , now I'm big
my house is little

When I was little
Daisies looked little ,,now I'm
big..they're still little

Everything is big
And everything is little
Ants are little too  

This is a little
poem , yet my mind is big
like the universe
Just playing with the words little and big :)
Donna Jan 2018
When I found out my
body is mostly water
I took swim lessons
I can front back and breathe Stroke and also tread water now :))
Donna Jan 2018
Coats hanging on door
Make the world a triangle
And I like it
Donna Jan 2018
can never tell the
difference between there and their
Except the t
Donna Jan 2018
if you don't smile your
cheeks will drop into your chin
giving you square face

then your end up with
a permanent serious
green hulk frown

your shoulders will fall
into your hips and your legs
into your feet

you will end up all
squashy and walk funny
like a snow penguin

so my advice is
smile everyday be happy
or be all squashy small
keep smiling or be all squashy  :))))
Donna Jan 2018
is a good friend of mine , we
eat pizza together
I love postivity and I love the humour it allows me to share o and I also love food :)
Bye for nows x
Donna Jan 2018
The best way to be
Is to smile everyday
And buy lots of shoes
Love smiles and love shoes **
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