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Sep 2022 · 367
I'll never stop
TG Sep 2022
No matter who much it hurts,
I'll never give up,
How many times it happened,
I won't lose,
How many stakes in the heart,
I'll keep on fighting,
Until me last breath

When potential is big,
When love is big,
When a message is big,
No one can stop me.
Mar 2022 · 655
TG Mar 2022
Theres so much possible with love
but theres only room for one
youll choose one person
the rest of your life
It could be anyone
But will you make the right choice?
Oct 2021 · 437
2 years
TG Oct 2021
Give me 2 years to be good again,
2 years to build myself,
2 years to love myself,
2 years to completely heal myself,
2 years to be found again,
2 years to be open to anything,
2 years of patience and rest,
2 years of no peer pressure,
2 years to be me again,
see you in 2 years...
allow yourself to heal, listen to your body, give yourself the time.
Jun 2021 · 360
TG Jun 2021
I will never be wanted,
Whatever I do,
Whatever I achieve,
How I look,
I´ll never be loved the way I want te be loved.
The way I deserve to be loved.

It hurts so much,
When u know
U have so much to give,
To offer,
Your heart is so bright,
and open,
Your heart listens,
and cares,

But you´ll never be wanted...
It hurts, when u see everyone around you being wanted, and you ask yourself, when is it my turn to be the chosen. Why aren´t I the one that can be valued for once, apreciated or loved. When can I be the one that is talked about, cherished, loved.
May 2021 · 695
Chosen one
TG May 2021
When you´ve never been the chosen one in younger years,
And you still aren´t the chosen one in adult years,
It feels like a lifelong grief
That´ll never end...
It can leave you traumatized. When you´ve never been chosen. You´ve always seen ohers taking the lead, being prioritized, while you never were the important one. This pain lays real deep and will never really go away. Failure after failure the you´ll feel more empty and believe more and more that you´ll never be the chosen one. But you know what, you can always chose yourself. What if the world didn´t see your beautiful soul, but you did. You matter, you are important and you are the chosen one. As long as you would pick yourself as the chosen one nothing else matters<3
Feb 2021 · 481
TG Feb 2021
I´d rather die alone, than settle for less...
If there is something that I learned these couple of years, is to see my worth. All these years I´d go for less, and accept to be treated badly, but why. I don´t deserve that, nobody deserves to be treated badly.
Feb 2021 · 284
TG Feb 2021
It feels like stake in the heart,
They won´t know how it felt,
They don´t know how it feels,
To play with a heart,
They don´t know the twisted feeling,
They don´t know it messes u up.

Be careful before you enter someone´s heart
Some of can feel really deeply,
And we don´t want to mess with that.
So feel free and stay away,
If u were never sure in the first place.
Be careful
Feb 2021 · 401
TG Feb 2021
What is wrong with me?

What makes you leave?

Why am I getting rejected every time.

All these times I opened my heart for the purest kind of love.

And then, off they go.

Is it really me or are they offended by my potential….
I think more people can cope with this. U ask yourself the question, why does nothing last, why do they lose interest or do they walk away, what is going on. You can completely drown urself, or just ask urself the question, what is wrong with them? The could've had your purest love and they denied. Keep that love to yourself, and move on.
Jan 2021 · 613
TG Jan 2021
I´m glad i´ve experienced heartbreak
because it made me realize,
I´d rather stay alone for years,
Then staying, begging and praying
for the wrong person.
Leaving a scar on me,
every time,
and every time the scar gets bigger,
because I always kept on going.
But now I´ll keep on going alone
until that person is going to stay with me
I think I found the faith to let go. It´s extremely hard living when you are a sensitive person and an overthinker. But after trial and error, I realized everything is not worth my energy. I stopped having scars and I stopped letting those triggers ruin myself.  Please believe in yourself and stop lowering yourself because your so attached. You are worth everything and your big heart does not deserve to be crushed everytime<3 Keep all the love to yourself.
Dec 2020 · 205
Wrong image
TG Dec 2020
I literally cried over a person,
Who was so insecure about himself,
I created images in my head,
That didn´t even exist,
I found him perfect,
While he wasn´t perfect,
I lowered myself,
While, I am as worthy as him,
I wandered in my own troubles,
While he had his,
I disowned from my capabilities,
While he wasn´t capable himself
You wander yourself into seasons of depression, you forget your worth, because someone disowned you. You though you weren´t enough, good enough to be loved by that person while you were the one with the biggest heart and the biggest love to give and that person wasn´t ready himself. Out of this event, I learned to love and respect myself, love myself no matter what happens. You are not unworthy of love when someone decides to leave.  You are your own person and you don´t need any validation of someone else. Wait until you find the person that respects u as much as you respect the other. Meanwhile love yourself, it´s worth it<3.

