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TG Jun 15
I will never be wanted,
Whatever I do,
Whatever I achieve,
How I look,
I´ll never be loved the way I want te be loved.
The way I deserve to be loved.

It hurts so much,
When u know
U have so much to give,
To offer,
Your heart is so bright,
and open,
Your heart listens,
and cares,

But you´ll never be wanted...
It hurts, when u see everyone around you being wanted, and you ask yourself, when is it my turn to be the chosen. Why aren´t I the one that can be valued for once, apreciated or loved. When can I be the one that is talked about, cherished, loved.
TG May 12
When you´ve never been the chosen one in younger years,
And you still aren´t the chosen one in adult years,
It feels like a lifelong grief
That´ll never end...
It can leave you traumatized. When you´ve never been chosen. You´ve always seen ohers taking the lead, being prioritized, while you never were the important one. This pain lays real deep and will never really go away. Failure after failure the you´ll feel more empty and believe more and more that you´ll never be the chosen one. But you know what, you can always chose yourself. What if the world didn´t see your beautiful soul, but you did. You matter, you are important and you are the chosen one. As long as you would pick yourself as the chosen one nothing else matters<3
TG Feb 25
I´d rather die alone, than settle for less...
If there is something that I learned these couple of years, is to see my worth. All these years I´d go for less, and accept to be treated badly, but why. I don´t deserve that, nobody deserves to be treated badly.
TG Feb 17
It feels like stake in the heart,
They won´t know how it felt,
They don´t know how it feels,
To play with a heart,
They don´t know the twisted feeling,
They don´t know it messes u up.

Be careful before you enter someone´s heart
Some of can feel really deeply,
And we don´t want to mess with that.
So feel free and stay away,
If u were never sure in the first place.
Be careful
TG Feb 13
What is wrong with me?

What makes you leave?

Why am I getting rejected every time.

All these times I opened my heart for the purest kind of love.

And then, off they go.

Is it really me or are they offended by my potential….
I think more people can cope with this. U ask yourself the question, why does nothing last, why do they lose interest or do they walk away, what is going on. You can completely drown urself, or just ask urself the question, what is wrong with them? The could've had your purest love and they denied. Keep that love to yourself, and move on.
TG Jan 30
I´m glad i´ve experienced heartbreak
because it made me realize,
I´d rather stay alone for years,
Then staying, begging and praying
for the wrong person.
Leaving a scar on me,
every time,
and every time the scar gets bigger,
because I always kept on going.
But now I´ll keep on going alone
until that person is going to stay with me
I think I found the faith to let go. It´s extremely hard living when you are a sensitive person and an overthinker. But after trial and error, I realized everything is not worth my energy. I stopped having scars and I stopped letting those triggers ruin myself.  Please believe in yourself and stop lowering yourself because your so attached. You are worth everything and your big heart does not deserve to be crushed everytime<3 Keep all the love to yourself.
TG Dec 2020
I literally cried over a person,
Who was so insecure about himself,
I created images in my head,
That didn´t even exist,
I found him perfect,
While he wasn´t perfect,
I lowered myself,
While, I am as worthy as him,
I wandered in my own troubles,
While he had his,
I disowned from my capabilities,
While he wasn´t capable himself
You wander yourself into seasons of depression, you forget your worth, because someone disowned you. You though you weren´t enough, good enough to be loved by that person while you were the one with the biggest heart and the biggest love to give and that person wasn´t ready himself. Out of this event, I learned to love and respect myself, love myself no matter what happens. You are not unworthy of love when someone decides to leave.  You are your own person and you don´t need any validation of someone else. Wait until you find the person that respects u as much as you respect the other. Meanwhile love yourself, it´s worth it<3.

Happy holiday you guys,

Much love<333
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