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Vaniexe Kafka Sep 2023
i don't have the courage
to spill my feelings
or even fight for you

but i also don't have the guts
to finally, cowardly,
and undoubtedly give you up

tethering hopelessly,
i am contented to never be,
contented within an arm's length
for i am yours to hold
but you're not mine to own.
Elioinai Jan 2021
I have been given the boon of freedom
My feet were kicking placed
upon a journey
to discover the exhilarating arctic air
upon the mountain named Independence
It wasn't my idea
to forsake the traditions of my mothers
who each built homes and took the names of men in their youth
whose strength lay in raising strong
children and learning how to be formidably equal partners
It was not my first choice
me, who had from almost infanthood
idolized love
and longed to be rescued by a darling prince
I think perhaps I was my lineage's silliest daughter
my flights of fancy almost ruined me
the cliffs of my foothills more dangerous than the peak
I now eagerly climb toward
For now I see that glittering helm
that sun graced pyramid
that promises the reward
that self-love brings
the complete rest of contentment
the gift of eternal passion
that can never be stolen
or caused to be ****** inside a desperate pairing
There is no need for a marriage of convenience
Nor a tryst of loneliness
No shackles formed from crippling self-consciousness
But only deep, thrilling, ice-cold self-acceptance
I AM whole
JKirin Dec 2020
I want for few, as you know:
be here with you and the snow.
about being content with what's already there
Seranaea Jones Oct 2020

Among the constellations
sail upside-down
the vessels of old men who
have risen from their
earth bound material

keeping with them the footwear
they had on in that final moment
when each saw their remains
through The Divine Mirror:

two are embracing the masts
for unrenewable security

one grips the railing, convinced
he may fall back

still another holds tightly to the
chains of his anchor

But one lies face up on the deck,
content that his reflections will
never haunt him

he holds his hand out, extending
fingers into a celestial calm,
causing wakes

a destiny uncertain,
he flings his shoes

back into the sky...

"finding grace above the seas"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved

Could it be, letting go is that
final act in this play
called "life" ?

If I had stoped doubting
And just kept myself contented
With what you were willing to offer
Would we have not
Lost it all?

If I did not try too hard
And cried as I yearned for you
In times we were apart
Would you have stayed
In my trembling arms?
- May 2020
Everything that kept me awake most nights no longer bother me, all the white noise I kept hearing was gone.

They were right, it is so much harder to write about things you cannot relate to - I can no longer write poems about longing and melancholy.

This is what it feels like to be a writer who has already been healed.

I am happy.
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
The reality is that there is a difference between love and need.
The understanding of both is only evident when true love is found and the contrasts revealed.
Only then are hearts, minds and souls contented as one.
Of course I could be wrong.... wouldn't be the first time.
It has always amazed me that "soulmates" just happen to be in our own neighborhoods. Currently a one in seven billion chance.
Yani Nov 2018
Maybe we're supposed to be
each other's happily ever after;
for I was lost
and I found you.
Bit by bit, I became a part of you
and you, I feared you.
You washed away my tears;
my demons, you gladly welcomed,
then and there
all I wanted was to fall into you.

These feelings, I know
should be kept in a casket;
I am starting to need you too much,
I don't want to rely on you.
You make it so easy to love you
even in the absence of harmony,
like mosaics on display.
Prosaic, we talked way too much;
we're  not soulmates, but loving soullessly.
Gladly, I found you
and I'm not hoping for anything more
but for us to stay like this forever.
Maybe we're meant to touch each other's lives, to add fuel to each other's fire. Maybe we're meant to meet to make each other whole without giving a piece of us to each other.
theodosia Oct 2018
your sunkissed skin is touching mine
your bronze hair is wrapped around my fingers
soft laughs filled the room.

i couldn't ask anything more than that, i am happy with you.
i like this
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