Happy holiday you guys,

Much love<333
Dec 2020 · 1.0k
only god knows
TG Dec 2020
Only god can validate me,
Only god knows what I am going through,
Only god knows how bad it hurts,
Only god knows what i´ve been dealing with,
Only god knows what my weaknesses are,
And he is the only one who´ll keep me going
No one else matters,
Believe in god, trust in god, trust in the person who can heal and who heals. No one else will give u as much security as the power of god. He knows what ur needs are and he will protect you from going downhill. I know that I can count on god and do not have to worry about things that are out of my control. He is there with me and he will protect me, theres no need to be scared or to be anxious. I´ll hand my worries to god, because he has my back<3

Sweet people, keep your faith, believe in yourself, believe in god and the universe and you will find peace and happiness<3
Nov 2020 · 589
TG Nov 2020
I´m obsessed with you,
Obsessed with the toxicity
Obsessed with you leaving me
Obsessed with the unknown

I´m obsessed with the dreams about you
The scenario´s i´m creating in my head
Obsessed with the urge to talk to you
Obsessed with the desire to see you.

I´m into you and I always wanted you,
You cutting me off, made me even want you more,
And I´m obsessed with all of you.

I´m obsessed with your dominance,
I´m obsessed with how you know what you want,
I´m obsessed with the way you flirt,
The way you have your life put together.

Will this obsession ever be over?
It´s a question for me
And a uknown mystery for you...
It´s hard. It´s been two months and it´s so hard to cut someone off you were building a future with. It became unfinished business, cause the relationship never ended. He just left, without explanation, without discussing, just disappeared and moved on. My life crushed, but at the same time, I didn´t want it to end. How can something so beautiful end so cruel. My pain is still there, it hurts so much. But I will get over it one day. As long as we keep the faith, faith in humanity & god.
Sep 2020 · 95
My mother
TG Sep 2020
My mother tells me,
how can you care so deeply,
for someone that has moved on so quickly,

My mother tells me,
How can you lose your worth,
Over someone that has never seen your beauty?

My mother tells me,
How could u ruin your life?
Over somebody that hurt u intentionally?

My mother tells me.
How could u waste your time,
While that somebody is living his life properly,

My mother tells me,
How can u hate yourself so much,
To hurt yourself with thoughts about someone that left you so easily,

Your beauty,
Your capacity.
Your big heart,
Your love,

Use all of these qualities
To help other people,
To make people smile,
To shine,
To spread a nice message,
Make a change.

Invest your beauty into something that is worth your beauty<3
Please don´t forget who you are. Always invest in you. If you are sensitive, kindhearted and open, watch out. Don´t expect too much or give yourself too fast to anyone or any stranger. They will bring u down. Focus on your longtermrelationships and be cautious with new people that want to enter, or be a part of your life. Love yourself & your real friends and families first before any other person. I´m ready to start over again when my heartache goes away<3
Sep 2020 · 276
Can´t wait
TG Sep 2020
I can´t wait
for the hurt
to finally go away,
waiting for the day,
that i´d wake up without
thinking about you,
without thinking about the day you left me
without any explanation

When that day comes,
I´d celebrate & say
I will never let
anyone in,
Becaus you caused me dirt,
you did a number on my health,
You diminished my confidence
My self love,
My life purpose,
My importance wandered away.

But when my pain goes away,
I´ll be stronger than ever,
I´ll be focussing on me,
I won´t let anyone in,
Will not chase anyone
My life will be priority,
Because I´m done with loving too much
caring too much,
for someone, that wouldn´t love back
or do the same

When that day comes,
I´ll rise
It´s been a month and I´ve been living with pain. Pain because I´ve been tricked. I´ve been letting someone in that turned out to be another person in the end. Someone that easily forgot me and left me me alone without any explanation. Just disappeared, after all these promises and loving words. Someone twisting his perception so easily without any reason. I invested all my trust, en faith, my heart into this person and he throws it all away, Leaves like nothing ever happenned. Don´t invest into a conncetion if you are planning to leave afterwards. I´ve learned my lesson and will never risk my health by giving my heart to someone else.
Sep 2020 · 187
No control
TG Sep 2020
What do we do,
when we no longer have control,
no longer can say,
or change a thing
about a situation.
We just have to accept it,
as painful as it is.
We need to learn to live with it...
You're stuck in a situation you can't get out of. It hurts so much but theres nothing you can do about it, it's over. You want an explanation so badly, why did it go like this. You gave everything, your heart, body & soul but it's gone. This person/situation is no longer a part of your life. He/she doesn''t want you to be a part of their story anymore. All we can do is, take the pain & accept it. You cannot change someone's perception or feelings. It's over for them, so it is for you aswell. The best thing you can do is move on and live your life again. Even if it's unfair, even if you're sad. You won't be able to change another persons mind but you can change yours. Slowly by time you will feel happy again, you''ll find happiness in the things you can control. Please stay happy everyone even if it's hard sometimes!
Aug 2020 · 179
TG Aug 2020
What if u are tired of hoping
Tired of your desires
Tired of trying
Tired of being excited
Tired of liking someone
Tired of waiting
Tired of empty promises
Tired of looking for someone special
Tired of going after your heart
I got so tired
I stopped believing in real love

What failure can do with your mind,
And all u wanted to do was to love...
That one day I got so tired of longing for someone that won´t love me as much as I can love him. I knew he wasn´t that into me, I knew I was wasting my time again and I knew that he wasn´t as serious as I was. That day I made a decision I only wanted to make if I found real love, but after so many empty promises and disapointments I dragged myself into an action that normally happens when 2 persons fall in love. Because I wanted to feel love but didn´t know how anymore so I flipped my standards for one day. Just to make the pain stop, with a little voice in the back that this will make me feel closer, this will bring me closer to love. But it only showed me even more that it is so incredibly important to receive the same love as the love that u have for that person,
Aug 2020 · 80
TG Aug 2020
Dear self,

I can lose myself,
But I´ll never lose my worth
I can be drown in an dark ocean,
But I´ll never lose my dignity
I can waste a lot of time
But I´ll never stop the clock
I can break my heart,
But it´ll always be great
I can make the wrong choices
But I won´t lose my voices
Life is right & left
Up & down
Glad & sad
Good & bad
Any other way
I will never ever lose my worth
You are worthy, you are loved and you deserve the world. Protect your good heart from anything bad in this life. Have patience, have faith & remember your worth in any path you are walking.
Aug 2020 · 179
Crying over you
TG Aug 2020
I´m smiling,
But my heart is burning,
I´m trying to keep it up,
But my thoughts are killing,
I know my worth,
But my worth is on hold,
I´m seeing my friends,
But I´m absent,
All I want to do is cry,
But I´m holding my tears

I´m crying over air,
I´m sad over a worthless stone,
I´m on the floor,
due to a careless stranger

I´m lost,
I´m lost, while the opposite is adjusting fast
I´m the one that lost,
Because the ones that care,
Are always the losers in the end
And the careless survive the longest

I´m locked,
What love can do to you,
Is even stronger than humanity.
When you want to get over soneone so badly but you just can´t. You know that, that one person doesn´t care about you. That he would trade you for a penny. That you were absolutely nothing for him. But you on the other hand, with your caring heart are stuck. Because u were abandoned  by someone. Someone u gave respect, trust your whole heart. You got attached, with your sensitive heart and that attachement just had been broken by the opposite person, You feel lost, meaningless, betrayed, because you didn´t do anything wrong. All you wanted to do was to love with whole your heart.
Aug 2020 · 123
Nothing lasts
TG Aug 2020
Oh dear heart,
Tell me why do you get excited,
When nothing lasts,
Why do u want me to let anything in,
If it´ll only cause me hurt,
Why do you cheer for someone,
If you know there´ll be an end
It´s lovely when the heart craves something,
But terrible when that doesn´t last
Jul 2020 · 92
Empty heart
TG Jul 2020
I´ll get so hurt inside,
When I don´t know what I´m doing,
I´ll be so focussed on one person,
One person I want to love.

When I meet the person,
He shows me love,
But when we don´t see eachother,
The fire reaches to my soul.

Why isn´t the love as pure as it is in reality,
Why can´t u show me the same love,
Our love is being questionned,
Because you don´t know how to stay.

You love the moment,
But you love to live your life too,
You love the taste of every bit of life,
You´ll grab it and throw it easily away.

I´m holding my heart,
After 1 million attemps for love
I´m trying to survive the pain again,
Trying to live again,
This shouldn´t have happenned if it would not last,
I´m in a black hole,
And do not want to get out of it.
I think there are many people out there who can relate. Especially the sensitive ones with a big heart. Your heart wants to love so badly, but you´ll end up not getting enough. Not receiving what your heart is craving. After that the cravings turn into pain, being empy, unwanted, not receiving what the heart wanted. You try and try every time, but nobody is willing to stay. From there it goes downhill..
Jul 2020 · 354
Lifelong possibilites
TG Jul 2020

Focus on what you can control,
Focus on your motives,
Focus on what you want,
Focus on who you want to be,
Focus on your passion,
Focus on your capabilities,
Focus on your qualities,
Life is too short to be sad,
Life it too short to cry,
Life is too short to worry,
Life is too short to overthink,
Focus on your lifelong possibilities
Jul 2020 · 57
Someone new
TG Jul 2020
I get crazy when I open myself up to someone new
The unknown
Days and Days
Hours passing by
Is he what I pictured in my mind,
But when it doesn’t align
I get stuck
I wanna get out of this new event
But I can’t
May 2020 · 155
I used to love love
TG May 2020
I´m feeling broken,
Because I stopped receiving love,
I´m feeling empty,
Because I never got the love I wanted,
I stopped trying,
Cause they never stoppped pretending,
I used to love love,
But now I gave up.
Apr 2020 · 63
Unexpected love
TG Apr 2020
Unexpected love

I Would never think I'd fall for someone like you,
I guess all of us have their ideal person to be with,
What if it's not ideal but unexpected,
What if you fell in love with someone unexpected,
What if you´ve never sketched this ideal situation in you head,
What if you came to love someone because they care,
You came to love someone because they ask about you,
They ask about ur health,
Your family,
And you wealth,
What if u share a true passion together,
What if u find someone that has the same big heart as u have,
It's unexpected true love,
It's the love that will overwhelm you.
TG Feb 2020
I´m feeling lonely,
But why are u so clingy,
I am feeling unwanted,
But why are u complimenting,
Nobody wants me,
But why are u flirting,
I´m feeling ugly,
But why do u call me beautiful,
A hundreds of people can call me beautiful,
But being unwanted from that one person can harm deeply,
It´s unlogical, but its overpowering.
Feb 2020 · 202
I have to
TG Feb 2020
I have to admit,
I want you,
I want you so bad,
I want your positive energy
You´re strenghts,
Your kindness,
Your selflessness,
Your ambition,
Your passion,
I want to look into your blue eyes,
Hold onto your strong arms,
I´ve never been so sure about wanting something,
Do you feel the same way,
Do you want me like I want you,
I have to know..
Feb 2020 · 91
What am I searching for
TG Feb 2020
What am I searching for,
A lovelife with a love that doesn´t even exist,
I´ve been looking everywhere,
What is it that people will always hold back,
Am I the only one that wants that special connection,
That one of a kind satisfaction,
Someone to hold, to lean on,
to share with, cry with, strive with and grow with,
Where´s that selfless love,
People seem so shallow,
And I can´t get on with it anymore,
When u are someone with so much love to give,
U are afraid to choose the wrong person,
But when you´re sure,
you´ll stick till the end, and grow pure gold.
Feb 2020 · 72
Only words or?
TG Feb 2020
They say, words hurt the most.
Is it?
Actions can even hurt more,
Seeing somebody dancing with someone else,
Seeing everybody together while u are alone,
Seeing the cold hard truth, that nobody´s calling u
Seeing all the love that is given, but not to you,
Seeing ur dreams crumble into pieces,
What does a word even mean,
If all these actions show you the cold hard truth,
Words can be a lie, an act of insecurity,
But actions,
They´ll let you crumble.
#sad #sadpoem #words
Feb 2020 · 322
Such a shame
TG Feb 2020
It´s such a shame
that u were interested in the first place
I´ts such a shame that u gave me these signals
I´ts such a shame that u saw me the first time
It´s such a shame that u gave me your number
I´ts such a shame that it was all for nothing
Such a shame that u never texted me,
Such a shame that it never had a meaning,
Now I´m left with insecurity and a hopeless mind.
-Love will always fool us
-Never lose the trust in urself
Feb 2020 · 323
What we could be
TG Feb 2020
Can´t help thinking about what we could be
I will always think about the opportunity
Possibility that we could have been a thing,
You and I together
Creating magical moments,
You and me against the world,
You proving me wrong,
That I ain't less,
That I am someone,
That I am special,
But that didn't happen..
Oct 2019 · 139
Questions for love
TG Oct 2019
All i wanted was  love,
To love and to be loved by someone,
To hold you´re hand,
To feel secured,
But I have these questions,
They are laid in my mind,
They lay on my mind,
These questions.

I know i´ve been struggling with love
And I know that I ́m aching due to love,
I don ́t know why im in pain, i´m with questions
Why am I feeling this pain and having these questions

It is so unfair,
That I´m left with this pain
After hope for a gain,
A new life ahead,
A new breeze in the air,
A cushion to spare,
But I´m left in despair.
Left with all of these questions.

Now that I feel I cannot take you´re hand,
My heart has failed, there´s nothing ahead.
I opened for once and left the door wide open,
I opened for you, but you slightly shut the door.
And I am left with all these questions.

My dear heart wants to love so badly,
But all of these new signals are so scary,
Screaming for endless love,
The one you could never have enough.
#love #sadpoems
Oct 2018 · 223
I´m ready
TG Oct 2018
Oh hello there love,
there you are again.
bothering my peaceful mind,
looking for trouble,
to let me fall in line.

Do I like it that way?
or not?
Am satisfied..
Cause it is playful
turning my world
upside down.

Every time we tell ourselves,
I don´t need love,
love is pain,
love is poison..

But everytime i get myself into it,
the same song
same words
same feeling.
I´m attracted to love
I want to feel love
don´t we all ?

I can completely mess this up again,
And lock myself up,
from anyone that is getting one step closer.
But I can also let it all in,
and finally give in to someone.
Let go of my fear,
my fear of falling,
being hurt,

This time I´m strong enough to be,
Time´s there to open up,
instead of giving up.
You might be my victory,
my first achievement,
and this time I´m letting go
Cause I´m ready.
Aug 2018 · 407
TG Aug 2018
I stopped believing in love,
Cause they always wanted the pretty girl,
The superior image of the good-looking pearl.

I will never understand that,
Cause my perspective of beauty is far from that.
I keep thinking, what is wrong with me,
I don’t have to look like them to be a thing,
I don’t want to change my looks to be approachable.

I like spending my time on my inner beauty,
I don’t need paintings and **** clothes to be pretty.
I actually like myself, the way I look, the way I present myself.
So I’m sorry if she look’s prettier in your eyes,
The whole image of her stuck in your twisted mind.
I guess it’s your loss that you never gave it a chance to get to know me.
Jul 2018 · 442
Every time
TG Jul 2018
Every time,
A little piece of  this,
A little piece of that,
get's closer to ****** me,
to take over my mind.
Every time,
I believe in this drug,
that walks straigt to my mind,
To fill me up with poison.
You twist me,
Shake me,
Break me.
Until the end comes near,
And all these happy tears,
slightly dissappear.
They won't change my life,
I'm happier living without this fire.
I'm happier not wasting my time on non-existent love. Every time someone comes closer, I get hyped up, excited. But there's always something about that, that takes over my whole life in a bad way. I want to get rid of everything that tries to take over my mind.
Jul 2018 · 272
authentic dream
TG Jul 2018
You do not have to have a similar dream,
You don’t have to be exact the same,
You’re dream is not falling apart,
When you are not following the same chart.

The secret of fulfilling a complete task,
Is to be as authentic, as your directed heart.
The love has to be grown into something special,
Something you came up with your own sense of nature.

After believing in this existing myth of self-consciousness
You can finally say,
I’ve became this dream by being 100 % me.
Jul 2018 · 145
fake airballoon
TG Jul 2018
They keep talking like they’ve been taught to do
They’ll keep laughing,
Nobody sees the real soul,
We all keep living in this big fake air balloon,
We all just looking around us,
Cause the world is the one we can trust on,
No we have no choice,
We’re just living it like there’s nothing wrong
We all keep living in this big fake air balloon.

Seeing the crowd,
I can’t talk I can’t move,
Cause they’ll wait for the
Special part,
So they can look at eachother
And talk afterwards,

If you aren’t acting the same way
They will dump you like a getaway
They ask me why am I this closed,
Why am I afraid to complety be myself,

I’ll anwser what if I’m different,
If I won’t fit in the crowd,
I’d completly be isolated from the world,
People will look at you with a different eye,
They will see you like a dismissed colour,
Talk about you with great honor,

I like my imperfections,
I like being different,
I like living my own space,
But they won’t
I’d rather keep it to myself,
Than destroying myself in public
May 2018 · 120
TG May 2018
I’m admiring this life,
but I’m falling behind,
little hopes, from every corner,
numbness attacking, whatever I’m doing,
dreams are crumbled, strolling down the the hill,
I’m trying to become, but life got me so sick,
there is no end, when I’m facing these tricks,
pushing, fighting, screaming, just to stay high,
but why, can’t I be happy for this time,
I don’t have abilities, priorities,
Too messed up to build up a career,
thankyou for sending me this fear,
still I need to fight,
so I can say that I’ve tried….

— The End —